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Patricia Collins
over 2 years ago

JOB SEEKERS : The Subject of Cover Letters and the Effectiveness

As an Independent Recruiter/Talent Acquisition Specialist, I typically screen for companies offering 1k and up salary grids with big bonuses and benefits attached to the position(s). The sad part is that because people don't understand the effectiveness of cover letters they don't even stand a chance. All things being relative there is a good reason potential employers not just ask for the resume but for the cover letter as well.

When I speak to a candidate and I ask them to send me their resume and cover letter, and they state something on the lines of "Oh, wait just a minute I will put a cover letter together and send it to you in the next few minutes". My mind immediately goes something like this "Oh, no not yet another one". Perfect credentials poor grammar, and sentence structuring, and worst with no real thought being given. NOT good! What they send is a sheet of paper that reads with a lot of "NOTHINGNESS." At that point, I am truly embarrassed for them, without saying it.

And, I am sorry to say I always get exactly what I was expecting a poorly written cover letter. Now, I use to redo candidates cover letters for them however, I no longer do this. The reason I no longer, is because as professionals expecting that type of salaries one should know better. "IT" Information Technology people's cover letters are by far the worse ever. Being that I am not in their specialized field, rewriting someone's cover letter can take me an hour or two including doing extensive research in their field. Sorry guys no offense intended, but remaining only truthful.

Get it together, you Job Seekers, all life belongs to us, and all desires to be fulfilled, but you have to take the right steps, and those steps are under your feet. "The Journey of a Thousand Miles begins Under Your Foot". The good news if we just take one or two the Creator will reach down and do the rest.

Cathy Moon
almost 2 years ago

Need advice

In 1992 I graduated from college with a bachelor degree. I work from 1992 till 2004 for several bank doing accounting work. In 2004 I decided to stay at home with my child. In 2010 she start school so I decided to go back to work part time . It took me over a year to find a 10 dollar hour part time job. I figured it took so long because I want certian hours in 2016 my child was old enough to stay by her self after school. I have been trying to find a full time job since then. I have sent out hundreds of resumes. I have my resume post on 7 different job boards. I signed up with 6 different placement companies. I have been networking. I have my resume redone professionally twice. I try to customize my cover letters. What am I doing wrong? I was thinking about going back to school but do not qualify for any type of financial aid and I can not afford school until I get full time job. Any advice please?

Barb Brandon
almost 3 years ago

Dreaded "do you have any questions" response ideas

Just came across some interesting job search information and wanted to share. This info and more is available on YouTube...work it daily

One thing thats covered is to ask questions so the interviewer sees that you're interested in the position and enhances communication with your interviewer vs that dreaded dead air

  1. How did you come to work here or what do you live most about working here?

The answer will give you insight into the company, it's employees, and other information. 2. Tell me what made a recent hire successful Again this shows interest in what you can do to not only get the job but keep the job and possibly even get a promotion later. By asking what made someone successful you show that you want to be successful and not just come to work each day. 3. What challenges will this position help the company overcome. Alll companies have challenges. This answer will give you insight into what the company may be facing or if they are expanding, etc. It also shows that you see this as helping them to be successful vs just a paycheck. It may be a time to expand how past experiences and how you helped achieve goals. 4. What skills or experiences would make me a better candidate. Especially important if your resume is limited to several points or one or two jobs. Its a chance to respond with how you know a skill or have an experience from volunteering or you can explain other skills not included in order to keep your resume concise versus several pages long

This is part of the work it daily program which involves coaching and help with resumes, interviews etc. It also stresses the importance of cover letters and how to successfully write them.

A key point that made me think is that athletes are professionals yet they have coaches. Perhaps we can all use a little help.

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