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Antoinette Gahagan
4 months ago

How are we to repay overpayment when seeking for the help inquiry of asstnc from twc unemployment? When clearly how are we to know what program not to be eligible for when seeking the help??as soon as you have endurance finally of some type of relief "literally" of getting the results of ceasing some things to keep up our livelihood they tell u in end our souls are being re snatched with the same thing that got us here!!#pandemenic #covid19 #allllll lives matter!!!!helpppp if this is..not enough endurance of pressure !oh but#god will take this wheel..godbless whats to become of one's own as well as the power of God! #stressful #mythoughts #government #policy #hiringnews

Muhammad Shoaib Riaz
4 months ago

What is the update on covid vaccine? Should we get it or not?

#question #vaccine #covid19

Karin Lash
over 6 months ago

Making sure all workers are cared for....

Thrilled to see #Microsoft walking the walk and taking care of their hourly support staff, many of who are contracted via vendor partners and not even direct Microsoft employees. Service and support workers are often beloved individually (who doesn't love the barista that makes your latte just right or the sandwich maker who cuts a perfect triangle for you) but invisible en masse. Especially important in cities where cost of living is already brutally high for many - Seattle and the Puget Sound area fit that bill. I hope others who are shuttering campuses consider these kind of actions. https://blogs.microsoft.com/on-the-issues/2020/03/05/covid-19-microsoft-hourly-workers/ #covid19 #workfromhome #walkthewalk

Kyle Mola
over 6 months ago

Working from home / COVID-19

Hey everyone!

Has your company prepared you to work from home for extended periods of time? I've read about a lot of companies who are trying to prepare for a situation in which they close the office. My company has been really on top of it, sending us updates and keeping us aware of the growing situation, setting up hand sanitizing stations, and cleaning the office more regularly. It's made me feel better to know that my company cares about our state of mind in these anxious times. How are you all feeling about working from home and COVID-19? #workfromhome #coronavirus #covid19

Lenin Pina
Community Specialist
5 months ago

Boulder Schools is Hiring Classroom Monitors, ($15 p/hr)

Boulder Valley , CO - The Boulder Valley School District is looking to hire about 250 Classroom Monitors, five per school, to help keep schools staffed and open during quarantines.

“We are focused on bringing our students back as quickly as we possibly can." - Margaret Crespo, BVSD Superintendent

The Classroom Monitors will supervise age-appropriate educational activities for students as directed by the classroom teacher; provide direction, guidance and assistance to students keeping them on task; ensure student safety and security; communicate with parents, staff, teachers, and support students as they move through their daily learning schedule.

Job Responsibilities Include:

  • Enforce health and safety requirements including students' mask use and social distancing
  • Supervise students as they enter and exit the classroom, student use of restroom facilities, escort them to the library, gym, cafeteria, and playground. Follow dismissal procedures.
  • Correspond with the classroom teacher, parents, and school administration as needed.
  • Follow instructional schedule set by virtual classroom teachers. Supervise students in educational and enrichment activities. Keep the classroom environment respectful and conducive to learning.
  • Provide positive behavior support to students as needed. Communicate behavioral concerns to classroom teacher and administration.
  • Provide technical assistance to students while they are engaged in virtual instruction.
  • Perform other duties as assigned

Required Job Qualifications:

  • High School Diploma or equivalent
  • Completed and submitted BVSD online application
  • Communicate (read, write, and speak) in English

Preferred Job Qualifications:

  • Experience working with school aged children.

Application and Selection Procedure:

  • Apply on-line at http://bvsd.org
  • If you do not have internet access, a computer is available in the Human Resources Division, Education Center, 6500 E. Arapahoe, Boulder, Colorado.
  • Applications are reviewed to match candidates with position qualifications, with a limited number selected for interviews.
  • For the final selection, employment is contingent upon successful completion of the post-offer screening process, including a background check and possible medical examination.

Click here to start your online application for the Boulder Valley Classroom Monitor position.

#classroommonitor #hiringnews #jobsearch #covid19 #education #Colorado

Lenin Pina
Community Specialist
5 months ago

1200+ entry level warehouse positions available!

These jobs will play a critical role for our country as McKesson, in partnership with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, prepares for the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines once authorized or approved by the FDA and recommended by CDC.

Independent staffing services companies are hiring warehouse workers to support projects in the locations below.

  • Manteno, IL - Earn up to $24.07/hour
  • Groveport, OH - Earn up to $22.83/hour
  • Harrisburg, PA - Earn up to $23.03/hour
  • Olive Branch, MS - Earn up to $18.22/hour
  • Louisville, KY - Earn up to $20.12/hour

McKesson values the work that you do and are seeking individuals who will help cultivate an environment of integrity, respect, accountability, collaboration and a customer-first mindset.

Immediate opportunities available for more than 1200+ warehouse positions for Material Handlers and Machine Operators.

Click here for more job details and submit your online job application today for immediate employment consideration.

#McKesson #hiringnews #jobsearch #warehouse #covid19 #materialhandler

Bram Oosten
over 6 months ago

Can packages from China contain Coronavirus?

If you work in a warehouse you might be concerned about being at higher risk of contracting Coronavirus... just wanted to share the guidance from the CDC but the gist is that the risk of transmission from shipments from China is basically zero due to the environment the virus needs to survive.

The CDC says: "Currently there is no evidence to support transmission of COVID-19 associated with imported goods and there have not been any cases of COVID-19 in the United States associated with imported goods."

Keep on washing your hands, don't touch your face, and if you have to cough make sure to do it in your elbow but you can feel a little safer knowing there's no chance of catching it handling goods from overseas!

#coronavirus #warehouselogistics #covid19

Laura Turner
over 6 months ago

Side gig opportunities - ideas wanted! 💡

A friend of mine developed an app to connect hospitality event staff with side gigs. Given the current social distancing practices there aren’t any/many events taking place.

She is looking for ideas to repurpose the app to provide other types of side gig work opportunities.

If you have 45 seconds please take her short 3 question survey!

#coronavirus #covid19 #sidegigs #gigwork #jobs #interview


Michelle Lovell
over 6 months ago


Housekeepers Needed: 12/hr. Commerce, Novi, Waterford, Detroit, Mt.Clemens. Updated Tb test needed. All shifts. Immediate starts! #newopportunity #covid19 #worknow

Ashley Rivero
over 6 months ago

help understanding what my claim amount is saying ?

hi can anyone tell me why it says $10580? Literally it just changed from yesterday checking this to now i just checked and all the amounts are here, it said $0 and benefits not payable, now i have this but the math is incorrect, as $230 plus $600(pua) plus additional weeks not including the new pua if that passes or not i am unsure but i have as you all can see been waiting since march and literally struggling so bad. my car just went so i feel good finally it is complete not that i received money yet but why is it saying only $10,580 because i get i forget exact but like $18/$19 thousand...? #coronavirus #advice #covid #covid19 #benefits #pandemic #newjersey