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Greg Osgood
4 days ago

Life after retail - what are the best options?

Hi everyone, thanks in advance for the advice...

I''m a seasoned retail and sales professional with 15 years experience. I am good at what I do, and though I do enjoy it immensely, I am ready for a change. 💪

I have a passion for outdoor living and almost all of my experience focuses around that. Any advice for what I should do next?? Open to all ideas!

#advice #retail #careerchange #whatsnext

Eleana Bowman
Community Specialist
4 months ago

Have you recently quit, switched jobs or started looking for new work?

What motivated you to make that switch??

A) There are jobs with better pay available now
B) I'm looking for better benefits
C) I want to try something completely different
D) I want to get more training/education
E) I want to find an employer who values the same things I do
F) I need more predictable scheduling
G) Other (please share in the comments below)

#watercooler #shareyourthoughts #careerchange #jobsearch #motivation #jobhunt

Sean Orlando Johnson
11 days ago

Hello! My name is Sean, I live in the Orlando area and I am looking for a Job change.

I have over 15 years experience in Labor organizing, Community activism, Office, Assistant Managing, Political campaigning and a Associates degree in Culinary. I couldn't start to tell you how I went from Culinary to all of the other things mentioned, but it started because my Executive Chef at the time saw my leadership in the kitchen ( I was a Chef Assistant) and I introduced me to some friends of his in Labor and I never looked back.

I love helping others, I know it is my call and purpose on this Earth, so I am looking to fly higher! #management #interview #careerchange

Kathleen Gladstone
2 months ago

I am burned out at my job and will be 60 in 8 months. I can't quit without another job but I have no idea where to start. I don't want a career just a good paying job. Yikes! #jobsearch #advice #careerchange

Jennifer Smith
22 days ago

Former ELA Educator Career Change

How can I qualify for a job as a content writer, a copywriter, or an editor? Any other ideas on careers that could work? #careerchange #advice #workfromhome

Kim Wyckoff
24 days ago

I have in the medical field for 28 years. I have been a medical assistant, scheduler, front desk clerk, worked closely with the doctors. It is time to change careers and I would love to work from home. #jobsearch #healthcare #workfromhome #careerchange

Tricia Hendrix
Community Specialist
about 1 month ago

100% Remote jobs hiring right now!

The customer service and technical support industries are BOOMING with entry-level work from home job opportunities right now.

The best new remote jobs being created to fill these in-demand job roles offer competitive starting pay, comprehensive benefits and extensive new hire training to help transition and empower you to perform in your new role at the highest level.

Below, we identified 5 new remote hiring opportunities within well-established US companies who are currently hiring throughout the country.

For more job details and application instructions ’click’ on the company/job title links below. Doing this will give you instant access to the company career page where you can explore more and apply.

Please note that these jobs are entry-level which means anyone with 6 months to 2 year of service related, (retail, customer service, food service, sales, administration, education, healthcare, etc.), is eligible to apply. For mid to high-level remote job leads and hiring opportunities please visit our #workfromhome topic page.

Now Hiring!

ADT Security - hiring Remote Workers within various roles including (Customer Service, Retention, Alarm Monitoring, Appointment Scheduler, Sales and other service and support areas). The average pay rate for these job roles is $17/hr

Progressive Insurance - hiring Customer Service & Sales within select US locations. The average pay rate for these job roles is $18/hr

Olo: Customer Support Phone Specialist - as a Phone Specialist, you will assess and address phone calls with customer support requests. The average pay rate for this position is $20/hr

Verizon: Customer Service Representative - as a Customer Service Representative, you’ll be a problem solver, salesperson, troubleshooter, billing expert and more. The average pay rate for this position is $19/hr

AMEX: Virtual Customer Care Professional - service inbound calls while engaging and consulting with small business owners and decision makers. Average pay rate for this position is $21.54/hr

Other Work From Home Jobs for Beginners:

Sykes - Work From Home






Application Strategy Suggestions:

For BETTER success, take a look at the related remote job search and employment information on our Work From Home Resource Center. There you will find helpful remote job search and hiring strategies like 5 Tips you can use to get past an ATS which is an essential step if you're seriously interested in landing a remote job opportunity.

When you’re ready to apply, make sure you use an optimized resume with your online applications.

  • Doing this will boost your online application rating and significantly increase your chances of getting hired.

Start here and connect right back with us on this post if you have any questions.

Looking for other remote joh opportunities that better match your skills and salary preferences?

  • Go to the Jobcase Community and start a conversation. Be specific with your job preferences and take a moment to upload your resume so we can better match you with job leads and remote hiring opportunities that fit your goals.

Thanks & Good Luck!

#workfromhome #jobsearch #hiringnews #fulltime #entrylevel #retail #customerservice #foodservice #sales #careerchange #NationWideUSA

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Lawrence White

Hi @Milda Juskaityte , the employment outlook for Receptionists and Office Support jobs looks really good according to the US department of labor. These roles require strong communication, service and technical (computer skills) that you can easily transition from your years or retail management experience. The key is how you're able to highlight your related skills on your resume and talk about them during the interview.

Resume optimization is one way you can easily accomplish this, see @Heath Alva quick read Best administrative assistant resume examples to get you hired in 2021.

You can find local and FREE one on one help with this at your local career resource center. Go to the US Department of Labor's CareerOneStop and use the search function to find a career resource center in you area and call to schedule an appointment. Call your local office and book a Free consultation with a professional career navigator. During this 1 hour session you will learn how to create an optimized resume that's goin to get you better online application results.

  • Remember, doing this will significantly improve your application rating and increase your probability to get called in for an interview.

You can also maximize your hiring potential for this and other job opportunities by following these quick and easy online application strategies, see Jobcase app: profile tips to get hired for more information.

For job leads and hiring opportunities in office roles connect with @Debra Christal . Debra is a national recruiter that works with some of the nations most reputable employers. Use her name link above to send her a message and forward over your new resume for review. She should be able to share some local hiring options as well as job search tips to help you land the right job.

Start off with these suggestions and reach right back with us on this post if you have any questions, okay.


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K. Ann Cromwell

The skill set you have is customer service based. Receptionists positions want good communication skills. You are more than qualified to be a Receptionist. I don't know about your administrative skills, but you can learn those as a Receptionist. I would hire you based on your previous employment. I recommend playing up those people skills as well as leadership as a Manager. You got this! Just play it up.

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Idatrice Brown

Something your familiar with , things you have experience in like past or recent jobs ...

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Cody Reynolds

That retorical? Personally knowing thats what I set my foundations standardas on "good." I would b looking 4 my name...

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