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Tricia Hendrix
Community Specialist
25 days ago

Work from home as a social media manager!

Big Sky Health is hiring a Social Media Manager to work from home!

About Big Sky Health

Big Sky Health—creator of the world’s most popular fasting app Zero—is passionate about helping people live healthier, longer lives. Our digital experiences provide information, motivation, and accountability on your path toward wellness. We’re a small, mission-driven, Series A startup with an incredible team of scientific experts and investors. We are looking for thoughtful collaborators and strategic self-starters who are driven and care deeply to positively make an impact on the health and well-being of millions of people.

Big Sky Health is 100% remote, with team members working from their favorite desks in Los Angeles, Toronto, Lisbon, Nairobi, and yes, Big Sky, Montana. We offer competitive salary and benefits, unlimited time off, and a stipend for making your work space work for you. We’re comfortable with and enthusiastic about working across time zones and hiring globally. While maintaining the flexibility to work from anywhere, we require all to have some overlapping hours with Mountain Time working hours.

About the role

Big Sky Health’s Social Media Manager will be responsible for growing and maintaining our thriving community of social media followers and millions of monthly active app users. This role will report into Big Sky Health’s Senior Manager of Social Media & Community. The individual in this role will enjoy a mix of direct fan engagement, internal process improvement, and insight sharing.

In this role, you will:

  • Nurture our online community and respond to all inbounds across social and online channels
  • Facilitate conversations—both public-facing and via DM—with our users on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other emerging platforms
  • Partner with our science writers to ensure accuracy of replies to all health-related user questions
  • Identify and share unique user stories that are surfaced on our digital channels
  • Be a constant champion of innovation on behalf of our users/community
  • Engage with influencers and keep a log of all brand advocates
  • Complete weekly and monthly analytics reports for digital channels including, but not limited to, social media channels and our brand’s blog
  • Assist with content development and campaign ideas for Big Sky Health’s digital channels
  • Alert team to trending issues related to our products and the broader topics of fasting, alcohol moderation, and meditation‍

What we’re looking for:

  • 2+ years of experience managing online communities on behalf of a B2C brand
  • Great judgment, and know when to ask for help versus running on your own
  • A great written communicator—hello, phenomenal grammar skills!
  • Someone able to master writing within the confines of a brand’s voice and tone
  • Familiarity with social media management tools like SproutSocial
  • Experience managing highly engaged online communities in the past
  • Bonus points: prior experience with a digital health company

Interested in this role?

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Jade Andersen
over 6 months ago

Are you a Small Business Owner Needing Marketing Help?

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Check out www.jyamediaconsulting.com! If you are struggling with the pay, let me know and we can work something out.

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Rhonda Yates
over 6 months ago

To friend or not to friend

I have a personal policy that I do not friend anyone in Facebook with whom I currently work no matter if we are on the same level or not and no matter how good "work friends" we are. For me, it's easier to keep your work and personal lives separate. I do however have a business page they can "like ".

In my current office setting, I realize that my supervisor and co-worker have been working together a long time and they probably "friended" each other long before one became supervisor but when I have to listen to things like "I could tell how drunk you were from the pictures on Facebook " I just feel like it's unprofessional on too many levels to list.

I'm curious, have any companies out there initiated any policies that address this? What are your thoughts?


Carlene Headley
over 6 months ago

Social media.

Hello, Everyone I have over 15 years in retail and was recently terminated from my job. When I attend career workshops, I'm being told that recruiters and h.r. managers are more likely to look at your resume if you have a LinkedIn or Facebook profile. I chose to have neither. Is this hurting my chances to obtain employment??

L.J. Morgan
over 6 months ago

I'm getting Facebook friend request from co-workers at my new job... not sure if I want to accept!

I started a new job last week that I'm still not sure if it's a good fit for me yet. I've been receiving facebook friend request from some people in the department but I'm hesitant to accept in case I decide to quit this month. I think it's too soon to buddy up with anybody and I'm feeling pressured to respond.

Maddie A
over 6 months ago

Job Ready Tip #5: Sweep Your Social Media Profiles!

Ashley Wilson
Community Specialist
over 6 months ago

your Facebook account

Don’t let your Facebook profile stop you from getting a job! Employers are checking you out EVERYWHERE, social media included, so make sure to put your best Facebook forward.

Do a check in and make sure your account is #jobready by answering these questions!

1- Do you possess and/or showcase the qualifications you claim in your resume on your Facebook account? Start by filling out your “About” section! This is the chance to fill out the skills you possess in a summary much like the one in your resume.

2- Have you updated your work history and education? Keep things fresh and active!

3- Are you a good fit with the company’s corporate culture (you can find this info on the company’s page under their mission statement)? Your likes, shares, and posts all tell a story about your beliefs and values so think carefully before clicking away.

4- Do you have anything incriminating that would give them a reason not to hire you? Do you speak negatively about your boss and colleagues or make fun of past clients on your profile?

Looking for more tips? Check out the things to avoid on your social media accounts [here] (https://www.jobcase.com/conversations/4769ae73-8418-5d22-a281-69b328c174a6)

Lois Martin
over 6 months ago

The power in keeping private things private

Recently there have been several posts from Jobcasers dealing with job loss or the fear of being fired after taking a boss or co-worker into their confidence. In this era of social media it seems everyone is more and more open about their finances, relationships, political views, etc. But that is NOT wise --- and it is NOT healthy.

Guard your privacy. As you work alongside people it's natural to become friends with some. And that's great. Be cordial, be a friend, but always keep the relationship professional. Limit what you share and you'll be happier and better for it. So will your career.

Remember that -- first and foremost -- you are there to DO YOUR JOB.

Lois Martin
over 6 months ago
Carol Jordan
over 6 months ago


I am going to update my home page and would like to include a blog where others can post. Does anyone here have information about a free blog account? Thanks