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99999 99999
over 6 months ago

Hopeless and Homeless but trying so hard

Im Heidi, Im 31. I was Just put on the streets by my family. I just moved to Florida to change my life around entered a 60 day rehab program and got out stayed clean and doing great then I got booted out for no reason while I was job hunting. Had no place to go no money saved up yet. I got Hired on at Airport and was so excited then was devastated after receiving a letter advising they pulled the offer of Hire saying my background was incomplete. I called to ask what this meant. No answer Left 6 messages no replies. By Federal Law a employer is suppose to advise to the applicant what it was that prevented the hiring from going through. I never got a answer. I applied for another job same deal they hired me then one day before I was to meet with instructions to be there at 9 am. I get a call they advise they pulled the offer would not tell me anything. In fact After I asked to speak to his manager he hung up on me. Im lost and hopeless as well as homeless TRYING SO HARD TO GET A JOB TO SUPPORT MYSELF .. How is it possible that a woman with a CLEAN RECORD clear background gets this kind of luck? I had my background ran at police station and nothing came up ran for Multi state ..County and Federal. I am so CONFUSED? HELP PLEASE I feel like I am being BLACKBALLED.

mohamed barrie
about 2 months ago

To have been there up to now, I believe with my hard work and dedication,I would have claimed some high rank position. It's really a good institution, that looks after there staffs with great concern. But in other words very strict on their rules and regulations set for all employees in the Bank Countrywide. #hr #recognition #banking

Kathleen Eddy
over 6 months ago

Credit check

It is getting harder for me to find employment since my credit is bad. How do they expect to fix my credit if no one wants to hire me?

Jeff Magnuson, MBA
over 6 months ago

Bullies Are Just Cowards in Disguise

If you have a manager (or another colleague) who is bullying you repeatedly or who acts very unprofessionally to you over and over again, you HAVE to take steps to bring it to an end.

No one deserves to have this type of stress in their life. I’ve seen (and experienced) how this behavior can negatively impact people’s health.

The first thing you have to do is clearly document the behavior.

Second, practice what you are going to say to whomever is bullying or mistreating you at work in a calm but firm tone.

And third, sit down in a private 1:1 meeting, lay out the issue(s), and TELL them their mistreatment of you stops right now.

Often, this is all that will be necessary because bullies, underneath all the false bravado, are just cowards who likely know what they are doing is wrong, but just keep doing it because they feel they can get away with it with you.

This is not your fault, but you must take steps to stop it.

If that doesn’t work, you escalate accordingly. Either through HR or, if that’s not enough, an appropriate employment lawyer.

Bottom line: No one deserves to be bullied or mistreated in the workplace and the only one who can REALLY make sure it comes to an end is you.

#workplace #hr #bullying #advice #jobtips #harassment

Unicorn Vomit
4 months ago

Remote Work Protection Policies: Unbearable noise, Disrupting neighbors...

Covid-19 put me on remote status since the March lock down and I have been struggling to perform due to the constant noise level. It's unbearable. I am full of anxiety, constantly distracted, taking phone calls in my closet to avoid disruption. I need help. I don't know who to turn to or whether I even have a right to ask this question. Yes, I am fortunate I have a job. But this is not about having a job or not - I want to know facts, protocols, SOP's - it's not like remote work is a new concept. Anyone? I just need some advice? #Guidance #inspiration #advice #Florida #help #hr #coworkers #workfromhome #remoteworker #osha #compliance

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Lenin Pina

Hi @Angelina Elliott , what new industries have you been exploring? Where do you see yourself working, (be specific)?

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David Mette

Ok, like-minded folks, anyone know of a well-rooted company, in the otr, tractor trailer/distribution industry, that will train those of us seeking CDL-A knowledge?? Getting paid whilst we are being trained would be ,the absolute 'bee's knees' in my new direction.... I've got backgrounds in, Landscaping/Lawn care, 20+years, cultured marble & granite (fabrication & installation)10+years, Fencing products, & installation, 6+years, maintenance technician4+years, heavy equipment operator/maintenance etc,, seeking a "not so manual labor intensive "position....... 👍✌

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Donna Graves
6 months ago

Multiple interviews

I interviewed through zoom with the same company for the same position 3 times with 3 different managers and was told I was a perfect fit and a shoe in. After not hearing back for three weeks I emailed the hiring manager asking if they had moved on or what and was told I wasn’t chosen because they “didn’t want to remotely train someone” and that they loved me so much so I should make my resume align more “accounts payable” and interview again with a different manager. Needless to say I knew I wouldn’t be chosen as my experience is accounts receivable and they don’t even want to train (insane if you ask me). I have applied to every accounting job that I’ve seen and haven’t gotten any other interviews. Feeling defeated. #hr #experience #rejection