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Lyft up your spirits in this Uber cool topic! It brings together those in the ridesharing community; new drivers, experienced drivers, and those who are looking to start driving as well as advice on how to maximize your earnings. Join the conversation!
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Michael Carvalho
7 days ago

Career One Stop Resources !

This is a list of the Career One Stop Resources available to you.

More CareerOneStop Resources mySkills myFuture www.mySkillsmyFuture.org

Worker ReEmployment www.CareerOneStop.org/ReEmployment Veterans ReEmployment

www.CareerOneStop.org/ReEmployment/Veterans Credentials Center


Business Center www.CareerOneStop.org/BusinessCenter

Job Search Help for Ex-Offenders www.CareerOneStop.org/ExOffender

Disaster Recovery Services www.CareerOneStop.org/DRS

Competency Model Clearinghouse www.CareerOneStop.org/CompetencyModel

For information about jobs, training, and career resources call 1-877-US2-JOBS or TTY 1-877-889-5627. Email: info@CareerOneStop.org www.CareerOneStop.org #workfromhome #interview #hiringevents #deliverydriver #healthcare #coronavirus #foodservices #ridesharedriver #application #jobsearch

Michael Carvalho
7 days ago

Basic Questions regarding Unemployment~

Unemployment FAQs

Question: I’ve received my bankcard, but there are no funds on it yet. Is there something wrong with my claim? What should I do?

Answer: Check their online claim information to determine if additional information is required to be submitted to complete the claim decision process. Our office may be awaiting documentation to finalize the decision. Receipt of the bankcard does not mean that their benefit decision is favorable or that they should expect to see benefits on the card. The card is issued as part of the registration process for UI and not a reflection of the decision.

Question: What if my employer isn’t responding to UI, with required information? Answer: The claimant is not required to contact the employer. DETR will attempt to contact with the employer as needed.

Question: I work for a fitness company, why did unemployment send me a sports athlete form?

Answer: Professional athletes have some additional eligibility factors that may have to be considered to determine eligibility. An employee may be deemed professional athlete depending on the company structure and their role with the company is the problem. For example, you can work for a golf center as a “professional” that provides training, demonstrations, etc. and this UI rule may apply. It really is role and company specific. A filer needs to respond to requested information with what is needed to verify their particular employment relationship.

Question: How long is the waiting period once I file my claim?

Answer: Filers may be waiting for a determination of eligibility and this can take several weeks or more depending on the items on their claim. Filers are encouraged to review their correspondence tab in UI/your state for updates.

Question: If I don’t file my claim on Sunday, can I file on Monday or Tuesday?

Answer: Currently filing a weekly claim can be done any day of the week following the week ending (Saturday) you are filing for.

Question: How do I file for the alternate base period?

Answer: You will need to contact the Call Center to determine if this option is possible.

Question: What does “discrepancy pending resolution” mean? Answer: Wages or information provided does not match reported information and requires action. Please following instructions that may appear in the correspondence section of the claim for further action.

Question: I had an interview, but was never contacted, now what?

Last Update 7/14/20 Answers from DETR documentation and staff.

Answer: We currently have a volume that exceeds the number of staff to fit in all interviews at the pre-scheduled times. Since filers are home and not working, they should expect to receive a call from an adjudicator any day of the week until 8pm at night, except Sundays. They are expected to accept the call during any of these times in order anytime to complete this process.

Question: What does it mean if a person receives an “Error” or “Reference” number? What should be their next step?

Answer: If someone received either of these messages please refer them to this form:

Contact your local UI office. Here they will provide as much information as possible and them submit the form, indicating the error in the “Issue” section. The recipient can also include additional information. Someone from Unemployment will remedy the problem within 24-48 hours and instructions will be sent back to them based on the contact information provided in the form.

Question: Will employers see an increase in the unemployment premium because they were ordered to close, or did we provide an exception?

Answer: We won’t know for a while what the flexibility is going to be and it likely will include a process through the Employment Security Counsel.

Question: To qualify for food assistance, does my unemployment application have to be accepted or rejected? Is this application and response a requirement to receiving food assistance from the Department of Welfare and Social Services (DWSS)?

Answer: DWSS does not require Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) recipients to pursue available resources such as Unemployment to be eligible for SNAP. DWSS does not delay SNAP benefits waiting for Unemployment to make their decision. DWSS does not pend a customer for proof of Unemployment Benefits or Status to evaluate SNAP.

Question: If my employment was in another state but I only worked in Vegas a few months, can I file my claim here?

Answer: Yes, a UI representative will talk with you about filing a combined wage claim as well. Please call the local number.

Question: What does it mean that my claim is pending due to alternative income review?

Answer: This means there is something in that section that UI may need to contact you about. On your home page it will tell you the day they will potentially set up a phone interview with you.

Question: What do I do if the password reset number is always busy and we've been calling constantly?

Answer: Unfortunately, that is the only way you will be able to reset your password. Also there is a new form online for an alternative method of requesting a new password: http://gov.nv.gov/Forms/Unemployment/

Hopefully this will answer some of your questions? #workfromhome #coronavirus #interview #healthcare #hiringevents #jobsearch #deliverydriver #application #foodservices #ridesharedriver

Michael Carvalho
10 days ago


Good Evening Community!

Are you an Ex-Felon looking for work?

I found this list of companies who are willing to hire ex-felons and thought I would share it with the community. After reading a post on the community board I remembered receiving this list from one of our Leadership Networking Meetings.

This list of companies who are Felon Friendly

You will have to check out their hiring website, do the research and follow the application process like normal. ? Aamco ? Ace Hardware ? Allied Van Lines ? American Greetings ? Anderson Windows ? Apple Inc. ? Aramark ? AT&T ? Avon Products ? Baskin-Robbins ? Bed, Bath & Beyond ? Black & Decker ? Blue Cross & Blue Shield Association ? Braum’s Inc ? Bridgestone ? Buffalo Wild Wings ? Campbell’s Soup ? Canon ? Carl’s Jr ? Caterpillar Inc. ? CDW ? Chili’s

? Chipotle ? Cintas ? Community Education Centers ? ConAgra Foods ? Dairy Queen ? Delta Faucet ? Denny’s ? Dole Food Company ? Dollar Rent a Car ? Dollar Tree ? Dr. Pepper ? Dunlop Tires ? Dunkin’ Donuts ? DuPont ? Duracell ? Epson ? ERMCO, Inc. ? Family Dollar ? Firestone Complete Auto Care ? Pilot Flying J ? Fruit of the Loom ? Fujifilm ? General Electric ? General Mills ? Georgia-Pacific ? Goodwill ? Grainger ? Greyhound ? Hanes

? Hilton Hotels ? Home Depot ? IBM ? In-N-Out Burger ? Jack in the Box ? K-Mart ? Kelly Moore Paints ? KFC ? Kohl’s ? Kraft Foods ? Kroger ? LongHorn Steakhouse ? Lowe’s ? LSG Sky Chefs ? McDonald’s ? Men’s Wearhouse ? Metals USA ? Miller Brewing Company ? Motorola ? The New York Times ? Olive Garden ? PepsiCo ? Phillip Morris Inc. ? Pilgrim’s ? Red Lobster ? Red Robin ? Safeway ? Trader Joes ? Tyson Foods

? U-Haul ? US Steal Corporation ? Volunteers of America ? Walgreens ? Wendy’s ? Wyndham Hotels ? Salvation Army ? Sara Lee ? Sears ? Shell Oil ? Shoprite ? Sony ? Subway ? Toys “R” Us ? Xerox ? Albertsons ? Applebees ? Bahama Breeze ? Best Western ? Carrier Corporation ? Chick-fil-A ? Chrysler ? Dart Containers ? Deer Park Spring Water ? Eddie Vs Prime Seafood ? Embassy Suites ? Food Services of America ? Frito-Lay ? Genentech

? Golden Corral ? Great Clips ? HH Gregg ? IHOP ? Ikea ? J.B. Hunt Transport ? Jiffy Lube ? Jimmy Johns ? Nordstrom ? O’Charleys ? Pactiv ? Pappadeaux ? PetSmart ? Preferred Freezer Services ? Praxair ? Radisson ? Restaurant Depot ? Reyes Beverage Group ? Rubbermaid ? Ruby Tuesday ? Rumpke ? Seasons 52 ? Sysco ? Teleperformance ? Tesla ? US Foods ? WinCo Foods ? Yard House Hopefully, this list of jobs for felons as well as jobs that hire felons will be useful for your job search? Best of Luck in Finding a Job! #workfromhome #interview #coronavirus #hiringevents #jobsearch #ridesharedriver #foodservices #application #Jobs

Michael Carvalho
16 days ago


Are you ready to return back to Work? Many companies are hiring and below is a list of them! The List Continues, now it is up to you to apply!

Epic Games

The Cary, North Carolina-based makers of Fortnite are recruiting 113 people at the moment, according to their website, mostly for roles in engineering and shared services.

The gaming industry has been booming in recent months as people stuck at home turn to video game consoles in higher numbers for entertainment.

Riot Games

The makers of the popular e-sports platform League of Legends are hiring 160 people for roles at its office around the globe, including about 100 positions at its corporate offices in Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area. PayPal

PayPal has seen a surge in demand for contact-free, digital payments amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The online payments software service provider and its subsidiaries are hiring more than 800 people to fill roles in software development, according to its website. Other vacancies include positions in data science, technical product management, information security, risk operations and compliance investigations.

On May 19, PayPal launched its touch-free payment app feature, which allows customers to use a QR code to pay for products without exchanging cash or credit cards.

Big Lots

The Columbus, Ohio-based retailer has more than 3,300 openings listed on its website, mostly for sales and management roles across the US. Positions are also available in corporate accounting, logistics and distribution centers.

Big Lots' sales have soared during the pandemic. President and CEO Bruce Thorn credited the company's recent success to its e-commerce business -- which was up 45% in its first fiscal quarter that ended in the beginning of May -- and keeping physical stores open during the Covid-19 shutdowns.

The Kroger Company

Kroger and its subsidiaries have been expanding, like other major grocery store chains during the pandemic. The second largest grocer in the US is still looking to hire about 6,800 people from coast to coast to keep up with consumer demand.

Kroger says it has hired more than 100,000 workers since mid-March and has focused on recruiting workers laid off from restaurants, hotels and food service distributors.

The company is still looking to fill roles in its e-commerce, manufacturing and distribution center divisions.


Aldi's is looking to fill more than 4,000 job openings nationwide. Most of the positions are for full- and part-time sales associates as well as store management. On May 28, the company announced it was expanding its curbside grocery pickup service to about 600 stores after piloting the program in select markets.

Dollar General

Dollar General has been on a hiring spree since March and says it is still looking to fill roles across business sectors, including its 16,500 nationwide stores, regional distribution centers, cold-storage facilities and its corporate offices in Tennessee, according to a spokesperson.

"We're hiring across all of those fronts right now," the spokesperson said.

The variety store chain is one of several major retailers experiencing a surge in business during the coronavirus pandemic thanks to consumers spending more on home essentials.

Buffalo Wild Wings

The sports bar chain wants to fill more than 6,100 job openings nationwide, including more than 400 roles in California, according to its website. Most of the roles are for hosts, servers, cooks and managers.


The nation's largest food services company, which also offers facilities and uniform services, has about 1,500 career opportunities listed on its site right now. Aramark recently opened more than 100 pop-up grocery stores to serve frontline workers at healthcare facilities nationwide.


The delivery company is looking to fill more than 200 roles, primarily in the US. Its current career opportunities include positions in engineering, sales, marketing, public relations and fulfillment services.

Raytheon Technologies

After completing its merger with United Technologies Corporation, Raytheon Technologies has about 3,000 openings it's looking to fill, mostly in engineering.

The aerospace and defense company cut $2 billion in costs and furloughed workers just a month ago, but spokesman Chris Johnson said the company's new talent acquisition effort has been fueled by growth in its defense business.

ManTech International

ManTech International recently secured a $20 million contract extension with the President Trump's US Space Force to provide launch systems engineering and integration services. The military contractor has thousands of job openings posted on its web page.

Riot Games

The makers of the popular e-sports platform League of Legends are hiring 160 people for roles at its office around the globe, including about 100 positions at its corporate offices in Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area.


Twilio has about 300 global job listings, including at least 78 positions based in the US. The San Francisco-based cloud communications company's stock has soared recently, with more companies using its tech for text messages, emails and video calls.

New York City recently signed a deal with Twilio to use its tech to power its Covid-19 contact tracing initiative, according to a May 22 announcement.

Healthcare and pharmaceuticals


GSK currently has 2,340 openings listed on its careers page, including hundreds of roles in its medical/clinical and science/tech divisions. The UK-based company recently announced plans to manufacture 1 billion doses of adjuvant next year for its industry partners to use as they test potential Covid-19 vaccines.

Adjuvants are ingredients used in vaccines to create a stronger immune response, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Home Depot is currently hiring at all their stores. The stores are searching for stockers, customer service and many other positions.

Lowe’s - Are you ready to join a staff?

Dollar Tree.- Managers, Assistant Managers, Stock Personal and other positions.

CVS Many positions available!

Price Rite - Hiring 300 plus positions.

Many other companies are ready to hire you today. All it takes is for you to apply!

Auto Part Stores!


Auto Zone-

Advanced Auto-

O’Reilly’s Auto Parts


7 Eleven -

Ace Ace Hardware Corporation, the nation's largest retail hardware cooperative, announced it is undertaking a massive hiring wave. With 75% of Americans living within 15 minutes of an Ace Hardware location, demand has been high during the coronavirus shutdown. The company and its independent retailers will be adding 30,000 positions, including a mix of full-time, part-time and seasonal employees at 4,300 locally owned stores located across the U.S. Bellhops is an online moving service. And while you might think moving would be slowing to a halt, CEO Luke Marklin says the company's business is robust enough to warrant extra help.

"Americans are still having to move," Marklin says. "Whether it's due to the end of a lease or they are renting or purchasing a new home, they need help. As an essential service, Bellhops is working tirelessly to ensure those who need to move have the assistance they need. This also means we have work opportunities for those impacted by layoffs and pay cuts."

The company is hiring “thousands” of contractors nationwide to meet demand. It says its moving professionals make an average of $21 per hour, including tips and bonuses, while professional drivers can make over $40 per hour. #workfromhome #interview #coronavirus #hiringevents #healthcare #deliverydriver #ridesharedriver #application #jobsearch #foodservices

Michael Carvalho
19 days ago


My project continues this is what I am in the process of doing! It started with stripping the house. sanding it, now staining comes next! #workfromhome #coronavirus #interview #healthcare #deliverydriver #jobsearch #application #hiringevents #foodservices #ridesharedriver

Lucas Brill
23 days ago

I’m 19 years old and looking for a job right for me. I have a fork truck certificate, diesel mechanic certificate, and a Class A CDL. Looking in Ohio 50 mile range from Ross County, Ohio.

Michael Carvalho
about 1 month ago


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