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Gregorio Smith
over 6 months ago

I'm a laid off Machinist still looking for work.

I'm just giving a little update on my job search so far. Since the last time I posted on here I've had 4 interviews. I'm just waiting for some feedback from 3 of them. One of them wanted to hire me on the spot for far less than I was making previously from my other job. I'm willing to take a little pay cut to prove my skills and work ethics. But this was literally embarrasing to me with my many skills and what I have to bring to the table. They offered me $43,000 to start, I was making $60,000 + at my last job. I ask the interviewers is there any room for negotiations. They ask me what would I suggest and I told them $52,000. One of the interviewers quickly said "we don't have some engineers and supervisors making that kind of money". I said "I have a lot to bring to the table" and everyone agreed. They told me the max the would go is $45,000. I told them let me think about it. That was 4/2/2020. I know I need to work and bring money into my household to keep the roof over my head and food on my table. But there is several thing I know I have working for me in my life is my wife of 32 yrs and the back up plans we've created over the yrs for times like this. I want to really go back to work but I'm not going to be handled like I'm desparate. I'm a patient person and I know that ideal job will present itself to me in the near future. Ok guys thanks for listening and please everyone be safe.

http://bit.ly/3amwGwq https://bit.ly/SocialMediaJobs2020,

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L'Oreal Davis
over 6 months ago

Tattoos prohibited

During an interview, can an employee ask you to roll up your sleeves? At any point, is an employer allowed to ask you to roll up your sleeves? A friend currently had an interview where, tattoos that are visible are prohibited and they won't hire if they were to see it. She covered it at the interview. However, she has orientation and uniform fitting.. #Advice #Opinions

Paul Roe
over 6 months ago

New Job- 2 Weeks in

So I started my new job. It is pretty fun, not at all easy. You have to use common sense, reasoning skills, intelligence, safety awareness and perform physical tasks (not limited to).. I am technically a sort of technician, and we are personally responsible for a particular product 75% of the globe has heard of by name, yet the Company is kind of low-key. I enjoy it, and I make sure to meet if not exceed my employers expectations. So far I seem to be living up to that. My employer grants generous benefit packages. I have almost everything you can think of. I understand their benefit package is equal to 30% my income, which is huge (no matter your annual bring-home)! They recognize their employees, and I plan to deliver for decades to come. I love this place and will do everything in my power to keep my position. My Supervisor made it clear that I have garnered the attention of "Top Key Players" in the Company, and continuance of my education has been brought up to me as well already. I'm game, sign me up! I couldn't be happier. This is the 1st time I've been hired on full time with benefits since my first real position as a Landscaper when I was 16-21. I was there for almost 5 years, then exactly a decade later this job found me. I've been in poverty for so long, yet on the cusp of benefits being unobtainable. Now I pay for my own unbeatable Private PPO Healthcare Plan, Dental, Vision, 401(k)/403(b), Long TD, Short TD Ins.Accidental Ins, Critical Illness Ins., legal Ins., tuition reimbursement, etc. When an employer has these as benefits, matches on your retirement, pays for 4/5ths of everything... you want to build a lasting bond with them. They care. These are the reasons to go with them. The fact that they'll also make you a retired millionaire while you still live comfortably on your wage and anything that could happen is covered... is just an added bonus.

Alicia Bardaro
over 6 months ago

Reassigned on the job and want to share your story?

I work with the Jobcase public relations team and we have a reporter from The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) doing a story around workers who recently had a functional shift or job change due to Coronavirus—either within companies or across companies. For example, janitors who normally clean office buildings now assigned to clean nursing homes; bank tellers now assigned to call centers.

This would likely be a minimal time investment--perhaps a 15-minute call with WSJ, or whatever you can offer. If interested please share your location, occupation and a brief overview of your story. Please also approve that we can share your response and contact information with the reporter, with “Approved.” We’ll email you with more information.

WSJ would love to hear from the Jobcase community, and it's a great potential opportunity to share your story, advocate for workers like yourself and boost your work profile!

Responding to me does not guarantee you'll be contacted or be included in The Wall Street Journal article. #coronavirus #newjob #newhire