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New tips and tricks to navigate unemployment becase you are jobless not hopeless! This topic explores how to approach being unemployed as well as offers support from fellow job seekers.
Natasha Harrington
1 day ago


I need to know if anyone else is having issues with unemployment. I had to re file my claim since it been a year. I file every Sunday and all my claims state in progress. I call unemployment and there line stay busy every day. What else can I do. I reach out to my state representative no response yet #unemployment

Jim Hatcher
3 days ago

The government has made it easy for the people to sit home and (collect more money doing) *nothing *than it is to let them go out and find a good job that they would care to get up and go to every morning,, motivation ,,typically most people are just lazy they will take whatever freebies they can get #unemployment #coronavirus

Sandra Sandy
1 day ago

Unemployment #unemployment #advice

Marilyn Wiebusch
1 day ago

What made me stay at #I haven't worked in 20+ years was

I miss working but the job I worked for many years began to overwhelm me. I liked to do my best but the job duties got to be so numerous that I began to feel as though I wasn’t putting out my best work. If you aren’t doing what you’re proud of and some began to fall behind, it was time to move on. #termination #management #health #stressful

Manisha Mahajan
about 1 month ago

Please read why I was fired from Wells Fargo

After working for long dedicated service for 19 years at Wells Fargo I was fired only because I voiced my opinion about my suggestion as to what Wells Fargo can do and treat their employees in a good respectful way. The fact is Wells Fargo openly allows their customers to very much verbally abuse their employees. We get paid so little and on the top of that..fired me for telling the truth. This clearly indicates that Wells Fargo doesn't respect their employees and despite of being full aware of verbal abuse from customers...instead of Wells Fargo protecting the employees from daily verbal abuse...they fired me..I am unemployed since last 3 months just because of my suggestion

Paul Baker
Community Specialist
5 days ago

Will the Delta variant of Covid extend unemployment benefits?

Federal unemployment benefits are slated to end Sept. 6. Some people think Congress should consider extending that date due to the Covid delta variant.

QUESTION: If unemployment benefits were extended, would you continue searching for new jobs? #coronavirus #unemployment

Mike Edwards
4 days ago

How unemployment is going to make me homeless

Unemployment has caused me to be on the verge of homelessness because it has been over 3 months since i had to reregister my claim and it still hasn't been processed and i have called them almost every week expressing myconcerns and the importance of getting my benifits asap cause 2 1/2 of those months i had ZERO income. I couldn't pay rent, any kind of bills & had to pawn & borrow money just to get gas or groceries. Now im facing an eviction notice and i have uploaded the documents to my account for them to see and still there's nothinf they can do to expidite my claim to avoid being homeless. It makes me wonder just how many families are about to be evicted because their claim hasnt been processed.

Maricela Almanza
3 days ago

Hello. I been trying to apply for unemployment since November no one wants to help me out and show me what to do or go to. I'm behind my bills. Anyone would you be able to help me with it #unemployment

Hollis Pierce-Jenkins
about 2 months ago

Unemployment extension status.

My position ended in June 2020. By December, my unemployment benefits were depleted. I have not received any federal extension and have depleted my savings and severance funding. EDD cannot handle the calls of inquiry and even though EDD in California states the federal extension requires no action on the part of the unemployed, I have not received any letters in the mail nor have I received any communications via the web. This is extremely frustrating as I continue to seek employment. I am a former executive so the search has been intense. #benefits