About Us


The Jobcase Mission

Our mission is simple: Connect the world’s workforce to empower them in their vocational, professional, and volunteering pursuits.

What Jobcasers can expect:

To have more power in their job and to have help building a career

More power means better choices More power means better choices
More power means more money More power means more money
More power means better jobs and working conditions More power means better jobs and working conditions


Power is in numbers - BIG community, and BIG data

  • 80 million+ providing info to help one another – and thereby helping YOU!
  • MIT data scientists employed to sift through all the information to make the right connection for you at the right time

Power is in knowledge

  • We gather information for you from all the best sources
  • The best source is from fellow Jobcasers' personal postings

Power comes from tools to leverage that knowledge

  • Clean, direct tools to make your job search and job negotiations easier, not harder

Power comes from not being captive to one service

  • We aren’t too proud to admit - other companies have GREAT tools and info too. Sometimes better. We make it easy for you to keep all of it (from us, fellow Jobcasers, or other companies you like) in one spot simply by linking your other favorite career-oriented accounts.

Company Info

Jobcase technology powers over 100 jobsites – some full service, some simple-search, some niche, etc. – all of which have generated a total registration membership to date of 80 million+ Americans.

In January 2015, Jobcase reorganized to focus on serving this community directly via jobcase.com. Jobcase Inc. is privately owned and owns all technology and data rights. Post re-organization, many of the sites powered by Jobcase technology since 2009 continue but are now owned and housed in a separate legal entity.

Jobcase Inc. has a diversified business model with revenues from license fees from other websites that are powered by or integrated with Jobcase technology and from talent solutions.

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