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Paul Roe
about 1 year ago

"The Job Hunt Game"

To make the story short, I will be brief on the introduction: I was working as a Facility Coordinator, and I loved it. I got this Facility through a year long transition. The day I confirmed it was complete, my boss flew up to my location and relieved me of my assignment. I've recieved nothing but the highest of praises. I did accidentally break the email chain a few times, but who doesn't? Particularly when policy changes every week.. Any way, now I'm on the job hunt. I landed one already, but I had to turn it down after they offered me half of the listing salary. I now have an interview on Saturday for a good position in a drink manufacturing facility. Also, I received an offer through email for a high position at a Crypto Currency firm. I'm ecstatic and very hopeful that one, if not both of these opportunities are obtainable. I'm excellent at interviews, and I always pull my weight. I've been going through this losing my job at "no fault of my own" maze for a decade now. I'm over it, and ready to get established. Please pray for me! Thanks everyone for reading my post.

Nathaniel Gaines
almost 3 years ago

Kind gestures can open doors

I work in an auto shop and a customer came to drop off his vintage Porsche. As he was talking to my boss I heard him say it broke down while he was appraising a property. I've been super into real estate for a while, but I don't have my license. I knew he was going to need a ride home so rather than having him call a cab, I jumped in and offered him a ride. On the drive over I told him I'd love to get a realtor's license but I still want to learn a bit more before I start. He got very excited and said to come by his office and gave me the address. I was pretty happy about that, but figured he was just being kind. When I dropped him off and helped him get his stuff out of the car he asked me for my full name and said, Don't forget, please come by my office! I haven't been this excited in a VERY long time over a job, I'm going to get my hair cut soon and head over first thing tomorrow!

McKenna Everett
12 months ago

Searching In Phoenix!

Hello everyone! I am currently searching for an immediate clerical opening in the Phoenix area. My previous position was full time at $19/hr. I am searching for something comparable to that in preferably Mesa, Gilbert, Tempe, Chandler or Scottsdale. Please help a girl out if you know of anything! God Bless. #help #phoenix #arizona #tempe #OfficeAssistant #AdministrativeAssistant #fulltime #permanent #mesa #scottsdale #chandler #jobsearch #sos #newfriends #gilbert #eastvalley #hopeful #clerical #contact