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Lawrence White
Community Specialist
16 days ago

Discover Handy Employee Benefits!

“At Handy, we are passionate about finding the absolute best people on planet earth, giving them the opportunity to be great, and working to build a dynamic culture that supports their continuous development.” - Oisin Hanrahan, Handy Co-Founder and CEO

Handy Employee Benefits Include:

  • Competitive compensation and long-term incentives
  • A fun HQ stocked with coffee, snacks, drinks
  • Medical, dental, and vision coverage
  • Daily catered lunch and dinner at HQ
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Flexible vacation policy
  • Frequent team outings, events, and retreats
  • Free monthly credits for Handy services
  • Enhanced paternity and maternity programs

“We know that people want to be inspired and excited about how they spend their time, so we invest not only in delivering quality software to grow our business, but also in helping each other grow - to become better engineers, better leaders, better people.” - Amit Gulati, Director of Engineering

Start your Hiring Process today at Handy Careers

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Tricia Hendrix
Community Specialist
21 days ago

VIZIO hiring 100 new employees in Denver!

Tech giant and television maker VIZIO has tapped Denver Colorado for its next expansion.

The company announced it will open an innovation office in the Mile High City — and hire 100 new employees.

Salaries begin around $120,00 and they are seeking engineers primarily.

Check out the various positions/titles offered here in their Colorado location!

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Lawrence White
Community Specialist
20 days ago

Technology Jobs at Shipt!

Shipt has several technology, (IT), job opportunities available on their company career page.

Shpit is Hiring! Search for local IT job opportunities and apply online today at Shipt Technology Careers

Application Tips to Help Maximize Your Hiring Potential!

Upload or Build your new optimized resume - Do you have an updated resume? Upload it onto your Jobcase Profile or use the resume builder option to create your new optimized resume.

Doing this will help expedite your job search journey by making it easier for great local employers to find and recruit you!

Also, boost your job search results and hiring potential with these online brand-building tips offered in Elyssa's article, Jobcase app: profile tips to get hired.

Don’t forget to include your profile pic - A picture is worth a thousand words! Make sure you include your profile picture to ensure you drive more hiring manager interests to your potential and attract more member/employer connections in the community. See How to pick the right profile picture on Jobcase to learn how you can upload a profile pic that fits the image you want to present to employers.

Get Connected! - Did you know? Old connections are vital to your network! Find out who you should reconnect with and how to rekindle those contacts to grow your career in this quick read Bring your old connections back to life!

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Lawrence White
Community Specialist
about 1 month ago

Are you interested in an Amtrak Trainee Job Opportunity?

Amtrak trainee job opportunities offer on the job career training in the railway transportation industry. These are excellent job options for new and career change/transition job seekers.

  • Can't find any new Trainee job opportunities in your area? Join the Amtrak Employment Community and be among the first notified when new job opportunities open in your area.

Amtrak Trainee Jobs Include:

If you decide to apply for this exciting job opportunity, make sure to include an optimize resume with your online application.

Doing this will significantly improve your application rating and increase your probability to get called in for an interview.

You can also maximize your hiring potential for this and other job opportunities by following these quick and easy personal online brand-building tips, see Jobcase app: profile tips to get hired for more information.

Feel free to reach right back to us on this post if you have any questions before you apply. Thanks & Good Luck!

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Lawrence White
Community Specialist
about 1 month ago

Hiring Alert: Work From Home Software Engineer at Handy

Handy has several full-time, work from home Software Engineer job opportunities available right now.

In this role , you will be collaborating with (engineering, product, and operations) team members to build and release features/products to production everyday.

Handy practices continuous deployment and engineers release web features throughout a day with a push of a button.

What you will do:

  • Be part of a team that builds impactful features for our customers and pros everyday
  • Collaborate with product and business teams to review specs and breakdown features into releasable chunks and work on those features
  • Contribute to code reviews, architectural and design reviews, evangelize best engineering practices, and participate in Handy lunch & learn sessions (“Nuts & Bolts”)
  • Be part of our production on-call rotation to support what you built

Still Interested? Get all the job details and application instructions at Remote - Software Engineer at Handy.

If you decide to apply, make sure to include an optimize resume with your online application. Doing this will significantly improve your application rating and opportunity to get called in for an interview.

You can also maximize your hiring potential at this and other jobs by following these quick and easy brand building tips and suggestions, see Jobcase app: profile tips to get hired.

Connect right back with us on this post if you have any questions before you apply. Thanks!

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Lawrence White
Community Specialist
about 2 months ago

Union Pacific is Hiring! Sign up to talk with a recruiter.

This recruiting information sessions and hiring events are excellent opportunities to learn about working at Union Pacific and understand the hiring process.

Want to work at Union Pacific? Talk to a recruiter during one of these recruiting information sessions. Go to Union Pacific Career Information to see the full list of events and register.

Ready to apply? Go to Union Pacific Jobs to start your hiring process.

Boost you application rating with these quick tips - 5 Tips you can use to get past an ATS

Union Pacific Recruiting Sessions Include:

Maximize your hiring potential with these quick and easy tips - Jobcase app: profile tips to get hired

Explore more Union Pacific job paths at Union Pacific Career Paths and Hiring Opportunities

Not looking or interested in Union Pacific? We can help connect you with more related job options.

Share some of your top job preferences with us...

  • What’s your work background, are you looking for a specific job?
  • Are you interested in full or part-time jobs?
  • Are you interested in remote/work from home ONLY or are you open to on-location job options?
  • Do you have related work experience or are you interested in changing careers?
  • Anything else?

We will use this information to match you up with related employment and hiring opportunities that fit your immediate job needs and career goals.

You can also find the job leads and hiring events on our #workfromhome and hiringnews topic pages. Thanks & Good Luck!

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Lawrence White
Community Specialist
3 months ago

Union Pacific Railroad Careers Event

#UnionPacific is hosting a virtual career information event on Thursday, February 25, from 9a - 11a, (PST). Join the call and chat with Union Pacific hiring managers about career options and immediate hiring possibilities.

Register for this event today at Union Pacific Railroad Interest - Thursday, February 25

Event Tip - How to ace a Zoom interview

Union Pacific Career Tracks:

  • Railroad Operations
  • Professional
  • Operations Management Training Program
  • Management Training Program
  • Subsidiaries

The Union Pacific Family consists of many companies around the country. Ranging from railroads to logistics and shipping companies, find your perfect fit here, no matter what you are looking for.

Event Tip - Before, during, and after a virtual hiring event

Find Your Fit!

  • Use the Union Pacific Skills Translator to help you identify career tracks and job options that fit your educational background, skills and experience.

Stay Connect to the jobs you WANT!

  • Sign up to the Union Pacific Talent Community and be one of first to be notified when new job(s) become available in your area.

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Lenin Pina
Community Specialist
5 months ago

General Motors: Hiring 3,000 Work From Home Jobs Around the US

General Motors just announced the companies 1st quarter 2021 hiring goal to recruit up to 3000 new work from employees. Remote job opportunities include:

  • Engineering
  • design
  • Information Technology, (IT)

“Electrical system engineers, infotainment software engineers, developers for Java, Android, iOS, other platforms, controls engineers, you know, the list goes on. It's all those kind of roles." - Adam Yeloushan, General Motors HR Director of Global Engineering

Remote work isn’t new for General Motors, but the company is now offering more remote opportunities than ever before.

For information on how to apply for one of the job openings, click here

#GeneralMotors #hiringnews #jobsearch #Engineer #Design #IT #workfromhome #NationWideUSA

Lenin Pina
Community Specialist
5 months ago

3 Companies Hiring #WFH Software Engineers!

We found 3 top companies currently in need of talented Software Engineers to join their remote development teams. (Remote/Virtual, US).

We added a brief description below but use the company name link below to immediately access the company career page where you can review the job details and application instructions.

Application Tip - Top 3 skills you need to land that WFH job

  • Expel - If you’re looking for a job with a mission to match your skills then check out the new Software Engineer (Turn On + Monitoring, Full Stack).

  • Life360 - Take a closer look at the new Senior Android Engineer job opportunity if you are a self-starter who is eager to learn, improve, and grow.

  • StackWave - This company is on a mission is to accelerate life-saving scientific discoveries by equipping scientists and engineers in the life sciences with powerful and intuitive tools.

Application Tip** - 5 Tips you can use to get past an ATS

Not interested in these jobs?

  • Check out more remote employment opportunities on our #workfromhome topic page.

Carefully review each job lead to make sure you meet all the job qualification requirements. Follow the application steps and submit your completed online job application before the job posting(s) close.

Feel free to reach right back to us if you have any questions after you apply.

#workfromhome #hiringnews #jobsearch #engineer #IT #developer #technology #NationWideUSA