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May 2020

Back to the Future!

May 13, 2020

We hope everyone’s staying healthy and safe! During these uncertain times, the way we recruit has been significantly impacted. As our economy slowly starts to open up, traditional methods of recruiting will now move aside to bring new tools and ways to engage with potential candidates. We will need to be creative and take bold steps to try new methods. We are headed Back to the Future! 

This is why here at Jobcase, we have built a creative strategy to help our staffing partners bring new tools to ensure we can support your new hiring goals. We also have been closely tracking data on job listings, job seekers, and overall industry trends.

Looking at changes in weekly active job listings, our data shows a 10-11% increase in week-over-week job listings, click volume and job-seeker volume. Although this is not a huge spike, it is certainly a move in the right direction! While this is the third week in a row of modest increases in job volume, this was the second week of slight increases in job seeker behavior, so we are optimistic this trend will continue to improve.

We recently reviewed some adMarketPlace consumer data from the recession of ‘08, and found companies that focused on Share of Voice (SOV) and increased their advertising spend during the downturn, saw a 38% increase in long term profitability. Thus, your brand positioning is going to be even more important now! Recruiters that keep candidates close and informed will win. Being visible directly to candidates and also participating online can truly make the difference. It sounds simple but it takes effort!

Jobcase is continuing to make our community platform a great place to share relevant employment information, help candidates with questions, engage in conversations and share job opportunities. We are encouraging our staffing and recruiting partners to participate in the conversation, share your knowledge and promote your brand.

Hang in there everyone and reach out with any questions as we continue to head Back to the Future!

Stay healthy and safe,

The Jobcase Staffing & RPO Team


Jim Hoen, VP, Staffing & RPO Solutions

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Warehouse Industry Data Insights


Since so many of your clients are in the warehouse / logistics industry, we pulled together some trends data on job-seeker behavior in the industry to help you uncover insights for your recruiting plans. As many of you felt, there was a large spike in jobs and job clicks during mid-March from increased demand with the country beginning quarantine. That spike subsided in mid-April and has since increased slightly with the most recent data showing 13.7% increase in clicks week over week in early May.

Digging into the decline during the month of April shows that specific geographic markets declined more than others. From the top 10 biggest markets for warehouse jobs, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, and Indianapolis showed the smallest declines in clicks of less than 15% compared to March. Comparatively, Chicago, Dallas, Philadelphia, Riverside CA, and Atlanta all showed declines in clicks of 25 – 50% versus March.


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