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Lisa Jordan
2 months ago
Jade Andersen
over 6 months ago

Are you a Small Business Owner Needing Marketing Help?

I recently started a Marketing Consulting business to help small businesses with their marketing. I realize that coronavirus has really hit hard on small businesses, and I'd love the opportunity to help them with my marketing experience. From social media management to website design, I have a passion for helping businesses grow. If you or someone you know needs help marketing their business, let me know! I am offering a FREE 30-minute virtual consultation. I proudly offer affordable, customizable, and virtual one-on-one consulting. Let's start working together today! I can consult for any industry.

Check out www.jyamediaconsulting.com! If you are struggling with the pay, let me know and we can work something out.

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Tricia Hendrix
Community Specialist
4 months ago

Writer NEEDED to work from home!!

UPDATE- the position has been filled.

Check out more work from home roles here!

Aquent is seeking a creative and FUN Copywriter to work from home to focus on writing emails as well as social media posts.

The writing needs to be fun and playful with a call to action or sense of urgency need. The person needs to start and jump in immediately!

Although this position is remote, the person needs to work CST hours and comfortable on video with a friendly, highly communicable team. This is NOT a position where you’ll be in your own bubble.

Tasks include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Writing copy for email marketing, including subject lines and preheader text, as well as push messages
  • Writing copy for social media, blog content, site assets, product descriptions, and more
  • Brainstorming and working directly with graphic designers on projects including site assets, email, social and blog imagery, and more
  • Thoroughly proofing and editing your own content, as well as possibly proofing copy and creative from other members of our team

The right candidate will:

  • Have 3-5 years of work experience, with a strong background in marketing writing and copywriting
  • Have an outstanding portfolio featuring work samples
  • Have experience working closely with a team including graphic designers/art directors
  • Be able to work independently, and take a task and run with it
  • Be organized and timely
  • Pay great attention to detail
  • Have outstanding communication skills
  • TEAM mentality
  • Be creative and clever
  • Be comfortable leading/starting brainstorms with other team members
  • Have a go-getter, can-do attitude while being able to work quickly and efficiently
  • Have great grammar and editing skills

Does this sound like you?

Apply NOW before it's gone

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Tricia Hendrix
Community Specialist
4 months ago

Make up to $35/hour from home!!

Are YOU a total social media nut and have experience managing professional accounts?

Good news!!!

A Social Media Specialist is needed at Taproot Foundation!


You have a keen understanding of social communities, how they function, and how audience members within them interact with each other and Taproot Foundation. When it comes to managing and implementing projects, you’re thorough, dependable, detail-oriented, organized, and deadline-driven. You bring a unique balance of social marketing intuition and data to back up your assertions on what will ‘take off’ to every campaign you run. You have your finger on the pulse of the latest social media trends and aren’t afraid to voice and test new ideas. More than anything, you’re mission driven, and you bring your passion to each project.

This is a contractor position, approximately 10 hours per week.


Day-to-day community management across Taproot’s core social channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn). Scheduling content while coordinating social media content calendar to maintain a regular presence on Taproot’s social media channels that balances Taproot generated content with real-time commentary and external resources. Collaborating with the Marketing & Communications team on Taproot’s social media strategy and development of new campaigns.

Tracking organic social media analytics to report on progress towards goals and make data-backed campaign or audience engagement decisions. Staying abreast of trending social sector trending topics and joining the conversation when relevant. Requirements


At least 3 years of experience directly managing a business/nonprofit/public entity’s social media presence. Proven track record of executing engaging social media campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Comfortable with administrative tasks, primarily: using social media scheduling platforms and documenting analytics in Excel.

Excellent communications and customer service skills are needed!


$30-$35/hour commensurate with experience

Want to get started?

Apply NOW before the role is gone**!

#workfromhome #Hiringnews #NationwideUSA #socialmedia #customerservice

Tricia Hendrix
Community Specialist
5 months ago

Work from home as a social media manager!

Big Sky Health is hiring a Social Media Manager to work from home!

About Big Sky Health

Big Sky Health—creator of the world’s most popular fasting app Zero—is passionate about helping people live healthier, longer lives. Our digital experiences provide information, motivation, and accountability on your path toward wellness. We’re a small, mission-driven, Series A startup with an incredible team of scientific experts and investors. We are looking for thoughtful collaborators and strategic self-starters who are driven and care deeply to positively make an impact on the health and well-being of millions of people.

Big Sky Health is 100% remote, with team members working from their favorite desks in Los Angeles, Toronto, Lisbon, Nairobi, and yes, Big Sky, Montana. We offer competitive salary and benefits, unlimited time off, and a stipend for making your work space work for you. We’re comfortable with and enthusiastic about working across time zones and hiring globally. While maintaining the flexibility to work from anywhere, we require all to have some overlapping hours with Mountain Time working hours.

About the role

Big Sky Health’s Social Media Manager will be responsible for growing and maintaining our thriving community of social media followers and millions of monthly active app users. This role will report into Big Sky Health’s Senior Manager of Social Media & Community. The individual in this role will enjoy a mix of direct fan engagement, internal process improvement, and insight sharing.

In this role, you will:

  • Nurture our online community and respond to all inbounds across social and online channels
  • Facilitate conversations—both public-facing and via DM—with our users on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other emerging platforms
  • Partner with our science writers to ensure accuracy of replies to all health-related user questions
  • Identify and share unique user stories that are surfaced on our digital channels
  • Be a constant champion of innovation on behalf of our users/community
  • Engage with influencers and keep a log of all brand advocates
  • Complete weekly and monthly analytics reports for digital channels including, but not limited to, social media channels and our brand’s blog
  • Assist with content development and campaign ideas for Big Sky Health’s digital channels
  • Alert team to trending issues related to our products and the broader topics of fasting, alcohol moderation, and meditation‍

What we’re looking for:

  • 2+ years of experience managing online communities on behalf of a B2C brand
  • Great judgment, and know when to ask for help versus running on your own
  • A great written communicator—hello, phenomenal grammar skills!
  • Someone able to master writing within the confines of a brand’s voice and tone
  • Familiarity with social media management tools like SproutSocial
  • Experience managing highly engaged online communities in the past
  • Bonus points: prior experience with a digital health company

Interested in this role?

Get started here

#Workfromhome #Nationwideusa #jobsearch #socialmedia #manager #BigSkyHealth

David Fulmer
over 6 months ago

Clean Up Your Social Media - Deactivate Facebook for a time

I received a email from Jobcase today that read - "Are employers looking at your Facebook profile, David?"

The email suggested cleaning up your social media while seeking employment. I agree and have done so myself. A personal friend that often hires new staff, told me that checking social media is one of the first things they do when looking into an applicants background.

You never know when a Facebook friend might post something that you don't particularly like, agree with or might even be off colored. I have often seen at time seen posts which show up on my page that I promptly remove. I'm sure you have as well. You don't want a hiring manager to see those.

Better than attempting to "clean up" your social media; I believe it necessary to go a bit further. Regarding Facebook; I have deactivated my account while seeking employment. In this age of "political correctness" it's impossible not to offend someone, especially someone who doesn't know you personally.

Deactivating does not close your Facebook account, rather suspends it for roughly a week. This mean of course that you will need to deactivate is regularly, but it's worth doing so for many reasons. Since some day when you are employed, you wont have someone virtually peeking in your widow to see what you are saying or doing; you wont want to start all over again. I sure don't. (posts, timeline info, photos)

Prior to deactivation, I placed a post in the Facebook noting that I would be dropping off social media for a bit and explained why. Gave it a couple of days for friends and family to read the post and then followed through with deactivating.

To Deactivate your Facebook (iPhone) a) While in Facebook and in news feeds, select "More" (at bottom right, has three horizontal lines above the word) b) Scroll down to the bottom and select "Account Settings" under Settings. c) select "Security" d) At the bottom and to the right of "Account", select "Deactivate" e) Enter your Facebook password and continue f) Under "Please let us know why you are deactivating" chose "This is temporary, I'll be back" g) at the pop up window, select "close" h) The pop up will disappear. Scroll to the bottom and select "Deactivate" i) a "Session Expired" window will appear. Select "OK" j) Close Facebook app

That's my suggestion - Cheers (and I'm not from England :-)

Rhonda Yates
over 6 months ago

To friend or not to friend

I have a personal policy that I do not friend anyone in Facebook with whom I currently work no matter if we are on the same level or not and no matter how good "work friends" we are. For me, it's easier to keep your work and personal lives separate. I do however have a business page they can "like ".

In my current office setting, I realize that my supervisor and co-worker have been working together a long time and they probably "friended" each other long before one became supervisor but when I have to listen to things like "I could tell how drunk you were from the pictures on Facebook " I just feel like it's unprofessional on too many levels to list.

I'm curious, have any companies out there initiated any policies that address this? What are your thoughts?