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Hey New Mexico! Find jobs, post jobs, and get local info related to your state here
Jennifer Young
Community Specialist
about 2 months ago

26 states increase minimum wage in 2021

Find out if your state makes the list of 26 states that are increasing minimum wage this year.

Shout out to the state of #NewMexico where minimum wage increased by $1.50/hour and #Virginia where they're increasing the minimum wage by $2.25/hour in May 2021.

If you're looking to work for a company that has embraced a $15/hour minimum wage, check out the **Working at Target resource page!

#target #aboutmyjob

Eleana Bowman
Community Specialist
about 2 months ago

Looking for cashier jobs near Albuquerque?

Living near Albuquerque, #NewMexico? Interested in an exciting new job opportunity?

Click here to check out recently posted cashier jobs!

Top cashier skills + traits:

  • Dependability
  • Excellent customer service
  • Cash handling and basic math skills
  • Teamwork

#hiringnow #retail #jobsearch #hiringnews

Gregorio Smith
11 months ago

I'm a laid off Machinist still looking for work.

I'm just giving a little update on my job search so far. Since the last time I posted on here I've had 4 interviews. I'm just waiting for some feedback from 3 of them. One of them wanted to hire me on the spot for far less than I was making previously from my other job. I'm willing to take a little pay cut to prove my skills and work ethics. But this was literally embarrasing to me with my many skills and what I have to bring to the table. They offered me $43,000 to start, I was making $60,000 + at my last job. I ask the interviewers is there any room for negotiations. They ask me what would I suggest and I told them $52,000. One of the interviewers quickly said "we don't have some engineers and supervisors making that kind of money". I said "I have a lot to bring to the table" and everyone agreed. They told me the max the would go is $45,000. I told them let me think about it. That was 4/2/2020. I know I need to work and bring money into my household to keep the roof over my head and food on my table. But there is several thing I know I have working for me in my life is my wife of 32 yrs and the back up plans we've created over the yrs for times like this. I want to really go back to work but I'm not going to be handled like I'm desparate. I'm a patient person and I know that ideal job will present itself to me in the near future. Ok guys thanks for listening and please everyone be safe.,

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Marishenka Tsosie
5 months ago

Looking for a part-time job in Farmington, New Mexico...

Frances Nieto
about 5 years ago
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Mariah Bliss

Hi Frances: Thanks for posting to Jobcase! If you want to apply to Taco Bell, click on the Taco Bell box in your post to be taken to the company page. From there, click on the apply button to see what jobs they're hiring for. Hope that helps!

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William Dixon
over 4 years ago

Looking for work in Albuquerque NM

I have many skills I can demo I can build I can do hvac I can drive almost any equipment worked at Sandia national labitorys an been thru many classes like fork lift big ginine lifts an then some please help I can also do cashier stocking an driving don't have a cdl thou thank you william dixon

Micheal Begay
almost 5 years ago

Job searching

Looking for a job in Farmington, NM I'm ready to work for well pay I got transportation

Amanda Montoya
over 5 years ago

Need some employment

I am currently looking for employment in Albuquerque, NM && if anyone knows of any places that are.hiring for any type of general labor positions..PLZ PLZ let me kno thanks again every1. I appreciate it

Candace Hobbs
over 4 years ago

Moving to the Southwest area!

Hi my name is Candace and I'm wanting to move to the Southwest area of the United States preferably New Mexico I'm so interested in moving to start a new life. I can do a range jobs I'm Jill of all trades I've Done Construction.. I've done housekeeping..I've done desk clerk..ive even owned my own business.. I'm willing to learn excel in anything I do. Anybody has any suggestions please let me know. Thanks