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Heath Alva
3 days ago

Walmart to pay 100% of College Tuition and Books for Employees

You read that right! The Walmart, largest private employer in the US announced today that it's rolling out a program to pay 100% tuition for part-time and full-time employees at select colleges and universities. This includes books too!

Some of the schools involved include: University of Denver, Johnson & Wales and University of Arizona.

Would a program like this change your thoughts on applying for a job at Walmart or Sam's Club? #jobsearch #walmart #benefits

Hollis Pierce-Jenkins
about 2 months ago

Unemployment extension status.

My position ended in June 2020. By December, my unemployment benefits were depleted. I have not received any federal extension and have depleted my savings and severance funding. EDD cannot handle the calls of inquiry and even though EDD in California states the federal extension requires no action on the part of the unemployed, I have not received any letters in the mail nor have I received any communications via the web. This is extremely frustrating as I continue to seek employment. I am a former executive so the search has been intense. #benefits

Jessica Kirkland
5 days ago

Amazon jobs

I really enjoyed working at Amazon, however I went through Integrity Staffing and they are the real reason I enjoyed working there. Integrity Staffing is an amazing company to work for and I would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone looking to work at Amazon. They pay incredibly well, better than Amazon, their benefits are good, they have PTO, UTO (Unpaid Time Off) and Vacation time that are available the day you start working, (along with your benefits and health insurance), and they have an incredible staff. They will work with you and with Amazon to make sure you are doing the job that suits your needs and schedule best and if you are looking to advance, they will see to it that you do. I can only speak for Integrity Staffing in Chattanooga, TN. Amazon offers a lot of the same benefits, a little better health insurance, room for advancement, and as long as you are willing to show up on time and do your job, you can count on job security. I highly recommend Amazon as a great place to work.
#jobsearch #amazon #benefits #aboutmyjob #integritystaffing

James Anderson
about 2 months ago

Not being paid unemployment

I'm having real challenges with my unemployment payments. I have not received a payment since I started on March 3rd. They were sending my claims forms and when I wrote a note stating I was not being paid, they have since stopped sending the claims forms altogether. There is not a number in California where you can reach a person at the EDD and I'm currently burning through my previous savings. Hope this is the right forum where I may receive some assistance.

Thanks to all. #benefits #unemployment #stressful #advice #

Alicia Rickman
25 days ago

Does anyone live in Louisiana? What ever you do, DONT STOP FILING EVERY WK!!! THAT GOES FOR ANY STATE. #advice #unemployment #benefits #louisiana

DeVon Dempsey
9 days ago

Not receiving unemployment amount

I received a paper from unemployment saying my effective date is 7/05/2021, how much I will get weekly and my effective days at 104. But when I go on the unemployment site it says my weekly benefit amount is $0 and I haven’t received a payment yet. Does anyone know why that may be? #unemployment #advice #coronavirus #benefits

Mauricha Smith
4 days ago

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Michael Frash
Community Specialist
8 days ago

Which benefit or perk would make you accept the job?

We are in a job-seeker market, meaning workers are in demand and have leverage. This is the time to find a job that works for you, and has perks to make your life better.

Which benefit perk would convince you to take the job?

a) Paid sick days and vacation time
b) Positive, inclusive culture
c) Free lunch and snacks
d) No cost education and learning resources
e) Childcare support
f) OTHER - comment below

#jobsearch #benefits

Jobcase Team posted an article
Nov 30, 2020

Benefits and perks at CarMax

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