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Ed Alexander "Mr. Encouragement"
over 6 months ago

YOU MUST FLIP THE SCRIPT! [IBYC] How many people have you observed focusing on the negative things, while the tiny positive things that could "flip the script" in life?

I'm telling you the truth... (MUST READ)

Whatever you are looking for in life will eventually show up in your life according to the Laws of Attraction. Be it large or small it will appear once you pickup that magnifying glass and conduct your research.

How many people have you observed focusing on the negative things, while the tiny positive things that could "flip the script" in life?

Whatever you focus on life comes to fruition. It's time to flip the script in life.

I Believe You Can...!

#PersonalDevelopment #Motivation #Inspiration #Heath #Wealth #Family #Friendship #Networking

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Honny David Familia Paulino
over 6 months ago

Hi. iv been struggling with my boss. we have been developing a really good mother-son friendship lately, But every time i make a mistake at work or something wrong happened she blame herself for being ''to good' or ''giving too much confidence''. I have no day off, she took it away from me for an hundred dollars raised, because we cut of staff. She says im not working as i used to (cheerful, motivated, happy) after that we fought and i said its because i dont rest and shes always asking me to help my coworkers but they NEVER help me, IM ALWAYS the last one to leave the work place. I feel frustrated because she says we take advantage of her, but she is putting so much pressure on me and she expects me to have a smile in my face all the time.. iv been working here for a year now, i want to leave but she's promised me a new promotion (kitchen assistant) better salary and she's opening a new restaurant soon and wants me to be there.. but i feel i CANT stand her rudeness and attitude and my coworker's anymore.

Aubrey Brown
over 6 months ago

Regret Not Speaking To My Coworker Earlier

So I’ve been working a job that makes me miserable for SO many reasons. I’ve done all I can to remain positive and work hard throughout, but in the past few months I pretty much devoted all of my energy to seeking new employment. It definitely paid off because a week ago I got an offer and put in my two weeks notice. Just the act of putting in my notice greatly improved my mood and I started to relax a bit for the first time in a long time.

One day I was walking out of work and I spotted a coworker I had always thought seemed interesting. On a normal day I might have just walked past and not said anything, but that day I sparked up a conversation. It turned out that we had a lot in common and we ended up speaking for hours about everything under the sun INCLUDING how messed up our workplace is. It felt so good to have some sort of social outlet with a coworker. Being so miserable at work, I mostly just kept my head down and tried to get through the day, but now that I’m leaving I’m so regretting not reaching out to her sooner! We’ve been having lunch together basically every day since we talked that one day after work. If I had this type of friendship going on before it would have made this job so much more bearable! I probably still would have ended up leaving, but I still wish we had connected earlier.

So let this be a lesson! If you’re feeling down or upset at work, try talking to someone! It might make your dissatisfaction with your workplace a little more manageable. We have plans to keep in touch after I leave, but honestly I’m not sure it’s going to pan out because I’ll be working pretty far away from where we work now. I’m pretty sad about it, but overall thankful that I reached out at all!

Deborah Smith
over 6 months ago

I loved working with the public i like a challenge at my work place.. I love to advance