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They let you go! This topic explores the next steps to take after you have been laid off or fired as well as those who share their personal experiences.
Denise Wiley
about 1 month ago

No response from unemployment regarding my application

Hi is there anyone that knows or could tell me how I can find out about my unemployment application? I applied may 2020 and my UI portal still says "We received your application please allow 48 hours before certifying" never received the processed email and I claimed weeks all the way up to December and a week or 2 in January. But when I try now it won't let me claim weeks . I've never received a denial letter either. Nothing and still not able to contact anyone. I contactedt state representative 3 different times and still nothing. No response from career center either no one returns my calls.is anyone else having this problem.benefits #termination. I am so frustrated

Karla Lambros
about 1 month ago

Don't work for Burger King!

I was a opening manager for a independent location in the Joliet, IL. area, and it was one of the worst experiences of my life! Extremely low pay and no benefits. The owner didn't care, and it was just a miserable work experience. I will never work for a place like that again! #termination #foodservices #aboutmyjob

Evelyn V.
2 months ago


I was working at a driving delivery job delivering auto parts and they fired me for false accusations word of mouth I can say it was defamation of character I even asked was there proof wasnt nothing Never asked if I was ok wen I reported this driver out rage person. it wasnt even a customer. They called in and lied. Very bad experience with the job I want to sue them I honestly said nothing & wouldnt say nothing to put my job on the line... Who can I call or contact report this job...

Janice Reed posted an article
Tevin Cordova
over 6 months ago

Wrongful termination: discrimination at the workplace

I was approved for unemployment benefits and they based my benefits off a set quarter I only qualified for 12000 for 1 year but I made 47000 the prior year after taxes. I was termed for the accusations I was manipulating the system and altering my number to increase bonus payouts. I explained to them I was not manipulating anything. Their ability to restrict our access was a solution they cared not to take. I explained with the new software they did not properly train us to use had a method in with actual account would somehow come in large quantities, since we had to assign accounts by random selection from the cue, the process still self assigned would come in much greater. I still just like every other account had to process each one accordingly and this increased my speed and accuracy. The bonus was a pool collected on each account processed accurately per quality assurance results. There was no definable structure to how the quality team grabbed our accounts. But I would cap out on my bonus by 2nd 3rd week and all accounts processed after would only increase the pool and increase the payout to the managers quarterly, and to all other processors. The real reason I believe I was termed was because I was vocal on issues ya as the processors needed voiced. And I was never reached out to on a transgender discrimatory issue I met with hr on. They were forcing a transgender female who will remain unarmed to use the men’s restroom after, a MALE individual not even employees with performant reaches out and contacted hr as a building manager of the property we leased, multiple females through the building were not comfortable knowing a man was using the same restroom. Not that the trans woman was in there at the same time or even that it matters but they pulled the trans woman in and requested documentation such as ID, social records, and birth certificate, to determine validity of gender identity. After the humiliation she was suggested to use a separate and personal facility unused by any other individual. This restroom was located 5 stories down into the basement. No one is allowed down there besides maintenance which she was but not even maintenance used said restrooms. I had a meeting on these issues to advocate for the possible discrimination never stating directly or indirectly of who this concerns and hr manager became annoyed and began manipulating our conversation to coheres me in saying the individuals name. Suggesting she knew who I was in reference to saying things like “he” and “her” have know each other for years now, and “there are only one of THOSE that work for the company.” I explained that we needed to become educated on proper pronoun and possible discrimination. She was upset and said I was accusing her of discrimination and ended our meeting. I reached out to corporate hr and was responded to via email stating she has read my concerns and apologizes that it will be some time before I can be addressed properly on my issues I concern of due to finalization of certain things for the company. Soon after the management and supervisors became particular on my every move. Dissecting every chance they get which lead to my administrative leave without pay and 5 days later after being escorted off on the 3rd of feb 2019, on the 8th I was terminated. they said to multiple individuals I was altering my numbers and they found drugs on my person and at my desk when clearing my things but I was officially termed wrongfully because unemployment determined I was terminated for something unrelated to my work directly. Do I have a standing case because I contacted them to determine if I am rehire-able and I was told I am not rehire-able indefinitely.

laura fortune
2 months ago

No stimulus or income tax refund

I was laid off last year for five months. When I filed my taxes they sent letter saying new law stated I didn’t own taxes on unemployment, but they are still holding my taxes and stimulus check. Who can I contact to get my money? #stimuluscheck

Jesse Brown
22 days ago

Denial of unemployment benefits

In February I received a DUI which was broken down to a DWai with a one-year suspension on my CDL I had a very low BAC after drinking a beer and a half but because I crossed the threshold it was treated the same especially as a CDL holder.I was let go for my employer and I've been eligible for unemployment since March 15th I received this letter in the mail and I'm looking for feedback in filing my appeal process because I was in my personal vehicle off duty and not in a commercial vehicle #overwhelmed #benefits #termination-please view the enclosed letter from the unemployment department

Paul Baker
Community Specialist
2 months ago

Don't do this if you're fired!

You might be let go from your job and it's hard news to take. Your emotions will be running hot and you might want to take some drastic actions, like this former Walmart employee.

Don't, take a deep breath, collect yourself and calmly leave. These are the times when we dust ourselves off and move on to better things, leaving our potential work contacts on a good note (your coworkers, etc).

#jobsearch #fired #walmart

Jennifer Denny
4 months ago

I was hired on 12/3/20 after my background check cleared as a produce clerk. After 5 months of looking for a job after 9 months of being unemployed due to Covid, I was thankful to be employed again and enjoyed my job. Up until 12/14/20 when I was informed by the GM that due to something that came up on my background check it was necessary to terminate me. It was a misdemeanor traffic conviction. More than 2 weeks after my termination I received the findings of my background check with a dispute form. That letter was dated 12/4/20. I received it 1/5/21

Ed Alexander "Mr. Encouragement"
16 days ago

END OF THE ROAD! Yet, You Never Let Go. [IBYC]

I'm telling you the truth...

Even when it seems like you've come to the end of the road, you just don't let go.

Rather, you press forward, and lean towards the unseen road (as it appears ahead). Again, you don't give-up.

Then, everything else will fall-in-place.

I Believe You Can...!