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Tricia Hendrix
Community Specialist
about 1 month ago

HR Recruiter needed to work from home!

TapResearch is hiring a Recruiter to join their team. This role will play a critical role in every aspect of the recruiting process – with a focus on candidate sourcing, employer branding, hiring manager collaboration & closing. You’ll be responsible for creatively engaging candidates to help us to continue to find, evaluate, and hire top talent. They are looking for someone to join our team immediately and would love to hear from you!

Their values

We are working hard to build an environment where both our team and our business thrive.

We are intentional about providing an extreme level of transparency, because it is the only way to ensure everyone has the context they need to be effective in their role and to make the biggest impact on the company.We have a bias toward action and expect a high degree of personal ownership because that’s the only way to reach our goals. We care deeply about intellectual honesty and making sure we are asking ourselves the right questions. We make personal growth a priority, helping employees learn, grow and reach their goals.

Your role

  • Work in a recruiting process that ensures transparency, and optimizes for a great candidate experience and an efficient process.
  • Able to own the lifecycle of recruiting from kicking off a new search, job description development, building a robust evaluation strategy, sourcing and closing candidates.
  • Passionate about building diverse pools of candidates. Own configuration of Greenhouse, our Applicant Tracking System (ATS).
  • Work with internal stakeholders on employer branding initiatives to ensure candidates are aware of TapResearch and understand what we do and the virtues of being a part of our team.
  • Able to collate data and report on progress, pipelines etc.

Required Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree and 2+ years relevant experience.
  • Strong communications skills – especially selling the TapResearch vision, explaining our mission, and sourcing/closing candidates in highly competitive markets.
  • Able to be highly autonomous and self-directed while also being a great collaborator.
  • Network of technical talent.
  • Either in-house or agency technical recruiting experience.
  • Ability to thrive in a fast moving startup environment.
  • Experience with Greenhouse or similar ATS systems.


Along with competitive compensation, TapResearch offers first-class benefits to all of its employees including:

  • Unlimited PTO.
  • 100% Company-paid Healthcare Benefits
  • 401k
  • Stock options
  • New Macbook/company swag kit

Are you interested in this role?

APPLY HERE to begin!

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Sarah Ottobre
about 1 month ago

Looking to learn a new trade possibly as a waitress, hostess or server. I have 7 plus years experience in industrial and warehouse duties#friendly #healthy #server #foodservices #sales #hr #hiring #hardworker #vivacious #bubbly #manufacturing

Pradnya Deshpande
over 6 months ago

What's the use of my education?

After working so hard to get my education, I am back to square one. Being an international individual in the USA is a pain. Employers refuse to look beyond the point of me being an international individual who is going to need a H-1B sponsorship. I don't see a point in my MS HRM education anymore. I am just looking for a HR job that pays me the minimum wage. I am looking for experience and there a whole bunch of jobs out there that I am qualified for but I do not get a call from recruiters. Which I am guessing is due to the sponsorship issue. I am on the verge of just giving up!!!!

#jobsearch #discouraged #HR #ineedajob #lookbeyondmyimmigrationstatus #HRjobs

Jessica Nagra
about 2 months ago

HR Virtual Intern

GAOTek Inc. is currently hiring virtual HR interns! This is a great opportunity for students and new graduates to earn hands on work experience remotely.

If you are interested please send you resume to HR-Canada-TeamF@Gaotek.com with "Attn. Teodora" in the subject line.

#nowhiring #hr #humanresources #internship #students

about 2 months ago

My main issue was the managers. I worked so hard, much harder than anyone else and had been there longer than anyone else, but rarely got any kind of recognition. I could deal with that though. But when I got pregnant, we had just gotten a new manager. I have health conditions that made me need to sit down as I couldn't stand for more than a couple of minutes without feeling like I'd pass out due to my fast heart rate. I was a cashier at the time and the groomers let me use one of their stools. The new manager, that didn't like me much anyway, told me that I would need an HR approved stool and could use the groomers stool. I had to have my doctor fill out an 8 page questionnaire, which he did, and she said she sent it to HR. Weeks went by with zero word on the stool, even though I asked nearly daily, and I was getting worse. On Christmas eve, it was very busy and I felt like I was going to pass out. We were short staffed and I told them I could stay and finish my shift if I could use a stool, otherwise I would have to go home. They told me to go home cuz I couldn't use any other stool that wasn't HR approved. That was the straw that broke the camel's back and I decided to quit. # #mythoughts #disabled #hr #Petsmart #badmanagers

99999 99999
over 6 months ago

Hopeless and Homeless but trying so hard

Im Heidi, Im 31. I was Just put on the streets by my family. I just moved to Florida to change my life around entered a 60 day rehab program and got out stayed clean and doing great then I got booted out for no reason while I was job hunting. Had no place to go no money saved up yet. I got Hired on at Airport and was so excited then was devastated after receiving a letter advising they pulled the offer of Hire saying my background was incomplete. I called to ask what this meant. No answer Left 6 messages no replies. By Federal Law a employer is suppose to advise to the applicant what it was that prevented the hiring from going through. I never got a answer. I applied for another job same deal they hired me then one day before I was to meet with instructions to be there at 9 am. I get a call they advise they pulled the offer would not tell me anything. In fact After I asked to speak to his manager he hung up on me. Im lost and hopeless as well as homeless TRYING SO HARD TO GET A JOB TO SUPPORT MYSELF .. How is it possible that a woman with a CLEAN RECORD clear background gets this kind of luck? I had my background ran at police station and nothing came up ran for Multi state ..County and Federal. I am so CONFUSED? HELP PLEASE I feel like I am being BLACKBALLED.

mohamed barrie
5 months ago

To have been there up to now, I believe with my hard work and dedication,I would have claimed some high rank position. It's really a good institution, that looks after there staffs with great concern. But in other words very strict on their rules and regulations set for all employees in the Bank Countrywide. #hr #recognition #banking

Mark Olson
over 6 months ago

Thank you!

After 4 months of job searching it was the advice on this forum that finally allowed me to secure a job....and a really good one at that. I had a misdemeanor charge against me from 6 years ago that already cost me one job offer when it showed up on a background check. I read some advice on here regarding that situation, and it advised to disclose it in advance and see what happens, because HR people LOATH surprises. I did exactly that. They not only overlooked my past discrepancy, I think my honesty about it was actually one of the reasons I got the job. Thanks again for all the support! It really does work!

Kimberly Orbik
over 6 months ago

Human Resources

Is there any position open in the Human Resources area in the Whitestown, Indiana location?