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They let you go! This topic explores the next steps to take after you have been laid off or fired as well as those who share their personal experiences.
Carolyn Skaggs
about 1 month ago

Termination Letter

My recent company sent me a "Termination Letter" the reasons listed for my termination aren't true. Is there something I can do? I don't want my job back after what all has gone on, but ultimately I would like to see the Supervisor that pinned the reasons reprimanded for doing so?

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Ashley Sellers

It all depends on the documentation you have that may pertain to you getting fired. Have you had any recent promotions? Anything before you announced your pregnancy that showed you were a top performer? Has any coworker been fired for the same reason that you can prove or got treated differently than you based on you being pregnant? You’ll need to get as much documentation before you think about suing. The law is in their favor so be willing to do the work to prove you were treated differently for being pregnant. Find an at home job, be there for you and your baby and just enjoy this time you have! You’ll be happy for the extra sleep.

Mark As Helpful

I suggest you research local and state laws, as well as employee policies/handbook. Unfortunately many states employees are "employees at will". Most organizations don't need any valid reason to terminate any employee's. Definitely file a claim with your states unemployment. The sooner the better, if they deny you at first fight for it. Most companies deny the claims at first hoping to save.

Mark As Helpful
Mary Flaven
about 2 months ago

Wrongful termination

Need advice: I'll start with this...

I joined a company (I'll leave the company name out for privacy reasons) back in 2019 and I LOVED it. I never had any attendance or performance issues during my 2 years working for this company NOR during all of my 28 years of working for six other companies. I started working at 16 years old and I am now 44. More importantly, I've never been written up, terminated or even came close to it until It happened to me this year. I am very respectful, professional, energetic, honest and the reasoning I was terminated is still unfathomable.

In a nut shell:

The company I worked for is a husband and wife owned company in Los Angeles, both in their mid 60's. I worked as a consumer relations specialist and enjoyed my job very much. I was renting a house in L.A (owner of the house was aware) and I had an empty room available for rent. I reached out to my co-workers and asked them if they knew of anyone looking for a place to live and to my surprise, one of my co-workers best friends was interested and since I was familiar with this girl, it was a perfect fit, one that I felt comfortable about moving in opposed to bringing in a stranger.

I met this girl Jenn (new roommate) 13 years ago when i moved to Los Angeles. She is a very nice, beautiful, smart and very outgoing woman. Jenn met the owners of the company approx 7 years ago and they became friends. When I started working for the company 2 years ago, became friends with a co-worker who is close friends with Jenn and this is how I was reunited with Jenn who soon became a roommate. Jenn does not gossip nor does she have a bad bone in her body. She never once made mention that her and the owners wife had a disagreement, she only spoke good things about both the owner and his wife. I was unaware that there was some conflict between Jenn and the owners wife because it was never mentioned to me.

What triggered the owners wife to wrongfully and unfairly terminate me: I posted two separate pictures of co-workers from the company who share the same Birthday followed by another post of my new roommate, Jenn and I celebrating her move in to the house and the following morning, this is when the owners wife screamed at me, calling me every name in the book and told me to F-off and find another job. I was called a F- liar, a snake and all the extremely mean and cruel things that aren't true but they hurt. The owners wife got upset with me because I did not ask her for her approval or permission to have Jenn move in. Again, this is my personal life and whatever happened between her and Jenn is none of my business and it was never made my business. The other issue she mentioned during her very abusive phone call was that I befriended employees from the office and she doesn't like that. Isn't that what co-workers do? Correct me if I am wrong, please! She got upset that I posted Birthday "shout outs" to my co-worker friends before she had the chance to do it and told me that making friends with other co-workers is not allowed. Speechless. I felt like I was in Junior high again with this behavior and this is exactly why she terminated me.

Side note: I'm sorry, I didn't know that I had to ask anyone for permission to allow ANYONE to move into my home that I pay rent for. In my mind, I thought, is this really happening right now?

She would not give me a chance to speak and as you can imagine, I was in tears and thought that this was a horrible nightmare that I was having. That phone call was followed by an awful text message from the owners wife which caused me a lot of emotional distress. An HR friend of mine, suggested that I don't respond back and to take screen shots of the text messages she sent which I'm glad I did. Shortly after, I tried to reach out to her husband, the owner but my calls and texts were avoided. The company does not have an HR department so I literally had no one to call to discuss this with. The Owner (husband) finally had his assistant call me to apologize and tell me to hold tight and that his wife is having a bad day and to give her some time to cool off and even made a joke that he's been verbally abused by her and fired many times so not to worry.

Well, I was called back at a later time and was told that the owners wife didn't want me to come back and that I will no longer be getting paid. My direct deposit was cut off along with my health benefits that Friday. Note: They do not offer health benefits but when I was interviewed, I was told that they would make an exception to pay for my health benefits which I was very appreciative of and they also asked me to not share this with other employees. I sent emails to the owner and received no response. I wasn't given any termination documentation with the reasoning for terminating me. I was completely avoided and being treated like this was a pretty awful feeling and experience.

My claim through unemployment was denied by the company I and their reasoning was: Personality differences. I am obviously on a waiting list to get interviewed by EDD and thank God, I saved all the abusive text messages that has caused me a lot of emotional distress. I am still in disbelief that some employers in California can get away with this type of abusive, unprofessional and unethical behavior to their hard working employees.

Something I'd like to add: This company doesn't have a company policy handbook, doesn't have an HR department or lead, they pay any employees who work over time in cash rather than reporting this through the payroll system, They do not have a clock in/out system and they do not follow any break laws, most if not ALL of the employees are full time and they only provide health benefits if you ask. They don't provide sick leave, PTO, vacation, dental, health or vision. If you ask to take a day off, they make you feel very guilty.

Sorry for the novel but I am still very deeply shocked by all of this...

Please understand that I am NOT looking to sue this company. I just want them to be ethical, honest and run their company legally and treat their employees much better. I was terminated by the wife of the owner and if he did the right thing and approved my unemployment, I wouldn't be here writing about this today. Allegedly, the owner does not like to pay out unemployment and fights to dispute all employee claim cases because he doesn't want his unemployment insurance to go up. He doesn't lay employees off, he waits for something small to happen so that he can terminate them, preventing them to not get any unemployment.

Another employee (sweet as can be and equally as a hard worker) was screamed at and terminated because she planned an office holiday "after work" outing and didn't invite the owners wife and she forced her husband, the owner to go into the office and fire her. This poor girl nearly had a nervous breakdown :(

Thank you for reading any advice is greatly appreciated.

Carolyn Skaggs
about 1 month ago

Termination Letter

Is there anything that can be done if the reasons stated why I was fired are untrue? I ultimately would like to see the Supervisor that pinned them reprimanded for doing so. Any suggestions??

Stacy Crowder
3 days ago

I was fired for nothing basically, after working 8 years for this company never late, never absent, never written up for anything

I was fired for nothing basically, after working 8 years for this company never late, never absent, never written up for anything one day I get a phone call before my shift starts and im told that being terminated for not following the Covid rules. The day before that the safety man told HR that he told me to leave the facility which is not true and as a matter of fact any time a member of management tells me to do anything I have always done what I am told to do. So the Hr man called me the day before and asked me why didn’t I leave when Adam told me to; and I said he never to me to after that conversation he said ok then the next day I got a phone call saying I was terminated. They also put gross miss conduct on my file stating that I can never return there. I was devastated I loved my job I went over and above for this company but whenever I call to ask what was the reason I was fired and why is that on my record they will not answer me and I did absolutely nothing wrong!!! What can I do???

Chris Scruggs
about 2 months ago

Wrongfully terminated!

I reported to work one morning and the owner kept his dog in the office where the employees clock in and out of and the dog ran out and I was told that I had to go get him and put him back in the office and I refused and I was told to go home.

Mecca The God
4 days ago

unfairness at a workplace and retaliation from management

I was at work and i got overwhelmed so I made a call only person to calmed down the time with my mom and then I was made fun of by the manager which I got very uncomfortable so I thought the report and then the manager retaliated by cutting my day works and my hours from 40 hour 40 hours a week to 14 hours a week from 5 days to 2 work days all behind me following a complaint on her. I reached out to the Head boss that's over my manager he basically referring back to the manager that made me uncomfortable I've been out of workplace which Popeye's supposed to be a friendly environment and he told me basically not to reach out to HR but I did anyway and I had a meeting with the manager it was not a professional meeting the meeting was held inside of her car while she was already in a conference meeting with her upper higher bosses which I feel was very unprofessional which means that she didn't give the situation at hand her full attention so now I've been out of work basically treated unfairly targeted and retaliated on what I didn't do nothing but follow protocol as an employee and I'm still waiting on a call from HR

Jan Taylor
about 1 month ago

Termination After Filing Grievance

As a courtesy to the owner, I will keep the company's name out of my post. This was a work-from-home, hospitality customer service job.

I worked at this company for four years, gaining experience in both hospitality customer service and various departments within the company. I loved my job and actually looked forward to going to work each day.

The company started to experience a growth spurt and along with that, some new management in the call center. As a Team Lead, it had been my responsibility to assist, coach, and develop agents on my team.

A new team lead came aboard and was trained correctly by our senior team lead on how to do her job. The senior team lead was in an accident that prevented her from working for about seven months and I became the senior team leader.

This new team lead, in turn, trained other new team leads on how to do the job her way, which left out quite a bit of paperwork that was required for the job. She and the other new team leads took advantage of the company by working excessive hours and became extremely bossy.

When I questioned what they were doing, I would get very rude comments back and those conversations were then given to the manager completely out of context and complaints made about me. Something wasn't sitting right, so I started documenting everything going on in the call center.

My responsibilities started being taken away such as one-on-one time with my agents and assigning work to be done. Our call center's focus became more quantity than quality which was a 180-degree turnaround for the company. Questions to my manager were being ignored and attempts at reprimanding me for the aforementioned conversations were being made by the manager and call center director.

At this point, I took most of my concerns and complaints to HR by way of a formal grievance on a Friday. By Monday, I did get to meet with the owner of the company who I highly respected until that meeting was over. As soon as that meeting was over, I was called into another meeting with the manager and call center director and given a formal reprimand. (thus retaliation)

Within a week, I was finally fired from my job via another meeting with the manager and call center director. I was ready for this as another company offered me a contract just two hours before I was terminated but the job would not start until November.

I filed for unemployment and figured that I would have to write an appeal. My termination paperwork stated a number of "exhibits" but no attachments to the email. I requested these exhibits from HR so that I could properly appeal if needed and was turned down stating they were proprietary and confidential. I most likely have all of these exhibits and many more.

In the end, the unemployment office stated that there was no misconduct on my part as claimed in my termination and I was given my unemployment. About the same time, the owner of the company emailed me and let me know he would be happy to give me a reference should I need one.

The moral to the story is this: if you are not comfortable at work, you feel like something is very wrong, DOCUMENT EVERYTHING! If your manager doesn't listen to you, find another job. I did and I am too damn old to put up with what I did for the past six months.

#workfromhome #termination #wrongful termination #retaliation #poor management #call center #hospitality

John Clark
about 2 months ago

I have 2 questions.

  1. How much input do you think the laborer worker in states like Pennsylvania, had in securing the doctrine that it be a right to work state.? Before you answer, consider this one point. A worker can be fired for any reason, at any time, for no clear reason. He/ she cannot file for unemployment wether they are fired or quit.
  2. Does that sound like something the common worker would vote to make rule?
Rachael Martinez
19 days ago

So i was terminated on the first of September, I appealed the decision, i spoke with dirextor . Its offricial its not going to be overrurned. So i continue to apply for work but if new employer asks wjy i was terminated. What other term may i use instead of abandoment of shift