I had a virtual interview this past week and i'm so pissed off! I had never done a video interview before and had no idea what to expect!

The video was all messed up and I felt like I was moving around the whole time because I was so nervous about the video! I felt super awkward and uncomfortable.

What are some tips and advice so that I don't mess it up in the future???

Do research on what kind of questions employers ask in your area of expertise/field and choice 1. Have someone ask... see more

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Things don't always go as planned especially when it's a big day! My car started overheating the night before the interview. No way was i going to cancel an #interview as those are few and far between for me. I checked google maps and saw the location is 9 miles away. Luckily for me i still had a bicycle in the garage. I brought a few bottles of water and my interview clothes in a bag so they would not get sweaty. I found a bathroom a couple... see more


That's awesome! Way to persevere and congrats on getting invited back for the training!

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This is an excellent opportunity to briefly make an account of the learnings you've gained this early in the year and design a strategy that's going to catapult you towards more successful experiences. Try this...

Make a short list of 3 of your most urgent and/or short term career/life goals.

Outline a plan of action designed to address these goal and overcome challenges.

Stay connected to your newfound community. Use the ForYou tab at the... see more


I GOT THIS!!!...I GOT THIS!!....so motivational!!!!

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Always gave us hope that they were working to make thing better.

Life is a challenge. We have have something to face. Whether it is work, home, finances, family, ourselves. We just need to have hope and keep faith.

Life is indeed a challenge Beatrice Pesqueira but always remember when it throws you lemons, make lemonade!!!

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I’m up early working on a few vehicle’s. Happy Sunday to everyone!!!...i hope that everyone had a great weekend!

Thanks Marcus Mason ! Happy Sunday to you as well. I'm in the middle of moving so that's my weekend fun. What kind... see more

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John Huang that’s why i love mechanics!..always problems to solve!!..and I’m good at what i do!!!

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Time to wind down and look forward for tomorrow. Today was eventful. Took an engine out of a Honda Civic. When you love what you do, you don’t call it work.

Is it common practice for an employer to fire someone via email. Has this world gone mad that no one can face the person they are letting go? It was so cold. I will hold my head high and clinge to my integrity and my ethics.

Since last March 7th, 2019 I have been searching for a job in my field of Respiratory Care. I have worked in this field since 1996. I was retired by my hospital due to circumstances that would take time to explain. I was a great employee, and those that worked with me give me a hug every time they see me. The hospital will not consider me for anything, and I am in an area that is tied up with a huge company that controls the decent paying jobs. I... see more

Hi Charlotte Freeman , your post was both inspiring and troubling. You've succeeded in the face of adversity and I... see more

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Marijoy Bertolini
For your kind words, I have been messing with the resume.

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I’ve had 4 job interviews. Been offered and hired 4 times and still haven’t started working. I keep being told how impeccable my resume is but nothing. The first time I was hired on the spot. Was told to get my security license transferred and it was a go. I did this. Paid the $100 and was told the business was sold and they decided to go a different route. The second job decided that they wanted me to work out of town but still waiting after... see more

Definitely sounds like you've been burned. Shady business is on the rise and there's no telling who's legit... see more

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