Jobcase app: profile tips to get hired

Last updated: June 23, 2024
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Jobcase app: profile tips to get hired
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Did you know that Jobcase has its own mobile app?! That's right! Available on the App Store and Google Play, the Jobcase Inc. app makes it easy to get to work - fast. You can accelerate your job search, connect with other job seekers, gather expert resources, and put your best foot forward to catch the eye of top employers in your area.

**Searching for a new job? Completing your profile will help you successfully land your next role faster and easier! **

Why should I fill out my Jobcase profile?

Your profile acts as a first impression to potential employers and fellow Jobcasers, so you want to make sure it shines! Having a completed profile on the Jobcase app enables you to have a portable work-life since an online profile is always up to date, easily accessible from your phone, and allows you to be discoverable by employers.

Jobcase is a community of members helping other members to find jobs and improve all aspects of their work-life. When you share your work goals and experience on your profile, you can connect with others, expedite the job search process, and improve your Jobcase experience.

Jobcase profile sections

Your Jobcase bio

Think of your bio as a first introduction. Looking for a work from home job opportunity? Have a specific industry you'd like to get into? Tell the world who you are and what you're looking for.

Having an updated location and summary also helps the Jobcase community find the best matches for you!

Sample Jobcase member bio:
Dependable worker with 5+ years of experience in warehouse management. I am skilled at managing inventory, shipping and receiving, customer relations, and safety compliance. I am looking for a new role in the Chicago area!

Jobcase profile information

The more you can include in your profile sections, the better. Based on your information, Jobcase will create an auto-populated resume for you to use in job applications. Make sure to include action words, positive tonality, and relevant examples. Check out more resume writing tips here!

Work experience

This is a highlight of your recent work history. This can include any part- or full-time jobs you've had. Be sure to add the dates you worked at each role and a few descriptive sentences about your duties and responsibilities.


If you earned a high school diploma, GED, or any higher education degrees - list them here. Complete an apprenticeship program or other technical training? Add it in!

Licenses and certifications

Official qualifications can help you stand out. Some examples include:

  • Commercial Drivers License (CDL)
  • Medical Assistant Certification
  • HVAC Support Technician
  • Project Management Professional (PMP)


Add any soft or hard skills that you've obtained. You can type them in or select them from a prepopulated list. To give any employer a full picture of your strengths, you'll have to be aware of both these types of skills.


You can choose up to six unique traits that best describe you! These are especially important in helping future employers understand who you are on a more personal level.


Showcase the passion you have for your community and your dedication to helping others.

Links can include portfolio websites, articles, or any other professional content you'd like to share.

Jobcase resume

The resume feature on the Jobcase app allows you easily apply to HUNDREDS of jobs right from your phone. Submitting a "wow" worthy resume has never been easier! You can even upload various versions, so you have a tailored application for each role.

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All of your uploaded resumes can be easily shared with potential employers. Simply download them to your phone, and you can share via email, Jobcase application, or external site application. Did we mention that Jobcase can instantly format a resume for you?

Job interests and community activity

Set your job search preferences, such as job titles, location, and companies, to let hiring managers know what kind of work you're looking for. Your activity feed is a timeline of your posts, comments, and likes in the Jobcase community. This is a great way to revisit your community contributions and access content that was important to you.

**The Jobcase mobile app makes it easy to get to work - fast! **

Available for download on the App Store

Available for download on Google Play



April LeMay
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I feel I would be an asset to your company. A perfect addition to your team!!

Hello so my profile saw era it's only visible to, I'd prefer for employers to be able to see my profit, can someone assist me on making this happen?? Lol

Lenin Pina
Community SpecialistBullet point
Community Specialist

Excellent recap and tool use quick tips and information here @Elyssa Duncan. These are essential elements to have for anyone looking to stand out and capture the attention of hiring managers for the career job opportunities they want. Empowering directions here, Well Done!