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Amazon related news, stories, and advice for job seekers and workers
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Alex Rivera
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Community Specialist
over 6 months ago

Amazon is hosting a Warehouse Hiring Day on Friday, September 22. It is a great opportunity for you to join one of the world's leading companies. With opportunities abound, Amazon is opening its doors to those ready to embrace a fulfilling career.

How to prepare for this event:

1. Secure your spot: This hiring event is taking place across the nation. Click here to find a location near you and register.

2. Documentation Matters: Bringing acceptable documentation to complete your I-9 is essential. This step ensures a smooth onboarding process, so make sure to have your identification and work authorization documents ready.

3. Dress Comfortably: The dress code is casual. While it's important to look presentable, you don't need to don formal attire. Dress comfortably, but remember that first impressions matter.

4. Attitude is Everything: Bring your best self to the event. A positive attitude can go a long way in showcasing your enthusiasm and eagerness to be a part of the Amazon team.

5. No Interview or Resume Required: One unique aspect of this hiring event is that no interviews or resumes are required. Amazon is looking for candidates from diverse backgrounds, and this event provides an opportunity to connect with hiring managers directly.

6. Save Time with Early Application: To save time on the day of the event, consider starting your application now. By completing the application process in advance, you can focus on making a great impression when you attend the Hiring Day.

Amazon's Warehouse Hiring Day promises to be an exciting event. Enjoy free swag, a photo booth, and giveaways, find out about the job, pay, benefits, and more — you could even get a job offer on the spot.

Don't miss this chance to be part of Amazon's incredible team. Mark your calendar for Friday, September 22, find a location near you, and be ready to seize the opportunity!

Important Disclaimer: This job lead is NOT a Jobcase sponsored job alert. Interested applicants are encouraged to practice due diligence during the application process. To see more hiring events, you can follow our #hiringevents!

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Alexander Montoya
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over 6 months ago

Amazon Order Picker

Here’s a quick video of what order picking is like at an Amazon warehouse. If you’re going to work at any warehouse, I highly recommend working for Amazon because after 90 days of working for Amazon, employees are eligible for their tuition reimbursement program. The best part is their program is a “Career Choice Program” that allows employees to pick a career that is in high demand. So not only will the employee be student loan debt free, they will also have the skills to enter a career that will employ them quickly with a high salary. Amazon is the way to go for any warehouse worker. 😁


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