Integrity Staffing Solutions


Integrity Staffing Solutions (ISS) had a tall order to help their clients staff for a large amount of workers for their peak season.

Jobcase is a valuable partner in our candidate attraction strategy. They are able to deliver a large volume of candidates quickly.



Integrity Staffing Solutions

Integrity Staffing: Expanding the Candidate Pool for Peak Season


With a tight labor market, sourcing channels they had been using, like job boards, were not sufficient to meet the demand. They needed to find a new source to boost their candidate pool.



Utilizing Jobcase’s Job Promotion and Hiring Events Promotion products, we approached each of ISS’ markets individually, and used machine learning insights to provide tailored solutions at the local level. This enabled us to not only reach the right qualified candidates at the right time, but also drive a significant increase in attendance for each ISS hiring event.



Jobcase drove more than 57,000 registrations to ISS’ 280 hiring events across the country. Roughly 6,000 job seekers showed up at various hiring events. In addition, ISS was able to engage with event registrants who did not show up and nurture them along the candidate funnel.

Case studies

Job Promotion Success in Healthcare

Jobcase assisted a major healthcare provider in attracting candidates at favorable recruitment costs during the pandemic.

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Liveops: driving brand awareness in 75+ US markets

Jobcase helped Liveops increase brand awareness and hire nationwide for customer service agents looking to work from home.

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Tidewater Staffing: Sourcing Qualified Workers Fast

Jobcase helps staffing agencies like Tidewater find great candidates for a variety of industries fast.

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Increasing Reach and Applications with Programmatic

Jobcase helped a large staffing leader meet their hiring goals with a programmatic plan built to discover new candidates and increase applications.

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Chewy: Improving Hiring Event Attendance

Utilizing Jobcase Hiring Event promotion, we helped drive 438 registrations and 153 attendees, resulting in 111 hires over 4 hiring events in the span of 15 days.

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Home Depot: Helping with Hard-to-Fill Roles

For The Home Depot, we were able to connect with the right audience with the right messages for locations with hard-to-fill hiring needs.

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Whole Foods: Enhancing Store Opening Success

We created a 4-day campaign that enabled Whole Foods Market to fill their largest volume of open roles and achieve 91% of their hiring goal.

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