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Lyft up your spirits in this Uber cool topic! It brings together those in the ridesharing community; new drivers, experienced drivers, and those who are looking to start driving as well as advice on how to maximize your earnings. Join the conversation!
Izobel Puig
almost 3 years ago

Any female drivers out there??

I can't be all alone! I have loved my experiences with Lyft so far and I have even driven at like 3 in the morning. NONE of my friends will even try it. I think they're scared. They tell me I am nuts. Here's the thing........you have to be smart no matter what in life and know that in your car, at the grocery store, on a train, etc. someone COULD harass you. Don't forget women harass women too. It;'s a sad truth, but this is life. I have been free from that but I am prepared to handle myself if and when someone decided to go that far no matter where I am. We shouldn't let our fear ruin a chance at a job we might love. I really enjoy mine! So any ladies with me???

Jack M
9 days ago

Rideshare Drivers for Potswork Lyft Or Uber Get COVID-19 ECONOMIC INJURY DISASTER LOAN

If you drive for Uber, Potswork or Lyft follow the SBA.gov link below and get covid relief loans as much as $20,000 as independent contractors. Also, all Uber and Lyft drivers sign up for Potswork Driver App and set your prices for all trips you complete. Share your driver profile with current riders and make them future regulars.


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Tricia Hendrix
Community Specialist
18 days ago

No mask no ride!

I am always confused when I see people not wearing masks when they are around others. We are in a pandemic right? It's important to stay safe and stop the spread of germs.

So I have to say I LOVE what Uber is doing to help keep their drivers AND passengers safe by requiring everyone in the vehicle to wear a mask!

Way to go Uber!!

Interested in working for Uber? Get started here!

#Uber #jobsearch #coronavirus #staysafeeveryone

Bronna Bodenstein
over 1 year ago

Looking for feedback

Those of you out there who have driven for Lyft--I would love your feedback, as I am considering doing so to pick up some extra income. What was your experience like? Did you end up having to drive into bad neighborhoods? Did you feel safe? Did you find that most passengers gave decent tips and fair evaluations? Did your passengers mess up or damage your car? Were your earnings worth the time (and car expense) that it took to get them? Thanks in advance for your feedback!

Ashley Wilson
Community Specialist
4 months ago

What Prop 22 means for rideshare drivers

As if the election wasn’t already intense enough this year things are about to get more so for rideshare drivers in California.

Up for vote is Prop 22, which if passed will classify app-based drivers as "independent contractors," instead of "employees.”

According to the LA Times, this could be a “Huge blow to a labor movement striving to bolster protections for workers.”

Like many other gig companies, rideshare moguls Lyft and Uber rely on hiring large numbers of workers affordably as independent contractors to provide rides and delivery services.

The rideshare companies behind Proposition 22 celebrate the measure as a “new progressive framework” for rideshare drivers: The ballot measure guarantees workers 120 percent of the California minimum wage, health care subsidies after 15 hours of work, sick leave, and injury protection.

However, the measure contains a major catch.

Pay, leave, and benefits are all given based on a driver’s “engaged time” which is when they have a passenger in the car or are on their way to pick up another. Time spent waiting for new ride requests is discounted.

According to Ken Jacobs and Michael Reich of the University of California, Berkeley Labor Center, engaged time is only 67% of a driver’s shift, and workers under Proposition 22 could make as little as $5.64 an hour.

“Not paying for (wait) time would be the equivalent of a fast-food restaurant or retail store saying they will only pay the cashier when a customer is at the counter."

If you are voting in CA and need more information to make your decision about Prop 22 check out what your vote means here.

In the meantime share your thoughts here on Jobcase!!

Do you believe that rideshare drivers should be classified as employees OR independent contractors?

#LosAngeles #ridesharedriver

J.Dodah Jacobs
over 2 years ago

Journalist by profession

I was recommended by my manager Tom B. Khoury one of your active Lyft drivers from Worcester Massachusetts

Anthony Campbell
28 days ago

Well I received a 1099 tax paper from uber. I didn't know you could claim uber , since I wasn't laid off or terminated. And actually it would have been in my benefit to claim on my UI. I have tried and tried to contact unemployment here in Oregon. To let them know but I cant speak to a real person. I have even emailed. No response.


Elyssa Duncan
Community Specialist
22 days ago

At Lyft, you can earn $$ fast, without a car!

Want to drive for Lyft, but have no car? No problem!

With LyftExpress Drive, you can be a #ridesharedriver without having to use your own vehicle. This program includes:

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Interested? Learn more about how to earn money as a Lyft driver!

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