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Jobcase Conversation Trends and Job Promotion Tips during COVID-19

April 27, 2020

With the vast majority of the U.S. population under orders to stay at home, workers’ concerns continue to increase during the COVID-19 crisis. Naturally, workers’ behavior across Jobcase has shifted to reflect this momentous time. We analyzed trends in conversations on and engagement with jobs across the Jobcase network to provide insights on worker priorities to help employers better understand how to address worker concerns.

Concern about COVID-19 and anxiety about its impacts have led to a conspicuous shift in the conversations Jobcase members are having on Jobcase. Since March, more than 20% of conversations on Jobcase have included the hashtag #coronavirus, as members return to the Jobcase community for support and guidance on issues ranging from unemployment to health and safety.

Additionally, conversations about the challenges of working from home and finding remote work are up 7.5x since February. In April, roughly 1 of every 10 conversations on Jobcase contains the hashtag #workfromhome, and trends indicate that these figures may continue to rise.

To see if this work from home emphasis was also reflected in workers’ engagement with jobs across the Jobcase network, we performed an additional analysis of job titles. Our analysis found that in April job titles containing work from home-related keywords have achieved a 57% higher click through rate compared to job titles without them. When we dug deeper, we found that titles with the phrase “work from home” achieve 31% higher click through rates compared to those with the word “remote”. Here are a couple sample job titles with both high click through rates and high click volume on the Jobcase network:

Customer Service Representative – Work from Home

Work From Home Data Entry Clerk

Additionally, top performing job titles tended to include information to address workers’ concerns on benefits, hiring timeframes, flexible schedules, and/or requirements. Since many workers who have lost jobs may be unable to find work in their previous industry, highlighting jobs requiring no experience or being explicit about benefits, scheduling, or hiring timeframes may help attract job-seekers unfamiliar with the industry and/or specific role. Here are a few example job titles we found from our analysis:

CDL Driver – Hiring Immediately 

Delivery Driver – No Experience Needed

Caregiver For Seniors – Great Benefits! 

Warehouse Team Member – seasonal, flexible shifts available! 

Flexible Hours, Great Pay – Personal Care Attendant

Thus, if you are seeking to promote jobs during this time, we recommend:


  • If your jobs allow workers to work from home, use “work from home” language in the job title. The more familiar “work from home” language seems to speak more explicitly to job-seekers’ concerns and resonates better with them than “remote” language. 
  • If your positions are ineligible for remote work, call out other benefits or key information that address worker concerns related to COVID-19, including healthcare benefits, job schedule flexibility, and/or hiring timeframe. 

We understand that many of you may not be promoting jobs during this time, as hiring freezes or furloughs are in place.  However, whether you are hiring or not, we encourage you to engage with members on to build relationships and promote your brand. Many of you have expertise in recruiting, HR policies, hiring practices etc. that may be foreign to workers but incredibly valuable for them now.  We’ve built an Unemployment Resource Center on Jobcase as well as a Coronavirus Resource Center that we encourage you to contribute to. Together, we can help support both employer organizations and workers during this challenging time.

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