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Julie Van Gorden-Pitt
over 3 years ago


My main objective is alert people of a scam that is occurring with job seekers and hopefully make as many people as possible aware so they do not fall victim to identity theft and fraud. As I am extending myself seeking employment, I often, receive confirmations of when my resume has reviewed. This morning, I received a text from this number: 415-237-7150. The message is as follows: "Good Morning, I am contacting you regarding the Admin Assistant Specialist position. Are you still interested so I can instruct you on the next step to begin." My red flags started popping up immediately, however, partly due to my curious nature and my want to confirm my suspicion I responded: yes please proceed. The next text comes and the person says their name is Michael from Allegis Group. You are then instructed to set up a google hangout and start chatting with a person at this email address: kathleenmarshall86@gmail.com. Now my suspicions are heavily increasing as this is not the normal procedure I had ever encountered with any temp agency. However, my curiosity of finding out if my suspicions were correct got the better of me. After a few web queries , I found that Aerotek is associated to Allegis Group. I did start chatting with a Kathleen and asked if it would be considered a conflict of interest as I had just registered with Aerotek yesterday. The response I received was how much will they be paying you? I said, it depends on the assignment. The following is the next response I received: Oh okay. • You will earn $29/hour • How would you like to be Paid ? Weekly Or Bi-Weekly? • What means of payment do you prefer ? Direct deposit , Check , Wire Transfer ? • What Bank Do you Operate with to see if it tallies with the company's official salary payment account ?

Of course, my suspicions were confirmed and I called the Corp office of Aerotek. A: to confirm if a scam was being run and if it was known by the company that this was occurring. They were aware and have the authorities involved. TIP: You will never receive a text message, You will never be asked to "chat", Their titles are always referred to as recruiters. They will never ask for you banking information in this manner.

Melissa Hayes
over 3 years ago

Online Team Builders

Does anyone have experience with Online Team Builders? Are they a legit work from home company? They contacting me for an interview and I am trying to find as much information on them as possible. Thanks for your help.

Christi Alsup
about 3 years ago


Transcom Worldwide.....There is a "Rosana Garcia" contacted me for position @home. This is NOT the real person. She has the real persons name and photo. She reaches you by text instead of app, phone call or video chat. She claims unable to video chat, too busy for calls etc. Sends $2900 check to cover Apple computer, software. Check from missouri, fedex from nevada. 3emails all gmail. Nothing with Logo or Brand. She Wants you send ITunes cards to her. Then requests remaining money. After i done this i received a real job posting on ziprecruiter for Transcom and contacted the Executives and Security Team. Transcom doesn't do interviews on text or hangouts. Only video chat, phone call or in person. You use your own computer or if in their office...a Mac computer. Not Apple. They took me for $150 before I figured it out. Please be aware. Google all company websites and send emails questioning the postings.

Scott Kassof
over 3 years ago


Hello All: Below is an ad for an Administrative Assistant that was sent to me from ZipRecruiter that is for sure a scam:

Administrative Assistant III New York City, NY 10036 Zolon Tech Last online 51 minutes ago Benefits Offered Life Employment TypeContractor Responsibility: Responsible for scheduling appointments, giving information to callers, taking dictation, making travel arrangements and otherwise relieving officials of clerical work and minor administrative and business detail. Responsible for maintaining correspondence and data files, often confidential in nature. Works under general supervision. Experience and Skills:

Must have Associate's Degree or 5+ years work experience in the field or in a related area. Must be familiar with standard concepts, practices, and procedures within a particular field. Must rely on experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals. Proficiency in Microsoft Office, with demonstrated expertise in Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Exceptional interpersonal, organizational, business communication and time management skills. Strong attention to detail and follow-up skills. Ability to work well under pressure, multi-task, and work efficiently against deadlines. Demonstrated problem solving capabilities. Basic project management skills.

About Zolon Tech:

Zolon Tech, Inc. (ZTI) is a fast-growing, 8(a) certified business providing Information Technology solutions and services to Federal and commercial clients. ZTI is CMMI Level 3, ITIL, and ISO 20000 certified and is a leader in the IT industry. Headquartered in Herndon- VA.

All Jobs at Zolon Tech http://www.zolontech.com/

9 other people applied to this job.

Posted 5 hours ago

Now, what immediately made me suspicious was that they list this position being a Contract role yet they offer Life Insurance as the benefits. A Contract role, or Independent Contractor as they are typically known basically means that you actually are not an employee of the company but work for yourself. They pay you a gross amount for the job you are doing for them with no taxes deducted. At the end of the year, you would receive a 1099 form listing your earnings and you would be responsible for any taxes due. They would not be offering any benefits at all but I figured maybe they would and continued reading. The other thing that tipped me off was that though lengthy, the ad is filled with very basic information without giving you any real details as to exactly what you would be doing. This line especially caught my attention "Must be familiar with standard concepts, practices, and procedures within a particular field." Ok, what "field" must you be familiar with? The overall ad made me suspicious so I investigated further. Zolon Tech is indeed a real company. I checked their website, especially their careers section and this is what they have posted for open positions:

05/08/2017 System Administrator 17-04289 Rosslyn, Virginia 05/03/2017 Senior Systems Engineer 17-04160 Rockville, Maryland 05/03/2017 Systems Engineer– Mid- Level 17-04159 Rockville, Maryland 05/03/2017 Network Engineer – Mid-Level 17-04158 Rockville, Maryland 05/01/2017 Chief Architect 17-04055 Herndon, Virginia 05/01/2017 Program Manager 17-04054 Herndon, Virginia 04/28/2017 Network Engineer – Senior Level 17-04004 Rockville, Maryland 04/28/2017 Network Engineer – Mid-Level 17-04002 Rockville, Maryland 04/28/2017 Information System Security Officer (ISSO) - L2 17-04000 Herndon, Virginia 03/23/2017 Help Desk Specialist 17-02845 Arlington, Virginia

As you can see, they have no open position for an Administrative Assistant. In fact, they have no open positions in the New York area at all.

Always trust your instincts and do as much research as possible on the company that posted a position. I hope this info helps others.

Gloria Helman
over 3 years ago


Received a text message on my cell for a Babysitting job....I wrote back the following.....

to amberwashingto.

Dear Amber..I received a text message to take care of your child who is 7 years old..Please let me know the details and where you are located..I'd be more then happy to taking care of your child Thank You, Gloria H e-mail address

Here is Amber's reply......RED FLAG SCAM...


amber washington 5:36 PM (12 hours ago)

to me


Thank you for responding to the opening, Sorry for the late reply, Please read carefully as i am going to give you all the job details necessary,i am Mrs Amber Washington my husband name is Mark, am 6 Months pregnant, I am 39 and i am hard of hearing. I have lived in Irving, Texas before. I attended Texas School for the Deaf because i am hard of hearing , where i achieved my highest qualification then i moved back to Canada. I am a stock brokers and i also a member of charity organization that produce for the Charity (Self Employed). I attend the catholic. I live in Canada, but i am moving to your area on 14th of March. and i will need a babysitter for my 7 yrs old Angel immediately, Her name is Megan shes a funny and lovely girl.

This could be a temporary/permanent job. It depends on what your schedule looks like. I am moving to a new home and once my husband finalize all the necessary needed arrangements with the realtor i will furnish with the address, therefore you are taking care of Megan at your own home or our own home anyone that suits you.

We are willing to pay $350/Weekly Bonus will be paid if there are overtime, our arrival is 14th of March,as i mentioned above we can see a day after our arrival for you to get to know the family you will be working with, and we expect the best care for Megan as shes our only child for now, you will be taking care of her 3 days per week,for 4 hours Between 3pm and 10pm,the days will be between Monday and Saturday,hope this schedule works for you. My husband and i will be paying for the first week, before our arrival and will be making out a Check to cover up for your first week payment and other various materials needed for Megan, her toys, sundry materials and other things you will be getting this materials before we arrive as i do not want any running around when we arrive i want everything to be in order, I will be needing the following details to be able issue out a check.

Full Name - Full Address: (Apt number if available): City,State,zip code: Phone number:

I hope you have read and understood all i have written as i want things to be done with care and done the way i ask you to please, am very kind and show people around me that same gesture. Tell me about yourself also i would love to know more about you.

Terms - 3 DAYS FOR 4 HOURS WEEKLY Between 3pm and 10pm $350/Weekly

Also,you can let me know the time and days you will be available..

Thank you.

Honestly so Sick of these Recruiting sites Not screening these Scammers.....We as honest people looking for employment. I think we should hold these Recruiters accountable for all these Scams.......Just my opinion..

Would like your feedback....

Michelle Moreau
over 3 years ago

Beware Scam

I had an interview this morning w/ Kimberly Walter with TecAlliance; supposedly the company was opening offices in my area and they wanted people to work from home getting the business off the ground and then assisting in setting up the office. I was to set up an account on Hangout and the interview took place on there. Instead of video conferencing, she used the instant messaging feature. I was offered the job and great benefits, felxible hours, 401k, etc. They would send me a check to set up my home office and sge ratled off a list of things I would need. I asked where the home office was located out of and she told me South Jordan, UT. After the interview I called the home office and was told that it was a scam and that they were not opening office in my area.

TiWanna Malone
almost 4 years ago


There is also another person out there sending an email of an opportunity to work from home. they are saying that they are representing UIL Energy, a company out of Australia. They are saying that they are going to send you a check to purchase your computer equipment and dest for the work at home position. This is also a scam, PLEASE BE AWARE!

Deborah Marshall
over 3 years ago

Scam Beware!

While I was checking my email this evening I noticed this in my box. It is a scam I am warning to all especially those who might be desperate to comply this is an attempt to get your information no company that I have ever worked for in the last ten years tells you that they will send your forms for tax information and checking account information and social security numbers. I thought I would let you know what the email looks like the name might be changed but the wording when I looked it up was the same except the name and some other wording.


Thanks for your response. Your email application was received and after reviewing you are qualified for the (Admin Personal Assistant) position which i have available for now. My name is Michelle Kruger from Michigan and am 54 years Old, Executive Assistant President of International Operations at Evergreen Foundation and also a Professional projects funding specialist.

I have been a freelancer projects funding specialist for over 12 years, with much of those years spent in Europe especially in Swiss facilitating funding for humanitarian projects and hospitals for Haiti, Philippine and some third world countries. My passion for humanity supports and humanitarian projects got hike when i was an EMT in George County state of Maryland. I'm happy with my profession because my efforts put smile on faces and with my experiences i have ability to bring out the best in almost everybody i work with directly or indirectly.

The only position left in the job openings is the position of Admin Personal Assistant. I need a personal manager, whoever will be in this position needs to be very sincere, honest, trustworthy and with great sense of humor and of course the this position with great benefits which includes good wages and fast promotion including international trips opportunities paid for by our clients or myself.

Congratulations, after our HR department did reviewed your resume and gave their report I decided to consider you among the final two applicants that will be on probation before i finally pick the right person as my personal assistant to carry out some activities on my behalf. Just like i mentioned above, you need to be very honest because sometimes my personal or corporate items such as financial instruments or non financial items can be with you. In conclusion I'm looking for someone that can be trusted and reliable to work very well and with good understanding and i believe you posses those qualities.

The Center For Victims Of Torture, we give our staffs & agents best treat because working for a foundation, you are entitle to less job and great payment as part of humanity supports and best treat towards humanity.

we focus and specializes in giving humanitarian support. Feed The Children, purification of drinkable water, Immediate Developmental supports for natural disasters affected Nations and their citizens,Development and Production of Quality Plastic Injection Moldings for the Manufacturing Industry. We provide the complete molded plastic solution - from Concept, to Design, to Material Selection, to Models or working Prototypes (where necessary) and finally Production of Quality Molded Components not limited to that we also provide funding for business start up capital for fresh entrepreneurs , start up projects and start up companies.

We maintains operations in 3 countries and employ over 500 people worldwide which includes direct and indirect staffs and representative agents. We are setting up new office all across United State and Canada.

Available Position: Personal Assistant Type: Part-Time Hours: 15 Hours per week Days: 3 days per week Weekly Pay: $520

BENEFITS: • AD & D Insurance • 401(k) • Medical, Dental, Vision

As my personal assistant, your activities among others will include:

*Create and modify documents using Microsoft Office *Running personal errands, supervisions and monitoring. *Scheduling programmes, flights and keeping me up to date with them. *Acting as an alternative telephone correspondence while I'm away.




To enable me to enlist them into my Register for proper documentation. It is also required by the Accounting Department for the mailing of the check .

Your paperwork (job offer letter, USCIS Form I-9 and W-4 forms) will be sent to you via Mail and you should be receiving it within 7 working business day by one of my supervisors or i will present it to you in person as soon as i get back to the town this Month, June 26th Monday 2017. I will be here to inform you before it is sent so you can be on the lookout for it. What is your preferred email address?

How would you like to be paid - via Direct Deposit or Check? What means of payment would you prefer - Weekly or Bi-Weekly?

What banking institution do you operate with to see if it tallies with the my official salary payment accounts ?

You will be receiving your duties online everyday and i will always be online to assist you with any difficulties. Okay?


Diana Navarro
over 3 years ago

Scam for interview, not sure yet .....

I was suppose to an interview over the with a company called United Steel , home base for the company is in Hartford Connecticut, but they a office here in Dallas Tx. But they told me make an email account and the interview will be on goggle hangout!! The gentleman was very professional, but gave me all the details about the job . And he said these are positions etc . Customer Services, Administrative , Accountant and etc . And gave me a series of about 12 questions . I answered them all to best of my ability and he came back about 40 minutes later and said Steven Palard really liked you and he wants to welcome you aboard to company etc . But I goggled this man and he doesn't not work the company and it was all a scam yet again . Company called csg international , please be aware of scams

Lori Gordon
almost 4 years ago

Just a heads up warning

Over the last 2 days I have had 3 job offers by 2 different companies offering jobs working from home. They use legitimate company's to do this scam and here is a little of how it works.

They send you an email of a job offer to work from home using a real company's name that does do some positions remotely and they say the positions pay anywhere from $15 to $28 an hour.

Then when you reply they want to set up an interview but the interview is only through google chat. (I went through the process to see what it was all about) They will not Skype with you or any other type of tele-conferencing so you can see them in person its all through google chat.

The interview questions are great questions that a real company would ask you and would all seem real if it wasn't for the google chat thing and takes a long time.

At the end and after waiting close to an hour in chat they come back and tell you that after review of your interview answers you have the position. Now keep in mind not one time did they ask for any personal info like social or anything (thank god). You start tomorrow and they tell you a time to be on for training and that your office equipment will be there by the end of the week so that you can preform you job duties.

You go online the next day to start your training and your first task is to type an essay on Office Equipment and its importance in Accounting and general clerical duties. Now this is as far as I took the process. The rest of it works from what I have heard that they send you a check for more than what you are to be paid and want you to cash the check and western union them back the remainder but not sure how true that part is.

So I know everyone is desperate for a job so please beware.