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Colin Rocker Rice
3 months ago

Business Analyst vs. Product Manager

A business analyst and product manager are two essesntial roles, in the tech industry and beyond, for a new grad or experienced hire to step into.

However, they can often be confused for one another.

Check out my video below explaining the differences!

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Lawrence White
Community Specialist
over 6 months ago

Technology Jobs at Shipt!

Shipt has several technology, (IT), job opportunities available on their company career page.

Shpit is Hiring! Search for local IT job opportunities and apply online today at Shipt Technology Careers

Application Tips to Help Maximize Your Hiring Potential!

Upload or Build your new optimized resume - Do you have an updated resume? Upload it onto your Jobcase Profile or use the resume builder option to create your new optimized resume.

Doing this will help expedite your job search journey by making it easier for great local employers to find and recruit you!

Also, boost your job search results and hiring potential with these online brand-building tips offered in Elyssa's article, Jobcase app: profile tips to get hired.

Don’t forget to include your profile pic - A picture is worth a thousand words! Make sure you include your profile picture to ensure you drive more hiring manager interests to your potential and attract more member/employer connections in the community. See How to pick the right profile picture on Jobcase to learn how you can upload a profile pic that fits the image you want to present to employers.

Get Connected! - Did you know? Old connections are vital to your network! Find out who you should reconnect with and how to rekindle those contacts to grow your career in this quick read Bring your old connections back to life!

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Suzanne Coultard
6 months ago

Sales jobs

#Product knowledge is very important. #Having an open & friendly personality (appearing approachable) #Setting daily sales goals for yourself.

never miss an opportunity to upset.

Meaning keep showing related items to what the customer originally came looking for.

ALWAYS see your customer through to the end. NEVER pass the buck or make them feel unappreciated for shopping with you.

michael espinosa
4 months ago

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