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P Rodriguez

This happened to w me 6 months ago, no one would give me answers I sent my ID, social security card 5 times and still nothing! I finally emailed the Governor's office, who then forwarded it to the ombudsman's office and a week later I had access again. And I was 100% verified. It's too bad we have to go to such extreme measures to get people to do their jobs. The agents who answer the phones say that they can't tell us anything so not sure why they are even there? They do have deadlines to respond so make your ombudsman or Governor aware and they'll get it taken care of.

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Maria Elvira dieppa

This is exactly what is happening to me

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Edward Tapia
over 6 months ago

Confused! Did not receive PUA benefit this week

I need some answers, I live in New York State and since I wasn't eligible for UI benefits I was directed to apply for PUA (Pandemic Unemployment Assistance) which will net me $600 USD per week for up to 39 weeks. Upon applying for this benefit and subsequently getting approved for it I received my first payment of $600 USD on Friday, April 24th, 2020. After following all necessary instructions to keep receiving PUA, eagerly awaited this much needed money the following Friday... to my surprise nothing was deposited into my account. I tried calling the Department of Labor to no avail... Will I keep receiving this benefit? Any other New Yorkers in the same situation as me? What's going on? I just need some answers as to why I didn't receive my PUA this week.. #coronavirus #pandemicunemploymentassistance #PUA #NewYorkCity #NYC #NewYork #UI