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Employer ghosting is frustrating to say the least and not a good business practice.

I believe recruiters sometimes are inundated with applications and interviews and inevitably ghosting can happen.

I like to use post-interview follow-ups as opportunities to both thank the interviewer for their time and reiterate interest in the role, but also use the opportunity to nudge the interviewer to take action and keep yourself top of mind with them.

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There are so many reasons for a delay in contacting you after an interview please be patient and know they are... see more

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If they don’t do what they say they will, keep looking, you don’t want to work for someone that has no integrity... see more

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That is the best company you can hire.

It is a company of consultants who offer an extraordinary service.

It is a company of consultants who offer an extraordinary service.

CID is one of the best employers in Puerto Rico.

I have a coworker who I’ve been having to do most of her work from the direction of my boss but I feel like this girl was taking advantage and kept giving me all of her work I ended up sick this past week and she told me she’s got another job

She works for a different company
I’ve asked my company to move me as I have been working under unfair work conditions for almost a year

I had a job interview a couple of weeks ago but have not heard... see more

Fantastic blog i have never ever read this type of amazing information,

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Thresa was the worst store General manager

I am so so frustrated and angry. Friday I interviewed for a job and it went fantastic. They even asked in the interview when I could start. Friday evening they called and said they were extremely impressed with me and would be sending me an offer. I asked if it would be Monday and they said yes probably Monday. It is now midday Tuesday and not a word. This is a small company and I don't have any email addresses but i do have cell phone #'s. Today... see more

Do you really want to work for a co.pany that is unable to follow through with a simple a task as to contact you... see more

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Things don't always go as planned especially when it's a big day! My car started overheating the night before the interview. No way was i going to cancel an #interview as those are few and far between for me. I checked google maps and saw the location is 9 miles away. Luckily for me i still had a bicycle in the garage. I brought a few bottles of water and my interview clothes in a bag so they would not get sweaty. I found a bathroom a couple... see more


Good for you! Endorphens it does a body and mind good !

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So I got hired on at a privately owned exxon on Monday. Today was my first day of doing day shift. Before today I felt somewhat fine about things but after today my God, there's so much to counting down the drawer at closing. They make it to where a certain amount of certain Bill's has to be in the drawer. Today 1 of the girls that has been there for quite some time now showed me and the girl that started today how to close down the lottery... see more

As far as work goes, I promise you this in 2 months from now you will forget that you ever felt the way you do now... see more

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