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Millions of Jobcase members are all across the US, right in the places where you do business. So when you’re looking to hire, trust our powerful solutions and community to help you reach and get to know them.

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Job promotion

Increase your applicants with our smart, job promotion expertise. Jobcase’s multichannel technology helps you attract qualified members based on their skills and interests. We can also widen and diversify your audience to improve your chances.

  • Promote at any scale – jobs, campaigns or programmatic
  • Get speed, efficiency, and value, reaching your hiring goals while meeting your CPA targets
  • Constantly improve with insights that optimize performance
  • Utilize our flexibility – we can adjust to recruiting systems that many employers use
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Hiring events

If you need to hire for a lot of roles at once, our hiring events solutions are the perfect addition to your current recruiting strategy. Work with our team, or manage the event on your own with our self-serve platform. We’ll give you the reach and power to draw registrants and get them to show up, and the tracking tools, real-time updates and recommendations to optimize your event. Jobcase supports employers of any size – including some of the biggest in the world – and you can run campaigns of any scale or complexity.

  • Promote your physical or virtual hiring events
  • Create, host and promote your own virtual events
  • Recruit with 1-on-1 phone calls using Scheduled Connect
  • Host using our virtual platform and promote on your own
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Brand awareness

To compete in today’s hiring market, you need a compelling company story. The Jobcase social platform was built to drive conversations around work culture, skills development and opportunity. So, workers come to Jobcase because they want to hear about how your business delivers on these factors. Attract top talent with these solutions:

  • Expand brand recognition with campaigns for various audiences
  • Establish trust with our members by co-branding with Jobcase
  • Drive engagement with your company content
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Community engagement

Did you know that 70% of job seekers look for work through people in their community? Jobcase allows you to tap into workers near your locations, and interact with those you’re trying to attract to your organization. Here’s how we do it:

  • Engage, attract and inform job seekers
  • Sponsor content with the help of our Community Team
  • Promote jobs or hiring events in our community feed
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Jobcase has specialized solutions for any scenario

Got a tough hiring challenge? We’ll customize an approach that works for you utilizing our expertise in data-science and machine learning. Learn how we can help find, attract, and mobilize the right workers for your situation.

  • Attract applicants for Hard-to-Fill Markets
  • Staff up quickly and at scale for Peak Season
  • Help workers through the process with Call-to-Apply
  • Meet hiring deadlines for New Store Openings
  • Create and implement a Campaign Strategy
  • Optimize campaigns with Monitoring and Support

Tap into the power of the Jobcase community

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