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They said YOU were too old! ...but what do they know? This topic explores stories and advice for older workers struggling to get hired.
Rene Diaz
4 days ago

Ageism may be part of problem

I started applying since my termination in 2020. I’ve applied for nearly 55 opportunities and was only in 3 interviews without a chance or a response to the reasoning from the companies. This was attempted within 4 different companies.

Charles Kersten
3 months ago

Do not work for him

When asked for my wages due he insulted me. Lol. Very mature. Classy. #ageism

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marilyn miles

IT IS GOING TO GET REAL CRAZEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE...... I guess those of us over 50 are considered non person??? So when it comes to employment/jobs we have to be glad to have the jobs that no one else wants.... BUT there may be real crazeeeee stuff about to hit. Seniors living in Vegas find it hard to provide roof over their heads because the rent is so high now. Getting food is hard, because of the harassments from the food stamp people. BUT taking it out on seniors is not going to work......GOD does not like ugliness..........

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Thomas Bandford

Lol ! This is so laughable. I fix all my problems but doing my own businesses. No need for a boss, control over my life, make as much as I chose. What’s the problem?

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Paul Baker
Community Specialist
25 days ago

Ageism and discrimination? It's real. So what are your stories and solutions?

Age discrimination is a problem. New findings reveal ageism persists in the workplace, and more working women than men experience ageism. It’s gotten so bad, the House of Representatives passed a bill to protect older Americans in just the last week.

What are your stories, experiences, and how can we find new solutions to this problem? #ageism #motivation

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Grecia Hill

I agree no birthdate require

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I had to walk away from a ten year career in home health I was tired of being discriminated because of age and race If I could record those conversations they would be in question I have been gas lighted more times then I can count i am not believed or valued I look younger then my years so when they figure i am older then its applied I cant keep up or I cant do the job or I cant handle the responsibilities because they are out college and I passed we are older forgotten treated with no respect we have no voice we are not seen we are just forgotten its better to walk away from a system that is broken we are left to retire and be seen anymore we are pushed out and pushed way We have the wisdom and knowledge but we are just seen as old which to me age should be full of grace

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Kathy Robello
2 months ago

Too Old to Get a Job!!!!

After years of looking for a job I've finally decided I think I need to give up. I apply and it's like my application goes into the ozone never to be seen again, I never get the courtesy of a response, even if it would be 'your too old' (which I know they cannot tell you if that is the reason). Any other older job seekers feel this way?? You know the old saying 'misery loves company'.

Robert Edwards
about 1 month ago

Most will say age is not a barrier when it is.

Its hard to say in words how I'm feeling about the job market. Most will say Age is not a barrier when it is. If you are a older person trying to find work it seems companies do the "Over Qualified" line to avoid saying they age discriminate or you have to many medical issues. It would seem since this covid pandemic they say its hard to get people to come back to work. If this is the case why is it that I , as someone that wants to work is finding it hard to become employed. Sounds rather odd if you ask me !! #unemployment #coronavirus #beenwondering #ageism

Elsy Cantillo-Post
30 days ago

Reply to the person who is considered too old to get a job.

I would tell that person not to give up. Don't use an employment agency. Look for a job,yourself.Make people get to know you.Show what sets you apart from the rest. I started all over again at 61, and Im very happy,with this new beginning.

Laura Peil
11 days ago

ISO a #workfromhome position for an experienced MLIS at/around $75k/yr #workfromhome # #ageism

James Bradshaw
about 2 months ago


In this day and age, let me tell you, ageism is STILL A THING. Although it is supposedly "against the law", apparently it is not a law the "Equal Rights" people want to enforce. I know this topic has more than likely been touched on again & again in this community, but I am touching on it again because I feel I am being "aged out" of the work force. Since I lost my job in Febuary of this year, I would most certainly bet that I have over a thousand applications between Indeed, Linked in, & other online services, this one included. I am 54 years old, still young, to ME, & I have so much I can still bring to the table: for example....USMC vet (1980s), cook, construction worker, forklift operator, handyman, lawn mower, pipefitter...and the list goes on. I fill out applications day in & day out, but in the end its all in vain, it feels to me. I always, as I have been taught by my folks, to "make my light shine", & put my best abilities down on paper....but in the end, its been the same old story...."Sorry, but you're not really what we are looking for." Which, to ME, is an answer a labor lawyer came up with which is a legal loophole around ageism. Is anyone else fighting this ageism problem as well? And it stumps me to no end....ESPECIALLY when I see employers on TV news now lamenting "We can't get people hired because they want to stay home & collect 300$ a week government money" Well...employers....what about THOSE OF US WHO WANT TO WORK????!!" WHY NOT HIRE US?????? I would like to hear from people "aged out"....AND...employers that way there's 2 sides to the story.

Lance Kuznitz
23 days ago

I'm 56 years old. I was a chef for 32 years. Now I'm being told I'm over qualified. I live in Texas, and I'm getting offers from other states. I'm not moving for a job. How can someone be over qualified? #ageism