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Alfredo Rupprecht
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about 16 hours ago


From my 22 years applying and recruiting maybe I can help some by highlighting a few very common error lines to avoid in resumes, others very widely used but that dont add any value and are all followed by some positive impact lines to replace with.

❌1 “I'm absolutely convinced I’m a great fit for the role” or any of its variants: “ I” 'm convinced I can do this” “I’m convinced I have the right skills for this job”

⏩ Well good for you you are convinced you can do it! Thing is you have to convince the recruiter**** Realize this type of line is only a statement to yourself, you are not demonstrating anything to the recruiter👍

✅As I always like to stress, the #1 element you must have in any resume or cover letter is SHOWCASING YOUR BEST PAST ACHIEVEMENTS PROPER TO THE ROLE. Do not label yourself, only prove your worth. At the most, after demonstrating your skills, a great transition line could be:

  • “I hope that through these concrete examples, you can sense my optimal fit for this role. In this case, I’d love to have the opportunity to further expand on the value I can bring to your team through an interview with you”

2 “Please give me a chance, I can do this!”, “I’ll do anything!” Any supplicatory lines are a BIg no-no.

⏩Companies look for the best candidate and they need proof of their skills to determine that not someone that only promises he can do it.. It also shows desperation. if you will do anything for a paycheck, its very likely you will not like it and leave in a few months and the company will have to spend more time and money finding someone else.

3 Self adjectivization/labeling: I’m a serious, effective, analytical, self-starter, reliable, bla bla customer service agent, sales person etc

⏩Similar to error#1, the point is to convince your recruiter and self labeling doesnt prove ANYTHING. Try avoiding it altogether but if you feel the need to mention something about your skill set ( often in the first paragraph of a CL) be sure to follow through with a, DEMONSTRATION of your characteristics through, again and again, CONCRETE PAST ACHIEVEMENTS. Else its just cheap talk!!

✅Great junction lines between all the wonderful things you say about yourself and the achievement examples:

  • “Now, I know we can all say wonderful things about ourselves so allow me to demonstrate to you my skill set through some of my most recent achievements”
  • .“I‘m confident you will see these qualities through the following concrete examples:”

In these lines, you are acknowledging its up to the recruiter to see the value you claim to have. You put the burden of proof on yourself while still reflecting a high confidence level.

4 Whenever asked about a task: I have no idea - I’ve never done that, I dont know about it.

⏩Nothing worse than not knowing… Many others do know so you will be discarded.

✅ To keep your chances in these situations rather say that you havent done that specific task but you have done something similar and provide your best past performance in that related field Show you have some understanding of the subject.

5 “I’m passionate about”

⏩ Nothing wrong with it in itself but my friends, it is so used it becomes almost hollow of meaning and the challenge of any application is to STAND OUT. Imagine your recruiter reading 80 times “I’m passionate about…” and all of a sudden your application saying something different. It will catch the attention very favorably.

✅ So use synonyms or embrace other concepts like:

“ I feel accomplished when..”, “I feel wholesome when.. ” “My drill in life is..”, I use “ My reason for being in life is”

There are many more but for most of us the reading span only goes that far😉

Hope this helps some out there!

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Alfredo Rupprecht
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5 days ago


With the best music ever to search for a job :) https://youtu.be/mpW3C_k0WMY?si=CBCuuDisUaONLyYn

1- General Information about Felon Friendly Companies Let's first note that when we talk about felon friendly companies it doesnt mean they hire ex-felons just like they would anyone else, it rather means they will not check your background until they offer you a job. This implies that you compete on a foot of equality. Most often these companies signed the Fair Chance Pledge launched a few years ago. Some companies specify the felony needs to be a certain number of years back ( according to the state's expungement laws)

2 - Expunge your past felony: There is a recent trend to widen up expungement laws to many categories of felonies.If you qualify you request it in the Court that charged or convicted you. Most the time, murder, sex offense and child abuse dont benefit from these more lax laws. To file a request, you typically need a certain number of years to have passed SINCE YOU FINISHED THE SENTENCE NOT THE FELONY OR CONVICTION DATE. Obtaining an expungement can save you a great deal of trouble in your future job searching.

3 - Free Legal Advice: Requirements to qualify for expungement can be difficult to sort out by the average person so here is a list of free legal advice places you can go to:

4- Two great Sites to find jobs for Ex Felons

5 - Best Paying Job Free Training - Software programming is surely one of the best paying jobs. These ex felons get you ready for it for FREE. You do need to do some general non programming testing to qualify. https://www.nextchapterproject.org/: Thanks @Scott Silvers for this great site.

6 - Craigslist: If you dont see any company in your state hiring for what you are looking for, I'd suggest trying this site.Its great to find customer service, sales, moving and virtual assistance jobs. The thing is to look for offers from individuals only, not companies, that way its more likely they wont annoy with background checks. If you can have some great references in letter form, of course, it should help a lot.

7 - Trucking Companies: Many are Felon friendly. https://helpforfelons.org/become-truck-driver-with-felony/

8- AI companies: There are online jobs in artificial intelligence that hire with no background check ever. Its mostly about evaluating websites. No experience needed and no interviews, You study a guide they give you and pass an open book quiz.

  • Telus International, Appen, Liveops.

Hope this helps some out there👍

#jobsearch #interview #motivation #resume #hiringnews #workfromhome #advice #stress #application #hiringevents #unemployment #termination #ageism #policy #firstjob #foodservices #retail #onlinetraining

Alfredo Rupprecht
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9 days ago


I have no “method” and I dont know what so-called Youtube experts say, for sure there is better insight out there. I’ll just share my experience and opinion after 22 years working in customer service and having been promoted to team manager and COO in 7 different full time roles.

1 key concept: Do what others dont do or do it better but NOT in the goal of becoming the team leader, rather out of pleasure. You enjoy your work, and want the best for that group and you in it knowing it will likely be a central part of your life for years.

Sooner or later your outstanding efforts will get noticed. If there is already a kick ass manager in place, you can at least get a significant raise. If you really want to lead and the role is taken, you can use your achievements to convince another company. New start ups typically need general aces.

Truly liking what you do is THE foundational condition to excel that applies to anything:

Applying this to customer service:

1 - Excell through your empathic nature: We all know cust serv people have to be empathic and solve issues. But there are different levels... Most reps I know are able to reflect some good empathy levels by listening to the customer, acknowledging they are right, saying things like” Oh, I’m sorry to hear that” and offer a discount on a damaged product or other mishap.

But if you belong to the rare tribe infected by the irreversible service virus I’d suggest you let yourself go and express that side of your personality. Many times we feel pressured to stick to what is usually accepted by society. Dont be afraid to be more personal, to go out of the box in offering genuine caring and going the extra mile out of pleasure..

Ex- In a mobile homes company where we got calls from many distressed people, a lady facing eviction also tells me she is on Klonopin, and slightly cried on the phone. Having that virus in me, I couldnt stay with the typical “ sorry to hear that”… After listening, I first focused on offering a concrete business solution since its what we all want and relaxes the best: I reassured her I would talk to the owner and prioritize her situation and work to get her a super flexible financing although it wasn’t company policy. I said it meaning it, being in communion with her.

Then I tackled the personal side, I shared some of my own past issues with Klonopin, I advised her about it being highly addictive and suggested not to withdraw from it one day to the next as she wanted to do since it can cause lethal seizures… .To other issues she mentioned, I also shared similar experiences from my relatives as to make her feel she wasnt the only one and I offered their and my view on the issues As I talked, I could sense she couldnt believe it, like if she were saying “ hey this guy is not saying “ oh, sorry to hear that” 😉

When you provide your best service-minded personality with distressed or angry customers, after a while, the supervisor or owner will know…

2 - Solve Problems: Dont be afraid to go out of the box and propose ideas with solutions and eventually face Ridicule.. For 1 game changing idea I proposed, I have a few completely stupid or unfeasible ones…

Be proactive and identify problems and solve them: They dont have to be big, any kind of problem solving or bettering processes is good, however, if you are able to identify and at least propose a solution to bigger issues its big bonus since the bigger the problem and solution, the more valuable you’ll become. Ex- Years ago, I solved an import- export mess in Britain due to their nightmare Brexit issue coupled with Covid delays. This was clearly out of my customer service scope and together with other solutions, it rewarded me with a COO role.

3- Open new business venues: There is no law saying you cant think of solutions outside the customer service area. But you can also expand business opportunities from within customer service; Ex: You can propose your supervisor/owner to implement short company product- based games in your website chats. Instead of customers waiting anxiously, they can play for discounts* It’s a bomb to get returning customers*** I dont know if I invented this but I havent seen it anywhere else. Generally, think of what your company is missing and come up to management with a solution, dont just pinpoint the problem, anyone can do that.

4 - Be helpful with your teammates! You cant be leader if you dont like to help your peers like you do with customers.

5 - Communicate effectively. A good leader knows how to pass a message to the base so things are understood. With upper management, most often one has to be very orderly, use bullets and go straight to the point, dont waste their time. Be sure to notify your absences. Be the glue between higher management and the base.

6 - Be Responsible and Punctual: The most empathic and problem solver person is nothing if they are often late and floppy.

I hope this can help some👍

#jobsearch #interview #motivation #resume #hiringnews #workfromhome #advice #stress #application #hiringevents #unemployment #termination #ageism #policy #firstjob #foodservices #retail #onlinetraining

Alfredo Rupprecht
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23 days ago

My #1 Recruiter Suggestion to Improve your Resume - With Concrete Examples👍✌

. Everything is better with music: https://youtu.be/mpW3C_k0WMY?si=VTy2kbYFqG-fK6EB

I don't pretend to be a Resume Expert, but I worked over 22 years as a cs agent, team manager, and COO with much recruiting and keeping things simple, I’ll say, if there is 1 thing you have to have in your application, this is:


After a recruiter checks that an application is a general fit ( the application is for the right job post/role) the 1 thing he needs to see is who can bring the best value to the team.

And to prove YOU are the one, you need to explain your best achievements, not just say them This means, more or less:

  • What is it you did
  • Contextualize the issue- where your solution later came in
  • Explain how you did it
  • Show the RESULTS, what did it improve, Bring Numbers/Data to back it up

As obvious as this may seem, I’m amazed to see the number of candidates that don't do it. Instead, they make these 2 mistakes:

  • They simply state their past roles, as if the only concern was to show a general fit…
  • Or, at best, many only mention some of their best achievements but THEY DON'T EXPLAIN them.

Let’s see this through some examples:

-Only stating past roles doesn't need any examples. Quickest landing to the Bin:)

-Only mentioning the best achievements without explaining them:

❌ Ex 1 “ Thanks to my friendliness and proactiveness, I contributed to a sales increase of 50% during the course of my work period” ⏩Even if the candidate attaches a graph showing such sales increase, nothing proves it was due to his proactiveness or friendliness. Cheap talk. The candidate needs to explain a concrete action he took that increased sales.

❌ Ex 2 “During my 6 years at X company I succeeded in maintaining a customer feedback score of 4.5” ( If I had been given $1 for every time I read this…) ⏩ For this kind of measurable achievement, data proof is indispensable. Without it, again, it’s cheap talk.

❌ Ex 3 “I implemented a new system through which the company improved shipping delays during the pandemic. This resulted in better customer retention at a time when customers were very upset due to the many issues raised by Covid. ⏩ A little better than the previous 2 examples but still no explanation of what exactly was done to reach the alleged results.

Some examples of achievements duly explained.

✅ Ex 1 I drove UK-bound sales back to pre-pandemic levels after a steep drop resulting from Covid’s shipping costs and products getting stuck at UK Customs after Brexit

At the peak of the pandemic, the UK had withdrawn from the European Union, entailing many legal issues and uncertainty as to the applicable norms for exports and imports. UK customs kept the company’s merchandise for weeks causing a steep drop in UK and even Europe bound sales.

After 3 months of unfruitful solutions, I turned around the situation by suggesting and actively participating in:

  • Obtaining a UK IMPORT LICENSE. The new legal status allowed our products to be handled with just a 4 day maximum delay.

  • I canceled all traditional and slow shipping options available until then and implemented 2 new solutions: A UK shipping company economy option through which we paid for any applicable customs duties and later billed our customers in comfortable installments and a DHL Express option whereby the customers directly paid for customs fees in exchange of a 30% discount on their next orders plus VIP cust service handling.

  • Thanks to these measures plus a thorough explanation of the situation to our customers, our sales to the UK went back to pre-pandemic levels within 3 weeks of implementation. Our customer feedback also reflected recognition of our very solution-driven focus. See graph from our Shopify store and a few examples of our customer feedback from inner communication software: DATA Links

✅ Ex 2 I Opened New Markets in Latam, Africa, and Asia

The company’s products being very premium and expensive, these markets were almost completely left out. There was no affordable shipping option to those regions and many interested people from those countries complained.

  • I solved this by developing a partnership with the traveler app, Grabr that connects travelers with locals to bring them products from developed countries. With the IT team, I added the feature as an API within our Community page and a matching scheme for our customers or non-customers travelers and interested buyers from those regions. I also presented this as a social activity.

  • The results in sales to Latam as an example, went from under $200 per month until implementation in July 2018 to $2700 4 months later. While the figures remain slim in the total market share, the move allowed the company to increase its social responsibility image. This reflected through customer reviews and known retail magazines such as The Independent Retailer and The Boss Magazine. See Shopify sales page for Latam sales, a few reviews from company’s website, and media clips: DATA

I hope you can sense that the only way for a recruiter to make a reasonable choice is by comparing different values and the N1 value is what you accomplished in the past that can be useful in the new role.If you only state your achievements without explaining how you attained them your recruiter will not see your value.

To showcase Data backing up your achievement claims, it pays to keep them as you come up with them along the way. It’s VERY IMPACTFUL.

There are other very important things to include in a successful application but nothing is worth much without demonstrating your best accomplishments.

Hope this helps some out there👍👍

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Alfredo Rupprecht
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about 1 month ago


Realistic, because when I read web articles about this topic I see very attractive titles but then comes the fine print… and it turns out you gotta make 50-60K per year or buy or build a house, get an employer matching with no tax incentive, etc.. I think the majority of those seeking these opportunities do it precisely because they want a change in their living situation, but do not have enough yet to buy a home.

One thing though: All these offers require that you already work remotely full-time. In the US, there is NO relocation offer out there for those of us with no jobs… There is one crazy option in Canada… see last option below.

1 - West Virginia

  • $12K to move to a list of select communities in WV plus other perks like 1 year free watersports, climbing equipment renting, etc.
  • 10K the first year/ monthly deposits ( that takes care of the rent) 2K in the second year.
  • Many communities available and more opening in the near future.
  • Available for more than 1 person in same family👍


  • Be working remotely at a business based outside of West Virginia or be self employed outside WV ( online activity)
  • NO minimum income requirement.
  • Do an online interview
  • Move in within 6 months of acceptance
  • According to https://citizenremote.com/ its not difficult to qualify.
  • Average rent price/ 1 bedroom Apartment: 880
  • Apply at: https://ascendwv.com/

2 - Rochester, NY ( By Lake Ontario)

  • 10k for renters spread in 1 year,
  • Reimbursement of up to $750 for travel expenses + Other perks.


  • Work Remotely full time
  • NO minimum income requirement
  • Presently live 300 miles out of Rochester, NY
  • Relocate within 6 months pof acceptance
  • Taking applications from July through December 2023
  • Average rent price/ 1 bedroom Apartment: $950
  • Apply at: https://www.greaterrocremote.com/program

3 - Tulsa, Oklahoma

  • 10K spread in 1 year + $500 travel reimbursements


  • Work Remotely full time ( includes starting your own business if manageable online) -Currently live outside Oklahoma
  • Relocate within 12 months.
  • NO minimum income requirement
  • Average rent price/ 1 bedroom Apartment: $860
  • Apply at: https://tulsaremote.com/#benefits

4 - Unbelievable Option In Canada

If you love cold weather, the great outdoors, and don't mind living within small communities NorthWest Canadian Company pays for everything for you to work in the Northern Territories. They provide you with housing, utilities, and gas money plus food allowance for the first initial months. They also provide health insurance and paid travel days. Of course, you’ll need to obtain a Canadian work permit. This usually takes from 1 to 9 months, but it wouldn't be surprising that relocating to such a far away distance in need of population would make the process faster.


Legitimate Work from Home Opportunities

I know, you’ll tell me, now I need a full time remote job! After 22 years working in customer service management, most of it remotely, I know legitimate companies that are always hiring:

  • In Customer service: Kelly, Teletech, Sujtherland, Teleperformance, Alorica, Modsquad.
  • In Customer Service with No interviews: Omiinteractions, FancyHands, Working Solutions.( based on passing skills quizzes- Easy)
  • In Artificial intelligence No interview companies: Telus International, Appen, Welocalize, LiveOps
  • Alorica - You get to set your schedule like most 1099 Contractor jobs but after 6 months you can also be W2 with all its benefits*

Hopefully, this can serve some👍

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Alfredo Rupprecht
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about 1 month ago


As we all know, many companies check our social media content as part of their hiring process and also while we work with them.

Personally, I understand the logic behind companies watching us: they are worried that an employee’s social media expression may jeopardize their reputation. It's a very legitimate concern.

But I find it's a superior logic to simply bet on people’s ( all of us as customers) intelligence and ability to differentiate between some stupidity we may say on social media and our performance and ethics at work

All within limits, of course. Advocating for crime, and clear expressions of discrimination to me also shouldn’t be allowed at a company level. However, some people get fired or downgraded because of posting pictures of a wild party or leashing out some not-so-poetic words to someone and I don't agree with sanctioning any of this... These policies end up molding our social media behavior making us write like automats...

Now, for all of us Freedom Lovers, there is a new player in town offering you a powerful tool to fight back. Asides any commercial side to it, and that, for sure, it would be a lengthy process, I still find this a great score*

If you are being harassed by your employer due to your tweets, Elon Musk offers to pay your legal bills* https://prnt.sc/8fbSmpLVBKNk

Tweet: https://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/1688022163574439937?s=20

" Man can renounce everything without ceasing to be man, everything but his freedom " -JP Sartre.

#jobsearch #interview #motivation #resume #hiringnews #workfromhome #advice #stress #application #hiringevents #unemployment #termination #ageism #policy #firstjob #foodservices #retail #onlinetraining

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Alfredo Rupprecht
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about 2 months ago

With so many serious posts, so much job searching, interviewing, getting your Resume ATS compliant... We all need a break!!

Some funny customer service moments - Enjoy it!!


#jobsearch #interview #motivation #resume #hiringnews #workfromhome #advice #stress #application #hiringevents #unemployment #termination #ageism #policy #firstjob #foodservices #retail #onlinetraining

Alfredo Rupprecht
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2 months ago

It's so easy to fall in life.. it comes unpredictably.. A job loss, a physical injury, an emotional hardship …

Many look for their way out through remote work and that’s a smart idea since there are many easily accessible remote jobs. Here I want to concentrate on bringing some concrete relief solutions for all those financially down but who are determined to overcome their hardship💪

I’ve compiled a list of great organizations that I’ve thoroughly verified and that offer either “Free”, ( actually, tax-funded - there is no such thing as free things in life) or very Low Cost computers, smartphones, and Internet connection to help you ReBounce**

1 - “Free” and Low-Cost Laptops

  • https://www.computerswithcauses.org/application/ For anyone in need. Requirements: They run a need assessment. Takes weeks

  • https://theonitfoundation.org/faqs For students K-12 Requirements: Students with free or reduced cost lunch. Parents must request. There can be a waiting list. If you don't qualify for a free PC, they can offer low-cost PC’s With each PC they also provide 20 hours of internet use classes.

  • https://www.pcsforpeople.org/eligibility/ For anyone in need Requirements: Household income: 1 pers household: 29,160/year, 2 people: 39,440/year, 4 people:60K. Higher threshold in Alaska and Hawaii. Must provide proof. or

Beneficiaries of any federal assistance: Medicaid, SSI, housing assistance Photo ID

  • Alliance for Technology Refurbishing and Reuse

A consortium of nonprofit organizations that refurbish technology items and distributes all across the nation at no or low cost. Here a map of their organizations across the country to find the one nearest you: https://aftrr.org/map-locator/

Example: https://www.artstech-kc.org/tech Offers low cost PC’s . if they don't have one they will build one in 10 days!

  • https://www.freecycle.org/search-posts NGO that recycles used items to prevent dumping in landfills. Some PC equipment and many other items to get for free and use or refurbish and resell for profit

2 - “Free” Smartphones and Cell Phone Service

Through the Government Lifeline Program.

Many participating companies offer different phone devices, speed and data capacity so it's worthwhile comparing. They all run on 4G network!

Basic Requirements are identical for all: Income level: Poverty line in your state Beneficiaries of federal assistance programs: Medicaid, SSI, Veterans pension, etc.

A few of these companies

3 - Free and Low-cost Internet Service

For anyone in need. Either completely free internet for those qualifying for the ACP program ( Affordable Connectivity Program) or very low cost ( From $10 to $30/month) for those not qualifying for ACP.( income levels just above ACP requirements)

Requirements for ACP : Household income: 1 pers/ household: 29,160/year, 2 people: 39,440/year, 4 people:60K. Higher threshold in Alaska and Hawaii. Must provide proof. or If you or anyone in your household receives any federal assistance.

Free Lowcost Internet plus $150 Dell Laptop: If you don't want to wait much, when you qualify for ACP through them, you can then buy a Dell laptop for just $150. Dell is one of the best brands:)

4 - Reputable companies to start working remotely:

a) In Customer Service, Data Entry and Sales:

  • On this site, go to the Jobs tab, type in customer service, and check the remote box. I realized a while ago that results don't mention Remote but if you click on a job offer, it will say remote or hybrid.

  • Super reputable companies: Kelly, Teletech, Teleperformance, Sutherland, Alorica, Concentrix, Modsquad.

  • Companies with No Interviews: Ominiintercations, Working Solutions, Fancy Hands: You sign up and pass a computer, internet, and customer service or internet search test either written or video recorded ( you can pause between questions)

b) In Artificial Intelligence Much remote work available in this area:

  • Appen, Telus International, LiveOps, and WeLocalize. No experience needed. You sign up, pick a project, study the guides that go with the project, and pass an open-book quiz. No interviews either.

With all this, you should have plenty to start.

I hope this helped someone!!

#jobsearch #interview #resume #motivation #hiringnews #workfromhome #advice #stress #application #hiringevents #unemployment #termination #ageism #policy #firstjob #foodservices #retail #onlinetraining

Alfredo Rupprecht
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2 months ago


Better than only asking questions, I prefer trying to offer SOLUTIONS**

Maybe you're over 50, you have a disability to which interviewers react wrongly, or you simply don't feel comfortable during interviews but you have great skills.

In my many years of recruiting, I prefer hiring based on skills rather than on Resumes and interviews. It’s more efficient and even faster. More companies are embracing this reality for high-skill jobs like software programming. But I came across a few lonesome heroes in customer service and related fields.

They offer work both Onsite and Remotely. Don't think No interviews means that you’ll just walk in and start working… there is still a selection process to qualify based principally on skills assessments.

1 - Fancy Hands:

  • Remote virtual assistance. Easiest to get in but workflow is not regular for beginners.
  • You do many different types of tasks. Ex: finding a fine gourmet Italian restaurant for x number of people at x date in x location, summarizing a long article or booking a flight.
  • Steady workflow.
  • Hiring Process: Sign up and take a ridiculously easy internet technical and research skills test. Ex: Difference between Google Doc and G Sheet, what is Photoshop or Canvas used for and find what process a Kentucky lawyer has to fulfill to practice law in the state of New York.
  • Pay is per assignment and low.

2 - Omniintercations:

  • Remote in traditional customer service over phone, email, chat.
  • Hiring Process: Sign Up. Resume, PC tech scan. Typing speed (22 wpm). Choose project. Uses iCIMS video assessment process, meaning you answer online questions through a video recording. You can't rerecord but you can pause between questions. Very easy.
  • Once accepted you have a 5 -10 min group chat for presentations and explaining the company. Ongoing training.

3 - Working Solutions

  • Mostly Remote, some onsite. Traditional customer service, data entry, marketing, sales
  • Hiring Process: Sign Up. Behavioral written questions. PC tech scan. Choose a project. 5 minute chat just to ensure you have the proper experience for the job.
  • Evaluated Training; if you pay attention it's no problem, otherwise it gets very difficult. Once approved you start working.

4 - Modsquad:

  • Remote cust service, social media moderation :
  • Hiring Process: Resume + Written online questions (typical interview questions) It takes 4-6 weeks to get your results. If selected, you choose a project. 5-10 min individual chat where they ensure you have prior experience for the project type. They also explain about the company. International freelancer Opportunities.

5 - Mystery Shopper

  • There are many legitimate companies and most of the time it's half online, half onsite.
  • Best place to start is https://www.jobslinger.com/ They compile all MS companies and award an identity verification for users that allow you to get shops easier than non-verified shoppers.
  • No interview but if you don't do the assignment it will disqualify you for a long time with that company. Payment is 30 days later.
  • It is a very easy income stream if you sign up with many companies. I find it’s a much more realistic income source than surveys or focus groups where you have to do much pre-screening to land one 10 buck survey.

6 - Artificial Numbness Companies

  • Appen, Telus International, LiveOps, and Welocalize.
  • No experience required. Sign up, choose a project, study the guides attached to them, and pass an open book quiz.
  • Tip: Avoid picking projects on their first pages: they are always filled, choose from pages 7-8 where no one goes… Many international opportunities also.

7 - Entry-level Data Entry and Administrative Assistant roles

  • Many times these roles don't require any interview process. There are plenty here and on other job search sites

8 - UPS. Onsite and only for Package Handlers, Warehouse Workers and Personal Vehicle Drivers, no customer service but I think it's still very interesting to add here since they are pioneers in the No interview hiring for in-person jobs. https://www.jobs-ups.com/quick-hire .

Hope this was useful to some!

If anyone wants more details and tips on these companies, you can write below along with your $100 check😎✌

#jobsearch #interview #motivation #resume #hiringnews #workfromhome #advice #stress #application #hiringevents #unemployment #termination #ageism #policy #firstjob #foodservices #retail #onlinetraining

Alfredo Rupprecht
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2 months ago

So many comments out there talking about how hard it is to even land an interview when being over 50…

So I want to add my grain of sand to the issue with some CONCRETE SOLUTION OPTIONS.

And it's so much more pleasant to accompany this read with the exceptional voice of unknown but genius American soprano https://youtu.be/2hsmoo97CVA

Problem 1: I’m over 50 and damn companies won't even consider my Resume!

SOLUTION: There is an NGO that certifies companies with explicit favorable hiring policies for those over 50. It’s crazy the number of people not knowing them. Here is their list:


Right from their home page you can see their list. You click on any company and you will see their open opportunities and very important also, their reviews from real employees and applicants. Some companies are better, are more strict with the age-friendly hiring policies than others. That's why it's important to see the reviews. Sample company: Work at Home Vintage Experts https://wahve.com/hire-a-wahve/ dedicated precisely to placing 50+ workers in remote jobs, primarily with Insurance companies.

Problem 2: I’m retired and I want an easy job now but due to my experience and/or degrees, I’m overqualified so no one wants to take me.

SOLUTION: From my many years of recruiting and applying, I would suggest to DUMB IT DOWN. Don't include your past managerial experience or degrees or keep it to a minimum. People are people with their stupidity included and many recruiters will feel threatened to hire someone that could eventually take their place…c'est la vie mes amis... Was it Marilyn that said “It takes a smart brunette to play a dumb blond?” same here but with age..

Problem 3 ( For those looking into companies not included in the list above) How can I hide my age in my Resume to get to the interview stage? Is it even worth it since they will see my age during the interview? Many companies have forms where they ask for graduation year etc.


  • Limit your work history to the last 10 years

  • You spot a company you like but there is that damn form asking for graduation year. Skip that application page, go to the company’s website, and apply through their inner system or through a hiring manager email.

  • Whenever such emails are not available, search who is the hiring manager through LinkedIn and find their email thru free business email finders: Yes, Everything has a SOLUTION** https://rocketreach.co, https://hunter.io/, https://anymailfinder.com/ There you send them your application under your terms😎

  • You can also choose to go super straightforward and mention your age from the very first paragraph of a Cover Letter. Nothing better than putting the elephant in the room first ourselves!!

Problem 4: Rejection by the Automated Systems: Damn ATS

SOLUTION: I think it pays to repeat this one in every hiring topic,

  • For those still not aware of this new player, many companies, especially large enough will use this automated system to preselect candidates. This “system” identifies keywords relevant to the job post and if you didn't use them or not enough times, you are out! Anyone read Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451? … I hate this because it takes away genuine talent and results in many false positives- people who do not have the right profile but who will copy paste the right keywords. There are other methods to cut time for big companies but it's another issue.
  • So be Conscious**. And since we said concrete solutions, here are some tools to SAVE YOU AND PASS THROUGH ATS: You scan your resume through the system before sending it to employers. All free Natürlich: https://www.jobscan.co/, https://resumeworded.com/

Problem 5: I got to the interview level but I can't seem to tackle my age issue or overcome the expression on their faces.

SOLUTION: Companies that hire with NO INTERVIEWS:

  • Omniintercations in customer service. Pass a cust service and basic tech skills test
  • Fancy Hands in customer service, social media monitoring, and marketing. Easiest to get in but irregular flow of short-term projects att the beginning.
  • Appen, Telus International, and Welocalize in Artifical Numbness. No experience required, you sign up, pick a project, study the guides attached to them, and pass an open book quiz.
  • Working Solutions and Modsquad: cust service, data entry, marketing, translation: has a brief 5-10 min chat after a skills test.

There are more issues and therefore more solutions but this is already long enough. Hope I helped someone!!👍

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