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Paul Baker
Community Specialist
about 2 months ago

FBI Issues warning about job scams

Where there are people in need there are those looking to take advantage of them. This time with job seekers and job scams. Some are so elaborate that they'll have a fake interview with you just to steal your personal information. FBI issued a warning to job seekers the other day to be on the lookout for scams.

If you're looking for a work from home job, learn how to quickly spot a work from home job scam.

How are you making sure to keep your job search safe?

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Melissa Hayes
over 6 months ago

Online Team Builders

Does anyone have experience with Online Team Builders? Are they a legit work from home company? They contacting me for an interview and I am trying to find as much information on them as possible. Thanks for your help.

Jennifer Young
Community Specialist
8 days ago

Do you think you'd know a job scam if you saw it?

Here's what the FTC recommends to avoid a job scam:

  • Don't pay for the promise of a job
  • Do your own research
  • Take your time
  • Don't send money "back" to your new boss

    Share your tips in the comments below, and be sure to visit the Jobcase resource center to Avoid Job Scams

#scams #workfromhome

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Chuck Sclafani
over 6 months ago



Greetings After applying for our job posting posted on Dice job site for the Data Entry Clerk We feel you may be a good candidate for a position within our company, and hereby You have been selected for an online screening with the Hr manager Mrs Wendy Hoad

Organization Name: ASC GROUP (PTY) Limited

Job Title:Data Entry Clerk

You are required to set up a Google Hangout account, after this process, you are to add the Hiring Manager on your Google Hangout, her Gmail address is (ascrecruitdesk@gmail.com) add her to your Google Hangout buddy list ASAP for the job briefing and comprehensive details. If you don't have one , You're advised to setup the Google G-mail Account via (www.gmail.com) and download the Google hangout on your phone or PC via (www.google.com/hangouts) , she will be online waiting to respond to your add request as well as your messages. If you have any problem in setting up the Google Hangout account, Log into your Gmail account, at the bottom left-hand corner,click the Hangouts icon. If the time is not convenient for you, feel free to email her at this Email address: (ascrecruitdesk@gmail.com)

Your verification code is (HZIP-5330), this would serve as your identification number throughout the online hiring process.

She will be waiting to talk to you right away.Your timely response matter a lot. I wish you best of luck.

Best regards, Human Resources. ASC GROUP (PTY) Limited

The phone number tied to this bunko-artist: 218-331-1637 - person's name is MAURICE BROWN



Angie Ng
over 6 months ago

Job interview scam

This happened to me yesterday. First I received an email from a nikopatty@comcast.net instructing me to sign up Hangouts and contact a Kristina Starks ( kristinastarks7@gmail.com) for an interview. Kristina messaged me on Sunday afternoon for the interview, I declined. She then messaged me yesterday morning at 6:00 am central standard time (this tells me she did not even do any due dilligent as to where I'm located). I responded to her to chat at 7:00am. We were on hangout and she gave me this website ( www.ihcgroup.com )to review for 10 minutes, then informed me of the job description and benefits. She then sent me 5 questions to answer and once I'm done to respond DONE. She sent another 5 questions. Told me I'll have to work from home until the new office is completed, soon. Then I am to order equipment and supplies from one of their contracted vendor, and a check will be mailed to me. The hiring manager will contact me with full details this morning at 8:00 am but that never happened. I noticed that Kristina was active on hangout for about 40 minutes before I decided to shut off my computer. Earlier this morning, I went to the IHC Group website and tried to see if the job was posted. Nope. I then sent an email via their "contact us" inquiring if there was this position that I was interviewed for. I received an email back from IHC Group that the interview was a job scam and apologized for it and also advised me to contact the authority. I was lucky that I did not go out and purchase any items. Both email addresses and time of the message caused me to question what company used employees personal email address and setting an interview for Sunday? Please be cautious with these calls.

Kari Hartman
over 6 months ago


I think I've read other posts on Jobcase about how to spot a job scam but since I just recently received one I thought it would be a good idea to post about it again so other job seekers can be aware who have not heard of it.

No matter where you post your #resume, LinkedIn, Monster, Indeed, Glassdoor, Ziprecruiter these scam companies can still find you and your resume so it’s a matter of being aware and not one specific job site board that is more susceptible than others. There are also smaller job site boards that are sometimes connected to the larger ones and clicking on one job posting can lead to those sites such as Career builder, Lensa, Nexxt, Career alerts, Job Serious, Find Your Career, Featured Jobs, Evening Classifieds, Dicewire, Trending Jobs, Jobungo, Hirewire, Startwire, or Jobvertise, etc. These are all legit job sites and the scam seekers can get your resume/contact info from a smaller known site just as much as a larger one, so again, it's just best to be aware of the actual Google Hangout Scam. It usually goes something like this:

Someone will text you or email you introducing themselves as Mr. Joe Smith from XYZ company. Notice they always use the honorifics of Mr., Mrs., or Ms. The scammers will they say they are from a company that’s usually a legit company because they know you'll Google it to check it out. But they WILL NOT provide their company website address or their own email address at the company such as Jsmith@xyzcompnay.com. That’s a big tipoff, all legit recruiters from real recruiting companies or companies will include ALWAYS include their email address at the company such as: Jane.Smith@RothertHalf.com (legit recruiting agency) or JoeS@Microsoft.com (legit company not using a recruiting agency).
The scammers will next say I saw your resume on (Jobvertise or Hirewire, etc.) You might not even remember putting your resume on that board, that’s fine, once you post on the larger boards your resume info can sometimes be sold to the smaller ones or sometimes by clicking on ‘receive job alerts’ will put your info on the smaller boards and you might not even be aware your resume info is there until you start receiving emails from the smaller job boards. If you’re like me you probably clicked on a lot of ‘receive job alerts’ and thus, your resume is on places you didn’t even realize). Back to the scam: Mr. Joe Smith said he found my resume on some small site and he has a position of Administrative assistant/ data entry/ customer services available. (Tip-off: Administrative assistants usually do not do Data Entry and Customer Service (not services) is a separate job position again not usually what an Admin assistant does.) And Mr. Smith is very impressed with your resume and qualifications and wants to set up an interview. Once you reply you’re interested then they will ask you if you have a Gmail account because they want to set up the interview via Google Hangout. (another tip-off: companies will use Skype to Zoom to interview with you in real time.) Google Hangouts allows Mr. Smith to use a generic Gmail account instead of a company email address which he doesn’t have because he is a scammer.
Mr. Smith will then tell you to get on Google Hangouts right now or at some odd non-business hour time (the weekend or at 6am) and once online a Mrs. Charlotte A. Wilbur is waiting for you to interview you (how convenient!). This is where the real scam happens. They will name some dream opportunity available for a dream hourly rate ($35.00 an hour for customer service position? Yeah right) and then let you practically pick your hours or even say you can work from home (Yay! Who doesn’t want that?) They will go through some BS about pretending to interview you and then put you on hold while they pretend to check with their supervisor about your skills, then come back and say congratulations! The supervisor agreed and our company wants to hire you right away! Next, they will pretend to do the employment specifies of needing your full name, address, social security number (BEWARE) or if they don’t ask for your SSA they will go another rout to scam: asking do you want to be paid as bi-monthly, bi-weekly and do you want direct deposit? This is another way they get you, they will say they need to know which bank you want your direct deposit to go because they have to check to see if your bank is in their direct payment system (or some such made up process.) Giving your full name, SSA number, or your bank info and they have all the means to get you with identity theft.

So that’s the Google Hangout Scam. Basically, if someone contacts you claiming to be from a company but doesn’t provide their email address connected to that company or showing that they are employed by that company or a legitimate recruiting/staffing agency and want to do a Google Hangout interview with you—RUN! Or you can do like me and have a little fun playing along with them (not giving any pertinent info) and then at the end tell them you know they are a scam and you recorded the whole #interview to put on YouTube later to expose them.

Scott Foret
over 6 months ago

is the Company "Contract Commerz SA " Legitimate or a scam?

I was recently offered this position with a Company called " Contract Commerz SA. it seems too good to be true so I figured I'd ask the community for their input. Thanks in advance for any help.

I am pleased to offer you the position of Regional Branch Purchasing Manager in "Contract Commerz SA" - US Branch. Please review the detailed description below:

Job Description Purchasing Manager CONTRACT COMMERZ US LLC

Company/Facility: CONTRACT COMMERZ US LLC Job Status: Full-Time / Part-Time Location: Louisiana Job title: Purchasing Manager
Position Overview: This is a part/full-time professional position. You could start with part-time employment and continue into full-time, if you need the flexibility. This work-at-home position is responsible for generation of purchase orders using Company's money, compiling reports, preparing shipments, and other as designated administrative duties. Base salary will be $98,400.00 per year ($8,200.00 monthly) plus commission. Commission will be from 10% up to 15% of a purchase amount for every fulfilled assignment. Benefits includes Medical, Dental, Vision, 401k, and Life Insurance. Your main responsibilities include: communicating with vendors regarding products and prices, product availability, service, quality and other related issues; communicating with your Supervisor regarding vendor information as stated above; determining appropriate methods for product purchasing (from local stores/vendors or from online sites), if not previously designated by the Company; prepare and process purchase orders; prepare all designated reports; place orders on timely basis and insure on-time delivery. You will responsible for the work designated by your personal Supervisor. You will not be required to relocate. There will be no long-distance trip requirements. Most of the work can be accomplished from home. Also, you will not be required to make any investment nor financial expense. Desired Skills: To succeed, you must be a self-motivated, well organized person and a skilled speaker. This position requires that you accomplish the assignments clearly and intelligibly within the defined terms and set priorities intelligently. The appropriate candidate will become an integral part of our Company's development. You will succeed if you can work remotely and efficiently and be able to efficiently plan short trips in your local area. Probation Period Challenges: During the probationary period, you will learn how to accomplish the assigned purchases on the Company behalf. You will also learn how to complete your entrusted duties accurately, properly, within stringent guidelines, and within agreed time frames. You will be required to act in accordance with the high standards of business process control as adopted by "Contract Commerz SA" in Switzerland. Training will be accomplished by requiring assignments to purchase goods available in stores that are not exclusive to the United States. However, challenges will be programmed in each assignment and will increase in difficulty. For example, you will be assigned purchases that require goods of limited quantity and purchases across several retailers to complete quantity requirements. Assignments can normally be completed in 1-2 hours, easily within your spare time. Also, when purchasing large oversized items, organization, delivery and reshipment efficiencies will be essential. Please find below the detailed description of a typical first assignment under the probationary period:

Step 1: You and your Supervisor determine all required items to purchase. This will include the assignment terms, total purchase amounts and their delivery terms and purchase locations.

Step 2: You will purchase the required items from the local or online retailers with the monies forwarded in advance to your account. All items will be defined as allowed for the export without restriction. The first assignment will require purchasing digital items such as Gift Cards from a large retailer in the US, e.g. Walmart. These gift cards will be used to purchase exclusive products and services in US for Asian and Eastern Europe customers. Our customers will save up to 200% on the cost of some products using these gift cards and our third party reshipping services. These savings are possible due to the different taxation systems and high import duties paid by official importers. Most US retailers such as BestBuy, Walmart, Target, Home Depot do not allow purchases using addresses outside of US and credit cards issued by foreign banks. The purchased items may differ and we will always forward the type and the quantity of items beforehand. We will always respect your views and input. We have a large workload and operate in many countries, if you are not able to purchase some of the items, we have many options and can always propose alternatives.

Step 3: You will send us scans and/or pictures of the purchased "Gift cards" by email. If the purchased items can’t be sent by email, then you will send those items by mail, and of course, all postage expenses will be paid by us.

Step 4: You will make a report regarding the completed assignment. The report form will be provided to you in advance.

Step 5: Move on to the next assignment.

James Carden
3 months ago

Beware of TLS-LLC Company

I want to warn everyone about the TLS-LLC. Company in Georgia. They are a scam company. I worked for them for one.month and they will not pay me. If approached by them do not fall for their scheme. You can Google the TLS-LLC company to see the BBB alert and read the experience of others. #scams #jobsearch #wordsofadvice #employment

Rachel Stevens
over 6 months ago


Can you let me know if you can this is a scam or not Congratulations Rachel,

After much review and consideration, your application has been approved!congratulation on your new job as my "Personal Assistant".

I will be in town in 2 weeks & we'll set-up an appointment to meet so you can sign your employment paperwork.

I will provide you with the equipment you'll be working with and it will come with internet facilities. You'll also be given a start-up bonus (supplies etc.) for this job which will be included in the funds you will receive for the equipment.

Every instruction will be given to you on what to do with the equipment immediately you receive them, here is the list of the equipment that will be shipped for work purpose;

EQUIPMENT': The Following would be shipped to you by my agent to facilitate your work & duties with me

  • HP business machine Notebook Intel(R) Pentium(R) Dual CPUT2330 @1.60GHz 1.60GHz
  • Portable All-in-one Printer, Scanner & Fax machine
  • Laptop hard-case
  • Kasper sky Internet Security application installed on the Laptop

I will also provide you with the funds to handle the shipping cost of the above equipment to you so you don't have to use your personal funds. Working for me with the provided equipment is very necessary because there is a wide range of software installed on the system to protect data, enhance ease duty, as well as speed and accuracy of any work you're doing on it. The special features also calculates the number of hours you work daily so that I can ascertain the bonuses that will be given to you at the end of every month.

Please provide answers to the following schedule.

  1. How many hours are you willing to Work per day?
  2. What time range? If you wish to work more than 5 Hours per Day, then let me know.
  3. Payroll Interval? ( Weekly or Bi-weekly )

IMPORTANT : Kindly provide your Name, address & phone # for payroll purpose and your start-up bonus.


I will be awaiting for your prompt response, I look forward to a great working relationship with you.


Rick Lane

On 2017-08-04 17:52, On Aug 2, 2017 12:50 PM, "Rick Lane"

Elyssa Duncan
Community Specialist
about 2 months ago

Unemployment insurance fraud is on the rise... here's what you need to know. 👀

Across the United States, scammers have been taking advantage of the spike in pandemic-related #unemployment claims. It's estimated that over $89 billion in benefits have been stolen in the last year!!

You may be wondering,

  • How do I know if I’ve been a victim of a scam?
  • If I have been a victim of UI fraud, what do I do now?!

Click here to learn more about how to handle unemployment insurance fraud.

#jobcasetips #advice #watercooler #scams