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Unicorn Vomit
5 months ago

Remote Work Protection Policies: Unbearable noise, Disrupting neighbors...

Covid-19 put me on remote status since the March lock down and I have been struggling to perform due to the constant noise level. It's unbearable. I am full of anxiety, constantly distracted, taking phone calls in my closet to avoid disruption. I need help. I don't know who to turn to or whether I even have a right to ask this question. Yes, I am fortunate I have a job. But this is not about having a job or not - I want to know facts, protocols, SOP's - it's not like remote work is a new concept. Anyone? I just need some advice? #Guidance #inspiration #advice #Florida #help #hr #coworkers #workfromhome #remoteworker #osha #compliance

jerry shaw
over 6 months ago


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