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Hiring events in 2020

September 2, 2020


2020 has been a challenging year, as COVID-19 has forced many companies to consider alternatives to traditional in-person hiring. Jobcase has seen hiring events – both in-person and virtual – be incredibly successful, helping companies meet their hiring needs and getting candidates back to work!


Want to go virtual but confused by all the options?

Employers looking to minimize all COVID-19 risks are evaluating a lot of options in the market.   They have recruiters who are ready to meet with people but are wondering – should they try out video chat, online chat, informational presentations or simply schedule a phone call?


Jobcase has offerings in each of these categories and while we show that 80% of our members would recommend any of them to a friend, we did see some clear preferences in our August survey.  When deciding how to connect virtually with candidates we would suggest you use Scheduled Connect and if you can’t, try your best to use video chat for your event!

Are in-person hiring events a thing of the past?  

Members say no!  Our survey of members in August showed that 87% of members feel in-person events are helpful. More importantly, nearly 96% of members found that the in-person events they attended since the onset of COVID-19 have been safe and more than 85% would recommend them to a friend.

Companies using virtual events to meet their hiring goals

Jobcase helps companies host and promote both in-person and virtual hiring events to meet their hiring needs. Here are just two examples of clients using hiring events at scale between March and August:

A large staffing company: early-adopters of virtual hiring events

  • Actively sought a transition from in-person to virtual hiring events as a direct result from the pandemic.
  • Saw the demand for essential workers was increasing.
  • Their more than 100 virtual hiring events resulted in an average of nearly 75 registrants per event.

  • A large logistics company: using hiring events to attract candidates during COVID-19

    • Active user of in-person hiring events over the past year.
    • Saw a 20% decline in physical attendance in spring of 2020, but still needed to solve for growing hiring demand.
    • Introduced virtual chat hiring events in addition to in-person events to broaden participation. Resulted in over 150,000 event registrants to help meet hiring needs.

    Want to learn more? Join our upcoming webinars

    Jobcase Hiring Event Overview: Thursday, 9/3  – 11am PT / 2pm ET 

    In this 30 minute session Karin Lash, Sr. Director, Enterprise + Channel Sales will be showcasing how you can  reach your hiring goals with Jobcase products for in-person, telephone or video-based hiring events. No matter where your company has pivoted with regard to hiring events, Jobcase has a solution to help!


    Virtual Event Platform Demo: Wed. 9/9 – 10am PT / 1pm ET 

    In this 45 minute session hosted by Sam Peckham, Associate Director Client Success you will see a full walkthrough of Jobcase’s Virtual event platform (powered by Brazen), along with a brief overview of Jobcase’s Scheduled Connect product. Join us for this session if you are looking for the opportunity to use or experiment with virtual event software and/or event promotion with no long-term platform commitment. 

    Global TA Day – Today is for Y-O-U! 

    How do we even begin to express our appreciation and gratitude for all that you, our TA partners, have done to pivot your hiring practices in fair, humane and lawful ways these past 6 months?  Like the majority of Jobcase’s members, we understand you recruit for the front lines on the front lines, and that means many of you haven’t had the luxury of working from a home office or “Zooming it in” from a cabin deep in the woods. Now more than ever essential workers are in need of safe, stable, flexible work situations and so many of you and your employers have stepped up in tremendous ways for our members and those like them. So we humbly and gratefully say, “thank you.” Not just today, not just for the last six months, and not just for the foreseeable future. Thank you for being on the front lines of helping our members find a job, level up or launch their dream career.

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