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Sara Jean
6 days ago

Help - social services job seeker (urgent)

Hi everyone. Would you happen to know of anyone immediately hiring for a remote case manager role (non-clinical, RN license not required) or anything in social services?

I have a masters in both health administration and community health and enjoy helping others.

#casemanager #health #patients #workfromhome #coronavirus #healthcare #jobsearch #interview

Mike Barry
over 6 months ago

Consultant, Sales & Marketing Manager - Seeking New Opportunities

Business Professional, known for quickly achieving results on behalf of employers across industries.

Lets connect and network: http://www.linkedin.com/in/mike-barry-32259a41

Contact me if you're seeking a candidate with the following skills:

  • Self motivated; can work with minimal directions and supervision to complete tasks
  • Flexible and responsive to evolving job responsibilities and demands
  • Entrepreneurial spirit
  • Enthusiastic, energetic, personable and friendly
  • Quickly develop rapport and enjoy working within a team
  • Ability to organize and manage multiple priorities and deadlines
  • Strong time management skills and practices
  • Problem solving and resolution skills
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Proficient knowledge of MS Office (Word, Power Point, Excel)
  • Proficient knowledge of CRM software

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Jennifer Keller
over 6 months ago

Needed home time to take care of sinus issues and DOT Physical Compliance Issues

First day of home time and I'm in surgery to open my sinuses up so I can breathe through my nose. Day five I go in for post op to get packing taken out of my nose. I've been trying to get set up for a sleep study and I'm told my company deactivated my insurance. I call my company HR to be told that is was deactivated on the first day of my home time while I was in surgery for my sinuses because they termed me out of the system. She transferred me over to my Driver Manager who reinstates my employment back as if they had never termed me out but my insurance is still inactive. I'm supposed to have a sleep study tonight and I'm told my insurance has not be reactivated yet. This is a pretty dirty way to care for your team members. I hope no one else goes through this kind of garbage from their company.

UPDATE: My Insurance was reinstated by 15:30 and I was able to go through with my sleep study.

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Joseph Ridgley

I have returned to work not a problem. I have had the Pfizer vaccine but we also know some people have died who were fully vaccinated from the RONA. While the Delta variant is running rampant now, I am curious as to what will happen with the Lambda variant. My wife is an internal medicine Doctor and I have a son with his BSN RN degree working Covid-19 ICU units. I can say one thing is for sure, my son is getting burned out working as much as he is. He went up to Presbyterian Hospital in New York City (Manhattan) and worked their last summer.......he and another nurse got a call to go do they went.

Mark As Helpful

Yes, although vaccinated, I am concerned about Delta Variant. Thus the reason I am looking for work from home opportunities.

Mark As Helpful
Michael Ihle
2 months ago

Trying to find a job after having a major injury and constant pain that’ll buckle me a few times a day

What am I supposed to do to take care of my family while im just wasting away here waiting to die. Im not punking out giving up. I am watching everything we just worked for disappear because of me. I want to somehow make money till i cant breathe #advice #jobsearch #wordsofadvice #health

John Huang
over 6 months ago

#Coronavirus training course for nurses

To all our nurses out there, don't forget to check out this free online training course on Coronavirus designed to keep nurse practitioners informed and safe: https://www.intelycare.com/covid-19/training/

#onlinetraining #skillboost #healthcare

Marilyn Wiebusch
3 months ago

What made me stay at #I haven't worked in 20+ years was

I miss working but the job I worked for many years began to overwhelm me. I liked to do my best but the job duties got to be so numerous that I began to feel as though I wasn’t putting out my best work. If you aren’t doing what you’re proud of and some began to fall behind, it was time to move on. #termination #management #health #stressful

Jade Andersen
over 6 months ago

Seafood and fishing workers needed in Alaska!

Are you interested in the seafood or fishing industry and live in Alaska? Search for jobs and check the site out [now] (http://www.jobs.state.ak.us/seafood/)!

#alaska #coronavirus

Bessie Rodgers
5 months ago

I might need to try working from home. Due to recent health issues.

#jobsearch #motivation #health #workfromhome