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Patrick Coppedge
about 2 years ago


Job Fields Promising For Workers Over 50

If you're over 50 and are looking for work or career change over the next three years, there is good news.

There are ten fields that will have great demands and are looking to fill those positions. Older workers could be great fits for many of these openings, according to a new report from AARP and IMPAQ International.

Many employers are “having trouble filling vacancies with qualified, well-trained workers,” the report says. That could translate into opportunities for workers over age 50. People in this group are more likely to face longer periods of unemployment after they lose a job. For employers and older job seekers, finding the right match could really be just a matter of looking in the right place, according to the report.

The other key for older job seekers, the report states, is to look at occupations that make use of the skills they have already developed during their careers. “Among older workers making career changes, those who are able to make use of existing skills in their new job tend to be more successful.”

Here are the occupations, expected to have the largest labor shortages over the next few years:

Sales Representatives, Wholesale And Manufacturing

These jobs include sales agent, sales representative, sales executive, sales consultant, direct salesperson and technical sales representative. Workers 50-plus are already working in this or a similar job making up nearly 10 percent of those employed. There is an expected high demand for employees in these fields in Colorado, Kansas and Maryland. These positions generally require at least two years of secondary education in the academic area of the product.

Computer Occupations

Occupations include programmers, computer and information research scientists, computer user support specialists, computer system analysts, information security analysts, and web and software developers.

Entry requirements vary from a vocational degree with on-the-job training to an advanced degree. This is one of the fields, that many workers over 50 may require additional training to work in.

Health Diagnosing And Treating Practitioners

Surgeons, podiatrist, orthodontist, optometrists, dentists, therapists, pharmacists, exercise physiologists, dietitians and nutritionsists and chiropractors are among the professions in this group. Many of these positions require extensive training and advanced degrees. As a result, many of the job openings are most likely to be filled by workers already in these fields or those wanting to come out of retirement..

Health Technologists And Technicians

This category includes jobs such as medical and clinical laboratory technologists/technicians, dental hygienists, radiologic technologists, and emergency medical technicians and paramedics. Many roles require extensive training and advanced degrees. The projected shortage for workers in these fields is predicted to be high in Minnesota and South Dakota.

Advertising, Marketing, Promotions, Public Relations And Sales Managers

These jobs consist of advertising and promotions managers; managers for marketing, public relations and sales and fundraising. These positions generally require at least a bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience.


Engineer employment include aerospace, agricultural, biomedical, chemical, civil, computer hardware, electrical, environmental, industrial, materials, mechanical and petroleum. Of the all the fields experiencing a shortage of qualified workers, this is the one with the highest hourly wage, at $38.46. Most of these positions require at least a bachelor’s degree, with many requiring advanced degrees and extensive training.

Motor Vehicle Operators

These jobs include bus drivers, taxi drivers, chauffeurs, ambulance drivers, bus drivers, sales drivers, heavy or tractor-trailer truck drivers, light-truck or delivery-services drivers. Workers over age 50 are already an easy fit for these jobs as most of these jobs require a high school diploma and a few months of training. But the average wage of $16.62 per hour was the lowest of the fields with predicted shortages.

Financial Specialists

Jobs in this category are accountants and auditors, appraisers and assessors of real estate, budget analysts, credit analysts, financial analysts, personal financial advisers, insurance underwriters, financial examiners, credit counselors, loan officers and tax preparers. For almost all of these roles, at least a bachelor’s degree is needed. Many require a master’s or post-bachelor’s certificate.

Business Operations Specialists

These are positions such as claims adjusters, examiners and investigators; compliance officers; cost estimators; farm labor contractors; fundraisers; human resource specialists; insurance appraisers (auto damage); labor relations specialists; logisticians; and management analysts. Virtually all of these jobs require at least a bachelor’s degree, and most call for a master’s or some kind of post-bachelor’s certificate.

Operations Specialties Managers

Among the options in this category are financial managers and managers for administrative services, computer and information systems, industrial production, purchasing, transportation, storage, and distribution, compensation and benefits, human resources, and training and development. For these jobs, education requirements range from a high school diploma to postgraduate education.

Ajay A
about 1 month ago

Is it a good idea to re-apply? should you re-apply to the same position (same location even) if it were to be advertised again shortly thereafter?

If you applied for a position at a company which resulted in an interview, and either never heard back or was rejected, should you re-apply to the same position (same location even) if it were to be advertised again shortly thereafter? #jobsearch #jobhunt #advice #wordsofadvice

Patrick Coppedge
almost 2 years ago


Resumes That Appeal To Robot Recruiters

Your resume will not be seen by humans eyes first. And when it does reach a human for review, recruiters spend only six seconds on each one (if they read it at all). But the majority of resumes will never reach a human because the robot recruiter will reject a large number of them.

The robot recruiter is better known as an application tracking system (ATS). With the filtering algorithms of an ATS deciding whether you will ever get a call back for that first interview, it's important for job-seekers to know how to write a resume that will have robotic appeal.

Lets examine what is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)? Most Employers who deal with high volume applicants rely on the ATS to sort through the hundreds or even thousands of resumes that they may receive for just one job posting. This process allows hiring managers to enter a command in the ATS to find candidates that have the qualifications, skill-sets, education and other critical elements required for success with a posted position that should be considered for the next step in the hiring process. The machine keeps all the important information for each applicant that it receives from the submitted resumes. From this large amount of submissions, 75 percent of job applicant's resumes are rejected before a hiring manager ever looks at them.

Finding Approval of a Robot Recruiter

Your resume should be written with the ATS in mind. Be honest when stating your experience and credentials, but there are ways to represent your background that will appeal to a robot recruiter. Here are six things to remember:

1.) Keywords Are Key

Something as simple as using a different tense or phrase could eliminate your CV from the review. For example, if you wrote, “Managed project from design to implementation,” and the hiring manager searched for, “project manager,” you might not come up in the search results even though you are describing the same responsibility. To try to increase the chances of your resume getting in front of the recruiter or hiring manager, be sure to use the exact phrases and keywords that were used in the job posting. And, don’t try to fool the system. Keywords should be included in your resume very naturally. If you try to cheat the system by stuffing keywords or including “invisible” keywords by changing the text to white, the hiring manager will see through these tactics on the other end of the system (even if you bypassed the algorithm).

2.) Research To Improve Your Odds If You Know The ATS System

All the ATS may have the same objective, screen applicants to streamline work for humans, they may do it in different ways. If the name of the ATS is available to you as a candidate, do a quick Google search to see if there is any information available to help you adjust your resume to better suit the system you are applying to. For example, if you find out that the system used by the employer you are applying is known to rank resumes with the keyword multiple times, try to include that keyword naturally, multiple times in your resume.

3.) Match Your Resume To The Posted Job Description

In addition to including keywords, be sure your resume matches as many aspects of the job description as possible. If the job posting includes responsibilities for leadership, project management and budgeting ensure your resume also includes these areas if they pertain to your own experience. Again, honesty is imperative so you shouldn’t include an example of budgeting if that hasn’t been a part of your work experience. However, if you have any sort of experience that you would be comfortable using in an interview to explain why you are the right candidate for this position, align your resume with the job responsibilities. Also, if you had a job title for a previous employer that was creative but could be misunderstood by a bot, such as Director of Getting Things Done, switch it to something more easily understood such as Project Manager.

4.) Carefully, Choose File Type And Formatting

Unfortunately, PDFs are not always bot friendly, so while a PDF would maintain the formatting of your resume, it might not pass through the ATS. Follow the instructions for file format if they are given in the job posting; if not, play it safe and submit a resume as a Word document. While charts, images, and logos are appealing to a human reviewer, bots have a hard time translating them. Clean and straightforward formatting is preferred such as solid circles for bullet points.

5.) Don't Put Critical Info In Headers And Footers

Some systems aren’t able to extract info from headers and footers. Make all crucial information about your background and experience is included in the main body of your resume to provide easy access to the robots.

6.) Human Touches Are Still Important

An email or a handwritten note sent, could bring your name to the attention of the hiring manager. You might pique their interest enough to have them do a little more digging for your credentials if you weren’t part of the ATS’ search results. A little human touch might mean the difference in a competitive and critical process.

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Nikki Roberts
12 days ago

I filled everything out for a job application when I backed out to reread before sending it all disappeared! very frustrating.. #wordsofadvice

Joe Accetta
3 months ago

Age Discrimination

A word to the wise from someone who’s been around the block a few times. If you are thinking of retiring, exiting your job for a while or trying to find one be sure you have a plan especially if you are 40-50 or beyond. Age discrimination is rampant even in the federal government and It doesn’t matter how qualified you are. #ageism #wordsofadvice

Tana Shellhart
about 2 months ago

Scammers are out there, so beware

I recently received a message from a lady, in my case, named Lisa Batson, titled "Interview Invitation - Data Entry Clerk" and the email described the job and other details. The per-hour salary was higher than the average data-entry-type job at $25/hour, which was the first sign that something was not right; however, I was hopeful, so I did what was asked and sent a Google Hangout message to "Mr. Wortham Higgins" to discuss the job. I won't go into all of the details here, but the end result was this: They basically groom you by being very kind, giving details of the job that sound legitimate, and follow the steps that a normal interview might give. I was given a list of supplies that would be supplied to me which consisted of a laptop, desk, chair, time-clock, etc. that I would purchase from their vendors after I received a check via FedEx. At this point, I was basically onto the game, but played along to see what would happen. Even so, I did what I considered my due diligence and looked into the company, which was "Alencure Biotech" out of India, and it appears that it is a legitimate company, which gave me a bit of hope that maybe I was wrong. On a Monday morning after talking with him for 3 or 4 days, he said I would get the check that morning and I should take it to my bank, in person, and deposit it. I took it directly to an officer of the bank and they knew right away that it was a fraudulent check. "Mr. Higgins" and I had a couple more conversations where he denied anything was wrong and he was going to his accountants "right away and get an answer". Haha. Anyway, what they are doing in this scam is this: They get a person to deposit the check (in this case, $4,900), wait until the money shows up in your bank and immediately purchase the equipment from their vendors. You will never receive the equipment (Duh!) and will be on the hook at your bank to pay back the money. It was very eye opening, but I could see how easy it would be to fall for it. I have always been aware of computer scammers, so I caught on fairly early, but I know they occasionally get people to follow through. Since that happened, I have seen several more come to my inbox with basically the same system. Bottom line: IF YOU DID NOT APPLY TO THE COMPANY, IF THE OFFER IS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, OR THE COMPANY IS FROM INDIA, AS IN MY CASE, AND THE GUY'S NAME IS "MR WORTHAM HIGGINS" (HAHA), IT MIGHT BE AND PROBABLY IS A SCAM. #scams #wordsofadvice

Sherwood Limback
20 days ago

Loving your employment

In my professional experience owning and operating a self employed businesses your employment is much more important to love what you are doing to make ends meet a lot less stress and tension in a happy environment. When your associates see you everyday smiling, singing having a good time as well as a safe time, they are going to look forward to waking up and going to work, we all know what it like to not want to go to work for one reason or another. If you love what your doing most likely your also going to be very good at what you do. For instance I love the hair business began earning not a lot of money but the love for it I stayed with it and around 3-4 yrs. later was earning up to $70,000 a yr with this being said always love what you do,do it well thank God everyday for your talent and you will be prosperous in everything you put your hands two #wordsofadvice #inspiration #employmentopportunities #publix

Kelly McCoy
29 days ago

It’s time to start working together as a nation that works, plays, prays, and supports our country to become the nation we should be. #veterans #inspiration #government #motivation #wordsofadvice #hiring #economy #strongertogether

Jascha-Alexander Zittel
about 1 month ago

Hey Jobcase Community - a friend of mine and I built this little online resume builder and would love for you to give it a try and let us know your thoughts: https://heyflyp.com/

It's worked great for us for finding work and all employers that we have spoken to so far really love how it helps them get a better sense of the candidate.

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