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Lawrence White
Community Specialist
5 days ago

Do you know anyone who works at Pilot Flying J Travel Centers?

Pilot Flying J Travel Centers National Hiring Day is happening Tuesday, April 27. Connect with people you know or with Pilot employees in this community to get more information about working at Pilot Company locations and ask for a personal referral.

Pilot Flying J Travel Centers National Hiring Day, Tuesday, April 27. Get all the hiring event details and apply online today at Pilot Flying J Travel Centers National Hiring Day

Job Openings Include:

  • Retail Hourly positions - Store team member opportunities include cashiers, food services, facility services and other positions at Pilot Flying J and other travel center locations across the U.S. These team members provide our guests with fast and friendly service while maintaining inventory and store appearance.

  • Leadership positions - The company’s retail leadership positions oversee high-volume retail facilities and offer competitive pay with excellent benefits. Travel center general managers and service leaders are crucial to achieving business objectives and to ensuring a great experience for team members and guests.

  • Professional Drivers - Pilot Company’s fuel transport, DEF and crude oil transport drivers are home more often and proud of the work they do. The company is hiring more than 300 professional drivers for company and independent contractor positions across the country.

  • Corporate Support Center - At its headquarters in Knoxville, Tennessee, and at offices located in Houston, Dallas and Denver, Pilot Company seeks 100 dedicated and talented team members in a number of departments, including technology, supply and distribution, inside sales, human resources and finance.

Unable to attend this National Hiring Day Event? Apply online anyway!

Also, boost your job search results and hiring potential with these online brand-building tips offered in Elyssa's article, Jobcase app: profile tips to get hired.

Start here and reach right back out to us on this post if you have any questions. Thanks

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Lawrence White
Community Specialist
6 days ago

These companies are looking to hire tens of thousands of workers!!

Top national employers are struggling to attract new workers to take on thousands of new job opportunities right now.

“These employers are clearly anticipating a huge surge in demand through the summer, through the end of the year, as people start to feel safe.” - Andy Challenger, senior vice president at the Challenger, Gray & Christmas outplacement firm

Take a look at the list of companies who are currently hiring and use the links included to learn more about new, local, and immediate hiring options.

Dollar General - full and part-time retail and distribution/warehouse jobs.

IHOP - hiring Cooks, Hosts, Servers, Cashier, and more!

Taco Bell - job opportunities include, team members, shift supervisors, and restaurant managers.

McDonald's - full and part-time jobs include team members, cooks, supervisors, shift leads, and management.

Interested? Follow these steps to help Boost your hiring potential!

Build your profile - upload your resume or use the or use the resume builder option to create your new optimized resume.

  • Make sure you include your profile picture to ensure you drive more hiring manager interests to your potential and attract more member/employer connections in the community. See How to pick the right profile picture on Jobcase to learn how you can upload a profile pic that fits the image you want to present to employers.

Apply Online - use your jobcase profile to instantly export all your application information for the job(s) you want and successfully submit your online job application.

Connect with your Network - Old connections are vital to your network!** Find out who you should reconnect with and how to rekindle those contacts to grow your career in this quick read Bring your old connections back to life!

That's it, now you are ready to get Hired!

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Lawrence White
Community Specialist
6 days ago

Become a Member of the Intuit Talent Community!

Become a member of the Intuit Talent Community and enjoy exclusive benefits:


  • Get the latest Intuit news specific to your field and interests

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  • Real-time information about our hottest open roles

Sign-Up today at Intuit Talent Community!

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Gypsy Parker
over 6 months ago

Offered a job then told i dont have it

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Lawrence White
Community Specialist
8 days ago

Warehouse Hiring Spree at Aldi!

Aldi is looking for skilled and ambitious job seekers to take on new Warehouse Associate and leadership roles throughout their US distribution locations.

Full, Part-time, and Seasonal Warehouse job options are now available! Start your hiring process today at Aldi - Warehouse Hiring Spree

As an Aldi Warehouse team, you’ll have the opportunity to work in a physical, fast-paced environment that’s focused on safety.

You’ll make sure that our products are properly received, selected and prepared for delivery to our ever-growing number of customers.

Most importantly, you’ll work with a great group of people to keep ALDI stores around the country stocked full of our products.

To prepare you for this important role, you’ll receive comprehensive training, a steady work schedule, competitive pay and benefits.

Ready to apply? Go to Aldi - Warehouse Hiring Spree and search for local job opportunities today!

#Aldi #hiringnews #jobsearch #warehouse #management #retail #grocery #nationWideUSA

Michael Nickles
over 6 months ago

Terminated by Wal-Mart

I worked for Walmart off and on for 25 years this last time was for 17 years. They told me I was terminated because I made to many mistakes, first they told me I was to slow and couldn't keep up, I pointed out to them before they promoted me to management, I was going to be slow because I was handicapped (I only have one hand) but I kept my head down and did my work the man you promoted me said I was exactly what he was looking for. Thru the years he left the company and a new GTM came in. After pointing this out They changed their tune to I was making to many mistake but still they kept me dispatching 3 D'C'S (distribution centers) when a lot of people where dispatching 1 or 2 DC's there were a lot of times 2 people were dispatching 1 DC. At first they started accusing me of things I didn't do. I was on vacation and they said they tried calling me in for coverage, I was out of town and I told them I would be out of town I had family coming up to visit me and I would be out of town also I wasn't next in line to do coverage two other people were ahead of me on of the person that was ahead of me said they never called him to come in. Also I have document to back a lot of this up, and also I have tape recording of them falsely accusing me of thing I didn't do. I used their open door and when they terminated me I asked the HR manager what every became of the open door issues no one every got back with me, she told me they couldn't find any reason to allow it so they threw it out without even telling me. I went to a lawyer and he said they couldn't use the tapes in court because it was done with out their permission also he wanted $460.00 an hour which I couldn't afford. So I gave up taking it any further. This all happen in May of 2014 I suppose it's to late to do something about it now. I was 7 months away from turning 66 I thing that might have been one of the real reason they terminated me. Since then I have applied over 200 places to get a job and been refused. I sure they were behind that to. #Walmart is all about politics.

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Shayna Resnick

Know about company

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jack pearcey
15 days ago

I did not stay. General Manager had a habit of throwing employees under the bus. No write ups on record. Upper management did not investigate. Just took General managers word. On a good note he is no longer there. #coworkers #Ish #leadership #termination #discrimination #management #bad management

Lawrence White
Community Specialist
16 days ago

More than 12,000 permanent full-time and part-time positions NOW available!

Firehouse Subs is hosting its first-ever national recruitment event this week from April 6 through April 8. Event hours will be from 2p - 5p, (local time) throughout all 1,130+ Firehouse Subs US locations

Stop by your local restaurant for an on-the-spot interview or apply online at Firehouse Subs - National Hiring Events

Open positions include:

  • Crew Member
  • Management
  • Week-days, night, & weekend shift available!

Attention #Teens! Looking for a summer job? The minimum hiring age at Firehouse Subs is 16! Search for local job opportunities and apply online today at Firehouse Subs - National Hiring Events

#FireHouseSubs #hiringnews #hjobsearch #fulltime #parttime #teammember #management #NationWideUSA #teens #2021SummerJobs

Stephanie K
over 6 months ago

Making Lateral Moves...

A lateral move in your company/career makes sense when a promotion is not an option but could end up being the best move you can make.

Sometimes your career does not move forward. Perhaps, you are ready for the promotion but there's no opening at your company, and you have not succeeded in making the move to someplace else.

This is where lateral moves come into play. Something that many people are wary of doing. It can feel like a failure or just a change for change's sake. But such a move doesn't mean it's a bad thing, it can reignite your career and put you back on the path to where you want to go.

YOU CAN LEARN NEW SKILLS - Maybe you're a manager who wants to move to a director role. If you get the opportunity to move within the manager level where you'll be gaining new skills. This is an excellent way to make yourself more attractive to fill in the director role position someday.

YOUR NEW COMPANY HAS MORE OPPORTUNITIES - Say you feel you deserve a promotion but your company has no opening. Your boss may offer you a raise and a somewhat change in title ( adding senior to your title) but that does not change the fact that your path is BLOCKED. So what to do now? This is where it would be reasonable to make a lateral move to a bigger company where you can expect to have more promotion opportunities.

YOUR NEW COMPANY REALLY WANTS YOU- Your current employer takes you for granted. Even worse, the company may be happy with you but won't consider that you may want more out of your career. If a new company courts you with more money and more respect, it's reasonable to make a lateral move. From my personal experience, being respected and valued is important but it's never to make a move out of spite, you're only human to want to go someplace that really wants you.

THINK OF YOUR CAREER - While the title, salary and benefits may be the same, that does not mean a lateral move isn't advancing your career. As I mentioned above, you could learn new skills that would prepare you for promotion from manager to director. So when you want to make a move - providing an answer such as - I made the move so I could add customer relations to my skill set.

Lateral moves can push your career forward. You just need to plan and to understand why you're doing what you're doing.