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Ashley Wilson
Community Specialist
about 1 month ago

Time to follow-up!

If you attended a job fair or had an interview within the last 1-3 days it's time to follow up!

Doing so lets the employer know you are serious, reminds them of who you are (they met a lot of people), your qualifications, and keeps the hiring process moving along.

So let’s take a look at how following up works:

- When

Send your follow-up at least 1-3 business days after the event.

- Who

Don't just reach out to anyone, makes sure it's the right person! Whether you jotted down the employer’s email address in a notebook, found it on the website, or have a business card it's important to directly contact the person you spoke to or the hiring manager. By sending it to an individual (and make sure to address it to them) you will avoid your follow-up being lost in the shuffle.

- How

You can follow up with a call, email, or thank you card. Email is typically suggested as it’s instant and will give you the proper amount of time to gather your thoughts. However, there is also something wonderfully personal about receiving a handwritten note if you can send it quickly and have one on hand!

- What

Make sure it’s personal. Remember that employers have likely met and spoken to MANY candidates so it’s unlikely they will automatically remember you right off the bat. If you had a good conversation during the interview, make note of something you discussed and mention it in your follow-up.

Perhaps you both went to a certain college or own black labs. It’s all about forging #connections! Be sure to explain how excited you would be to work for them. Mention the main reasons why you would be the right person for the job by emphasizing your strengths and capabilities while demonstrating that you are a great fit. Keep it short and straight to the point.

A follow-up is a great way to include those final things you may have neglected to mention at the job fair so make sure not to forget to take the time to do so.

Do you usually follow-up after an interview or job fair?

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Saundra Williams

Thank you, Sandie

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Sharon Robinson

Sit up straight and we give the interview er eye to eye contact.

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Newdawn Cummin
21 days ago

New in town

Just moved to Las Vegas and it’s very different from where I’m from. I’ve interviewed plenty in the past few weeks but haven’t landed gainful employment. I’m a 20 year experienced waitress with diversity from working second jobs in various fields from security or janitorial to home health assistant or administrative assistant. Any advice or leads are gratefully appreciated! #relocation #hiring #lasvegas #help #advice #tips #resturants

Ashley Wilson
Community Specialist
19 days ago

How to calm those interview/job fair nerves!!

Does the thought of an interview or job fair make your palms sweat?

Don’t worry, before an interview or big hiring event it is 100% normal to feel a little anxious. Here are some tips to help you keep calm!

Don’t forget to breathe!

Speaking to an employer can feel like a high-pressure situation, but it is important to take a breath and collect yourself when you are feeling nervous. When you are asked a question and you feel yourself blanking, it’s ok! Just take a breath and pause for a moment. To you, it will feel like a LONG time, but in actuality, it will be just a few seconds. Sometimes those few seconds are all you need to clear your head and refocus!

Prepare for outside forces

Things like weather, traffic, and other delays can cause our nerves to SKY rocket. Avoid them by leaving EARLY and planning your route. Check out Google maps a few days prior and see how long it will take to arrive at that location. If you’re driving get gas the night before, if you are taking the train or bus have your pass with you or money ready to buy a ticket/pass. Be sure to check the weather too to see if you need an umbrella so you are comfortable and stay dry by the time you arrive!

Pack the important things

Don’t forget to bring a small notebook and pen to jot things down. You will want to review your notes when you get home so everything isn’t a blur! Also, be sure to bring 40-50 copies of your resume as well as a business card if you do have them. Tuck these into a folder or bag that is easy to access It’s always best when you are prepared and ready to go so you aren’t stressed that you forgot something or scrambling at the last minute.

Present yourself in the best ways possible

Think about how you would ideally want to present yourself as well as how you want your personality to come across to your interviewer. They are meeting you for the first time, so think about how you will come across. Practice answering questions in the mirror or record your responses and play them back. How do you sound? By prepping ahead of time and planning what you want to say, it will help build your confidence. Don't forget to smile, sit/stand up straight, listen, respond, and maintain good eye contact.

Remember to keep calm and introduce yourself to the employers with a firm handshake and SMILE. Give them a good vibe! Don't forget, they are human JUST like you and have been in your shoes. They will not only understand, but they will expect you to be a bit nervous.

How do YOU stay calm during a high-stress situation?

#interview #ULEM #jobfair #jobsearch #tips

Ashley Wilson
Community Specialist
29 days ago

How to tell YOUR story during an interview!

Interviews are a great time to share your traits with employers, but instead of saying, "I am a people person", "hard worker," etc. include those details in a story and provide examples to WOW them!


  • Prepare 3 or 5 stories in advance by mapping out exactly what you want to share and what you want the employer to know about you
  • When you mention a trait back it up with a specific example and prove it!
  • Don't ramble, keep it short and to the point

Let’s take a look at some examples:

1- How you overcame a challenge

Every job has had things that challenged us, but by discussing how you faced and overcame them employers will recognize that you are the type of person who gets the job done. They will also see that you know how to utilize resources to the best of your advantage. So, tell them about a time when something stood in your way and how you were able to overcome it and succeed.

2- A time you worked with a team

Remember your elementary report card when you were graded on how you interacted with your classmates? Well, today employers are looking for that same quality, that you work well with others. They need to know that you will fit in well with the current team and that you can work together to accomplish common goals. So tell them about a time you worked well with others. For example, maybe it was when your team finished a challenging project or you all came together to help a customer. Just remember to show how you worked well with others.

3- When you solved a problem

No company out there is perfect and has problems that need addressing. Rather than telling the employer, you are a “problem solver,” provide examples to back up how you solved specific issues. This will get their wheels turning about how you can solve THEIR problems and propel the company forward! HUGE bonus points if you can match how you solved problems to the ones that the company is currently facing!

Remember when sharing a story, be specific and back it up with examples to make yourself shine.

Comment below with any questions!

#interview #jobsearch #tips #workfromhome #ULEM

Carmella Price
over 6 months ago

Create Our Own business

To all seekers including myself. When you can find a Job, how about us creating a job, a business, our own business. Let's find someone with the qualifying skills that will enrich and or add to what we or you have and get a building and make people come to you. Create our own business. As you and I drive around and go in and out of businesses doing what we do, lets find away to bring out the best in ourselves and become business owners. Via a consulting firm, an Administrator where people hire you to do their work. Serena Fortenberry with all the years of work, maybe, just maybe you can open a client, something.....Powerful minds out there, right here. Dream and Dream big, this is America, build your name, your business, your company, your corporation, your LLC.. Can we do this? I can!... this is how I AM SEEING IT NOW. Change your thinking from Employee to Employer. Some of you have already been thinking like this, and have started, completed.. Some of you have been told, so Just Do it. Whose stopping you? Write your business plan, if you don't know how ask. Search. Help is out there for all of us..Faith without works is dead. Believe in yourself. I believe in you.

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Tasha Leggett

Only thing I need to worry for is ur uniform hair and body goods that's it and a smile for every customer

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Madison Kline

@Tasha Legget I actually just had a job at McDonald’s and I was there for two years and learned nearly everything as well as trained 4 people on lot and drinks

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Elyssa Duncan
Community Specialist
over 6 months ago

The aftermath of COVID: What worries you?

Around the world, governments are beginning to explore ways to safely re-open the economy. As a result, people are preparing to head back to work.

As we start to take steps towards bringing normalcy back to our lives post-Coronavirus, what is concerning YOU as you either A) enter back into the workforce or B) resume your job search?

Sean Michael Gallagher
26 days ago

Lead for work

I'm also got on unemployment for having covid. And they threw me in adjudication 4 weeks into my benefits. It's still being reviewed by a adjudicator 5weeks later. God bless there heart! #help express employment service in Racine have a lot of work if you are in the Wisconsin area Kenosha /Racine . #hiring #advice #networking #tips #motivation