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Jon-Paul Vicari
2 days ago

Believe in yourself!

I recently have had the opportunity to write and publish reports at work and it's been on my mind that I once had a teacher tell me I didn't have the writing skills to be successful in my degree pursuit or professionally.

But what they didn't know was I believed in myself more than I listened to their critiques. There's a difference between constructive feedback and someone being mean for the sake of being mean.

Not sure why I'm posting this other than to say, I believe in you as much as I believe in myself. There's nothing you cannot do so get out there and live to your fullest potential!

#inspiration #motivation

Ashley Wilson
Community Specialist
about 1 month ago

YOU are outstanding!!!

Just a little humor to brighten your day : )

and remember that...

  • YOU are not alone
  • YOU will get through this
  • YOU are outstanding!

#motivaton #jobsearch #inspiration

Matt Bornhorst
over 6 months ago

Meet Eric Fuller - US Xpress CEO

Eric Fuller talks about the new technology that is transforming the trucking industry, his CB handle in high-school, and some of the craziest things he's seen on the job.

Read more about the great people at US Xpress here!

Cyndi kinder
24 days ago
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Lawrence White

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Sona Moore
23 days ago


I just wanted to say I have prayed and feel like a band new me in society! I don't think money is the answer although it's necessary! I do believe happiness is the key to success!! Then that's where faith comes at front and naturally it will gravitate anyways so I try not to worry! #wordsofadvice #inspiration #motivation

Vance Holm
over 6 months ago

Delta is home

I work for Delta as a male flight attendant. I get snickers from people I don't know sometimes when I tell them what I do. Really? Who cares about gender?! I am good at what I do. I get free travel and you don't. I meet awesome people and you don't. I get to move around and have amazing co-workers. So the jokes on them!

Michael Carvalho
25 days ago

Job Experience

Often times when talking to new employees, I express how important it is to be yourself. Take Initiative to do better and be kind. It starts out with you and how you conduct yourself. I can speak for myself when doing my job. Each morning I prepare myself to do better, be better and learn something new each day. While working, I always try to look at the bright side of the things that happen throughout the day. We are all facing challenges in our life. When serving clients, I do my best to show them a great experience. In turn this leads to them being happy with the service I provide. Take time to help others. When you see a coworker struggling, do you offer help? A good leader is a person who puts the others on top. We are a team of employees who help one another. Build together and appreciate the results of a prductive day. And you can too! #inspiration

Michael Carvalho
28 days ago

Having Second Thoughts of Returning to Work?

Good Morning Community,

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