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Hey Delaware! Find jobs, post jobs, and get local info related to your state here
Trina Wilson
14 days ago

Looking for an Administrator for my childcare center, must be D.O.E certified. #delaware

Gregorio Smith
11 months ago

I'm a laid off Machinist still looking for work.

I'm just giving a little update on my job search so far. Since the last time I posted on here I've had 4 interviews. I'm just waiting for some feedback from 3 of them. One of them wanted to hire me on the spot for far less than I was making previously from my other job. I'm willing to take a little pay cut to prove my skills and work ethics. But this was literally embarrasing to me with my many skills and what I have to bring to the table. They offered me $43,000 to start, I was making $60,000 + at my last job. I ask the interviewers is there any room for negotiations. They ask me what would I suggest and I told them $52,000. One of the interviewers quickly said "we don't have some engineers and supervisors making that kind of money". I said "I have a lot to bring to the table" and everyone agreed. They told me the max the would go is $45,000. I told them let me think about it. That was 4/2/2020. I know I need to work and bring money into my household to keep the roof over my head and food on my table. But there is several thing I know I have working for me in my life is my wife of 32 yrs and the back up plans we've created over the yrs for times like this. I want to really go back to work but I'm not going to be handled like I'm desparate. I'm a patient person and I know that ideal job will present itself to me in the near future. Ok guys thanks for listening and please everyone be safe.,

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Heather Wilson
over 4 years ago

Sales associate

Would love to work at petco in Wilmington. Have a lot of experience. Would like an interview. Please email me back and I will get all my info together. Thank you

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Donald Croke

I used to ask myself the same question but I'm finding out that a high percentage of the job opening for senior career job seekers with 20 or more years of industry experience typically go unadvertised. Company's use a very different recruiting process for those positions if they choose to recruit outside of the organization; and that's a big if! These are very limited jobs openings with a large candidacy pool so the competition is high. What's the specific feedback your getting from your job applications?

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Chontel Handy
over 5 years ago


Looking for work in the Delaware area

Amy B. McClure
over 3 years ago

Starting new employment assignment soon

After many months of being put on hold,signing with numerous employment agencies and getting 0 results I have finally landed an assignment. If you haven't tried Integrity Staffing please look them up, they are out of Delaware but opening offices in other states. Good Luck fellow Jobcaser's.

Amber Hallett
almost 4 years ago

Lookin for a online job!!!

I used to work for Comcast and loved it,loved the experience,the challenge,and being able to fix a problem.I'm a stay at home mom now and was a business owner for three years unfortunately I'm currently closing down five of my vape stores due to regulations. I've been looking for a job online for so long and was hoping that I could find one working for would be ideal since I've worked there in the past I have plenty experience with computers and multitasking with different programs.if anyone has any information on how to go about that or even point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated!

Camray Bowden
almost 3 years ago

I Need Help

I’m 18 yrs old about to be 19 next month. I’m looking for cooking, cashier, or stocking kinda jobs or anything in desperate need. I have no experience tho if anyone could help I’m located in Laurel Delaware.

Nelson Franco
almost 2 years ago

McDonald's Regional Hiring Day

McDonald's restaurant locations throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware will be hosting a Summer Hiring Event on Tuesday, May 7 at local All local McDonald's restaurants throughout the region.

Interested applicants will have an opportunity to speak with hiring managers about available positions including Crew Members, Shift and Department Managers, along with other restaurant leadership roles.

Job seekers are encouraged to visit the McDonald's career page and apply online before attending this event. Thank you.