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Marilyn Wiebusch
1 day ago

What made me stay at #I haven't worked in 20+ years was

I miss working but the job I worked for many years began to overwhelm me. I liked to do my best but the job duties got to be so numerous that I began to feel as though I wasn’t putting out my best work. If you aren’t doing what you’re proud of and some began to fall behind, it was time to move on. #termination #management #health #stressful

Anthony J. Buckley
3 days ago

One capability is proving its potential to transform the way #Soldiers communicate & access new tech inside vehicles during the Army’s annual network modernization experimentation event.

I work as a Brigadier General U.S Army NATO Brigade #stressful #motivation #wordsofadvice #foodservices #application #management

Heath Alva
5 days ago

Have you ever felt appreciated at work?

Maybe it was some kind words from a manager, a spot bonus or something as simple as a thank you for your effort.

When was the last time you felt appreciated at work? #management #aboutmyjob

Neal Rogers
over 6 months ago


My boss has said things about my age over the last year but I never wrote them down. I probably should have because it would be his word against mine if I ever decided to go to HR. I am 64

Zied Jemai
13 days ago
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Zied Jemai

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Corey Vymislicky
13 days ago

The best part about working at the YMCA is getting to know some of the members and talking with them. It feels good when they thank you for doing such a good job with your duties and keeping the place well maintained and comfortable. It's refreshing to hear and gives you encouragement throughout the days or weeks. Can't forget the staff also ! It makes a huge difference in the people you work with and for.. Believe me. #Influenced #wordsofadvice #motivation #management

Lawrence White
Community Specialist
about 1 month ago

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Lawrence White
Community Specialist
2 months ago

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