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john-jesse-jr. :bautista
almost 2 years ago

Networking with Coloradans

Please #help me connect with other like-minded #Colorado networking professionals helping small organizations with #entrepreneurial spirit in the areas of #ProjectManagement, #Finance, #Analytics, #Construction, and #AmericanCommonLaw - Please contact me via my profile here. #ThankYou !!

Gregory Cooper
over 1 year ago

Great Platform

I like the platform that Jobcase has made available to the public. I believe that others can get involved by communicating job openings that may hear about in their network. I'm looking for a Supply Chain Analyst position. Because of my analytical background, I thought an analyst role would give me the best chance of landing a position in this arena. I will keep my ears and eyes open for jobs that maybe a fit for some of the candidates on this site. The stories I've heard and the advice I've given has helped me get through this process because now I know I'm not alone in the struggle to better myself.