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New tips and tricks to navigate unemployment becase you are jobless not hopeless! This topic explores how to approach being unemployed as well as offers support from fellow job seekers.
Latundra Moore
2 days ago

Fed up!!!

Done with unemployment!! No one cares if we suffer! I'd prefer to have a job but nothing has come up yet!! Called state Rep, No help! Called the governor's office,No help or call back! Someone finally answered unemployment line and I was told everything is good, just waiting on them to push the button on send my benefits! I've been waiting since November!! This is absolutely ridiculous!!! #benefits #unemployment

Stephen Vetter
1 day ago

I know exactly what you are going through? I have been on a roller coaster ride with them? I feel like a dang donkey with a carrot out in front of him? They put money in your account then take it out. Then they put it back in and add more money? then you can not have it until, Jan,3, Jan,28, Feb 3, Feb20, Feb 24, There keeping the money in there so they can earn interest on it or before your deadline on 3/15/21.Trying to deter you from getting it. What a joke I told them to keep it they need it more than I do? I will try my hardest to EVER GET BACK ON UNEPLOYASS again??? #unemployment

Laila Nashat
Community Specialist
4 days ago

Should the government guarantee you a job?

There's talk among lawmakers right now about beginning a program that would guarantee a job to anyone who wants one in order to help unemployed workers start earning again.

There are still many aspects of this plan to consider, but what do you think?

Read the article I linked on this idea to stimulate job growth and let us know what your thoughts are!

#unemployment #jobsearch #coronavirus

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Alixael Gonzalez Marrero

yeah what he siad

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Penny Ross

It is particularly a good idea as it should eliminate racism, ageism, sexism at the interview. Make corporations earn their tax breaks.

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Debra Armstrong
about 1 month ago

Unemployment benefits

I just wanted to wish everyone luck with the new PUA extention and whatever may be in the future once Biden takes office. Our country is falling apart at the seems and the hard working,tax paying citizens need help more than ever. It blows me away to think how much "Red Tape" we go through just to get no where . Those of us who truly need and have earned these benefits are the ones who aren't getting them. Only get the run around and excuses. That's why I am convinced that we are literally paying for a corrupt system because now since the government got caught fucking up claims and approving fraudulent claims,now "We" the honest working citizens are getting screwed so they can cover their f**k ups.The term "LAME DUCK" surely fits...I certainly pray this country can get its shit together.. Thanks and again GOOD LUCK. WE ARE GONNA NEED IT🙏🙏🌏 of💩 #unemployment

Franklin Wiseman
about 1 month ago

Your claim cannot be processed

My unemployment insurance claim status shows that there’s a remaining balance but since last week Sunday 01/16/2021 till today 01/24/2021 anytime I try to certify my weekly benefit I get the message “your certification cannot be processed “ What could be the problem?? I’ve tried several times contacting them but no avail except the answering machine saying continue to certify weekly

Craig Wiebusch
3 months ago

Unemployment Insurance

After 20 weeks of filing for unemployment, I have been asked to provide proof of identification and pay back all the money I have been paid.

Sherita Prentiss
24 days ago

Did you get your unemployment today?

Good morning did anyone receive there unemployment today, I usually get it on wed and I have not receive it yet?I was just curious was anyone having this same problem.

Debra Armstrong
3 months ago

Unemployment claims. Fraud by unemployment offices

I'm so fed up with this so called improved system. I realize that unemployment is overwhelmed but when your claim is in reveiw for over 16 weeks with no correspondence from them and it's impossible to get a human to talk to but when I finally did I got someone I couldn't understand their "english" which really pisses me off, and didnt get any answers or anything accomplished. I believe unemployment has been committing fraud and they are getting called out so people who are still waiting and deserving honestly are getting fucked out of what's due to them. No wonder people have mental issues and loose it!! Just saying... Goid luck to u all n God Bless # #givememymoney #governmentsux

Dani V
about 1 month ago


I recently discovered that I am eligible for PUA benefits as a furloughed freelancer with a reduced income. I was able to speak with someone in PUA after about an hour hold who helped me with my 2020 back log claim. However, they told me not to begin filing for 2021 until my 2020 back claim was resolved. Does this sound right? My understanding is that is may take months to resolve. I plan on calling again but in the meantime my work as a freelancer remains compromised. Did anyone here go through something similar and what did you do? I do not want to jeopardize my 2020 backlog in any way if I am eligible, as it appears I am. What would you do? #unemplyment #help #pua

Daniel Napolitano
about 2 months ago

Long Delay of PUA Benefits

Hi, i applied for PUA and have a claim from 11/29/2020, after a month of waiting and speaking to 5 different people who told me everything looks good, but it's too early to claim benefits ....the last person i spoke to told me i was under fraud investigation, she told me to send in Drivers license, proof of address and SS card, and then i would be able to claim my PUA benefits....That was almost 3-4 weeks ago, No benefits....no phone call back.....no response to 10 emails!!....is anyone having this problem....and any advise to push this forward????...This is ridiculous!!