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Marcus Jordan
over 3 years ago

Tesla #Hiring Customer Care Specialists

Tesla has Full & Part-Time Customer Care Specialists job openings in Las Vegas, NV. These jobs will be responsible for assisting Teslas Energy clients, see more.

Click HERE for job description, benefit Info, and application.

Lois Martin
almost 2 years ago

A thought ...

Have a good weekend!

Victor Conde
about 3 years ago

Look everyone I have a lot of faith even if it looks like you are wasting time applying , no you are not you are making the step to never give up it sometimes takes time I know in rough times desperate needs call for desperate measures. But look at it this way review every detail of you experience of previous job even it isn’t in your job description but you know how to perform that skill apply that on your description plan out how to make a perfect resume don’t rush it review analyize it and execute you are all secretly Bosses in the making know your worth don’t let anyone say otherwise I want no one to struggle I wish I can make that change for everyone but this is one step to give you all faith never let yourself down, a positive and confidence mind will always win remember! (Planning out before the plan happens will make you successful)

Fred Goff
CEO and Founder of Jobcase
almost 2 years ago

What do you do to recharge your batteries?

Work can be demanding, Sometimes those demands are envigorating and can give you a bunch of energy, other times challenges or headwinds can be so strong they drain. I’m wondering how people recharge their mental and emotional energy? Exercise, time w friends/fam, other? What works best?

Lenin Pina
Community Specialist
about 1 year ago

Energy Hiring Event - Tesla Motors

Tesla Motors is hiring Energy Installers of all levels throughout the Vista and San Diego area to join their Energy Field Operations team!

The company is hosting a on Saturday, November 9 in San Diego, CA. At this event, you will get the opportunity to learn more about Tesla, the current job opportunities available and conduct an interview with a hiring manager.

Please apply online to be considered. If selected, a confirmation time and specific location details will be included in the official invite. Use the link I adde below to review more event details and submit your application today for immediate employment consideration. Thank you

Tesla Motors Energy Hiring Event Application

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