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Don't freak out! Work can be hectic, but this topic helps you to combat stresses on the job and offers you the support you deserve. So whether you are feeling frustrated with your boss or you are just having a rough day this is the place to come to be heard.
Kaylin Berry
about 22 hours ago

Perfectionist Boss/Derogatory Commentary

So I work for a pretty large network, akin to a government facility so there are lots of people i have worked with and met over the 3 years working here part time: Im 23 and just graduated from college and am more looking for full time positions. My former head supervisor was an amazing women like a second mother, truly a nurture and she taught me so much in the 2 years we worked together, sadly she left in July. Her second in command is about 27/28 and can into the scene about same time and so we have all worked together for 2 years. With my supervisor leaving her next in command was into her position, leaving a full time opening. I applied for this. Prior to applying I have applying to several over job openings in the network and not heard much back. As the change of command has shifted so has the relationship with my boss. It is as if she has become on the lookout for my mistakes. At one I was discussing life and living and she makes a comment about how I am a “child” and how I “ can’t even get an apartment” mind you I work part time, and she said this with all seriousness. On another point she texted me saying she would be writing me up because I didn’t not clock in or out and it would result in a suspension, even though I was not working. Also she made a comment about how she had not seen anything impressive in the time she has worked with me, and how despite most it being covid and things being shut down for a lot of the time we worked together. It was as if the only thing she could see was my age and my mistakes when she looks at me. At one point she mentioned how, “whenever she sees me doing nothing she’s going to make note for my evaluation”. Of which thankfully a higher supervisor sat in with. I have started to send weekly email reports with all the things in the week I accomplished in order to show her my part in this job since she chooses to ignore it. I know bevahe of this attitude I would not have gotten the job. But I still believe I shouldn’t have to deal with this. I’ve been shorted my hours, scheduled the worst shifts, but I work for a GREAT purpose and I adored my job before she came into command. I frankly work my butt off for these people and give them alot of my holidays and TONS of my weekends and I would appreciate a little respect. Please tell me if I’m losing my cool over nothing. #management #advice #coworkers # #workenvironment #stressful #interview

Ray Arango
14 days ago

Well ill go straight to the point , I am an experienced aircraft technician 35 years working for major carriers. I messed up at age 55 got a felony charge of constructive possession. Now I am worried i cant get SIDA badge.

I have read that there are alot of companies that are second chance friendly, and will hire without using this hiccup against you. I feel I should be given a chance to work in my field there are many jobs within the (major carriers) airlines I can do. I am somewhat scared to try. I am 61 yo and starting over is not an option.

I know my business well. After 7 or 10 years (I forget), I can get sida access after you charge. What do i do?

Glenda Bailey Andrews
about 2 months ago

Employers has to pay more

When I say I'm OVER IT...I mean OVER IT! How the hell is Mc D's hiring starting at $16.00 here in Cali? However other jobs not fast food offering $15.00 an hour IN CALIFORNIA? WTH What school offer training and pay later? Like Java Developer? #underpay #tired#struggle

Frank Chanar
12 days ago

Poor Interviews

All the interviews I taken never worked ,the interviewer says he or she has 4 more after me,

Eleana Bowman
Community Specialist
about 1 month ago
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Diane Obrien

Sit and real quietky

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Lewis Perkins

Take a drive In my truck

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jill roelfsema
9 days ago

I'm looking for work from home. Have been in a surgeon's office for 16 years and am sick of driving in weather and being stressed out by face to face interaction. Have been working from day 1 of Covid and am sick of the never ending questions by patients. I love my patients, but I think I'm reaching the point of burn out. Would love the opportunity to work from home and actually save money instead of working it away! #workfromhome

Christopher Zettlemoyer
10 days ago


Beware of scammers!!! They will post job opportunities, and try getting information from you, like bank account passwords, social media access, etc. They are trying everything to steal from everyone, even if you're broke and hungry. THEY DO NOT CARE!!! If someone offers you a job, make sure they back it up with paperwork, Identification, and put everything in writing. Fruit for thought

Stacy Schwierking
13 days ago

I think people quit good jobs because

Of management, and the way they treat workers. You shouldnt expect your workers to be there more then at home with their families. To me its not all about how much money you make. You have to make your family #1.

Kai Dickerson posted an article
Jul 1, 2020

Tips on managing child care during COVID-19

Kai Dickerson
Community Specialist
Heather Yray
16 days ago

Fired due to ad on vehicle

I can not believe that my boyfriend was fired yesterday due to my having an ad on my vehicle to make extra money! Not to mention I had the ad on my car when he first applied. It is unbelievable to me. #termination #advice #management #unemployment #legal