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JJ Lee
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over 6 months ago

American Homes 4 Rent Enterprise Architect March 09, 2020– March 13, 2020 Review & document existing systems architecture & design new systems architecture for Oculus & other projects.

Boyd Gaming Corporation Data Architect Manager Jun 2018 – Jan 2019

Model multiple backend systems Create SWOT analysis and documentation in preparation for coming data systems merger of newly acquired Pinnacle properties databases with existing Boyd backend systems. Model multiple current backend systems Design & develop new backends and schemas Review, cleanse, de-dupe current data Manage team of data architects Systems involved were Table Games, Slots, Hotel, Food & Beverages, Gaming, Procurement

Consultant Dec 2012 – Apr 2018 Software Solutions for Pharmaceutical Companies

Perform GAP & SWOT Analysis Document all impacted systems & requirements for new builds Create new user requirements documentation, functional & technical specifications Document current and new architectural designs Document all impacted systems & requirements for new builds Developer Feasibility study for viability of systems & current applications suitable for upgrades to new technology Design & maintain new architecture model

Consultant Enterprise Architect Mar 2004 – Jun 2012 Software Solutions for Luxury Marine & Auto Industries

Oversee front-end and back-end development teams and their projects Monitor reliability and performance of all internal systems to suggest improvements Ensure compliance with security regulations Manage software development projects by setting requirements, goals and timelines Prepare and manage the engineering department’s budget Design strategies for future development projects based on the company’s overall objectives and resources Hire engineers and coordinate their training Implement innovative technologies Coordinate with external stakeholders for new integrations and tools Review and update policies relevant to internal systems and equipment Manage the company infrastructure and ensure all internal systems operate securely and effectively Managing multiple teams, setting goals, budgets and timelines for various projects Manage company integrations with external partners Oversee all software development plans from ideation to execution Ensure the company uses innovative technologies that maximize productivity and accelerate company growth

Optus Cable & Wireless Telecom Enterprise Architect / Team Lead Mar 2002 – Jan 2004 Interactive Digital TV Bundling Project

Work independently and as part of a team Perform GAP Analysis / Develop Project Plan Developer Feasibility study for viability of systems & current applications suitable for upgrades to new technology Assess best possible scenario for those not suitable for new interactive digital TV projects Develop a new architectural model that encompassed all business sectors in readiness for product bundling including Mobile, L& Lines & Television Develop new architecture which afforded Optus the ability to position itself in the marketplace & its subsequent marketability by merging current compatible existing systems & by offering bundling & individual packages Collect data on each of the vertical market’s systems to determine total cost of ownership, value, security risk and data retention requirements Determine appropriate action for each system (upgrade, maintain, cloud migration, data migration, archive, or decommission) Facilitate, strategize, develop plans, reports, and related strategic business architectural elements for successful delivery and implementation of the business requirements specifications

Brisbane City Council Enterprise Architect (Contract) Jan 2001 – Jan 2002 Interactive Public Payment Kiosks

Analyze & define current system Document current architecture & design & present new proposed architecture and design Produce GAP & Risk analysis reports Utilize SAS methodologies & technology Work with core business unit managers in gathering current system details Recommend best architectural approach to place all Council’s online Billing & Payments modules Integrate multiple product & service providers within the new architecture Product & service providers were internal & external B2B & C2B entities Document all system components & architectural methodologies Document all impacted systems & requirements for new builds Create a project plan

Energex Enterprise Architect (Contract) Nov 1999 – Dec 2000 Application For Switching Project for Linesman Work Safety

Evaluate & model the current system Gather and document the user requirements & system requirements Model new desired system
Create technical & functional specifications Create use case diagrams Create Object Oriented Class Diagrams Stage stakeholder and management meetings outlining and explaining the budget & deliverables Perform GAP & SWOT analysis Analyze and document current logic & rule-based systems to determine whether partial sections could be re-used and compatible with new architecture and systems Develop and design new architecture model

Westpac Bank Enterprise Architect (Contract) Aug 1998 – Sep 1999 Small Banking Loans Intranet Application

Develop a nationwide intranet banking solution with generic functionality for multiple business loans products Gather and document new user and system requirements Model current systems architecture Create use case models by capturing all flows through the system Create interaction diagrams and class models Consolidate the business & user requirements Create and maintain new specifications using version control tools Consolidate findings to create new architectural model

Microsoft Asia Pacific Developer Relations Manager & Tech Evangelist (Permanent) Jun 1997 – Aug 1998 Stage & Master Ceremonies Asia Pacific Developers Conference

Stage & manage the 1997 Microsoft Asia-Pacific Developer Relations at Melbourne Tennis Center Australia Promote & market the event & technologies via e-business, conventions, exhibitions & conferences Perform role of master of ceremonies and technical speaker and audience support person for the event Invented and implemented the new Microsoft Developers card at the conference to track new and existing clients purchases Mentor & educate new clients on product suite at conference Conduct meetings with vendors Successfully increased the browser market share of Internet Explorer to overtake Netscape through strategic marketing, promotional campaigns and events Account management of large ISV’s & ISP’s across Asia Pacific Region Convert prospect accounts over to Microsoft product suite

Commonwealth Bank Enterprise Architect / Team Lead (Contract) Apr 1996 – Aug 1997 Netbank Online Banking App

Design new architecture for Australia’s first online banking application named NetBank Architecture was designed for both Online Banking Project Personal Accounts (OLB) & Online Merchant Services Business Accounts (OLM) Design & architect a robust and scaleable Object-Oriented class model Create use case diagrams and documentation Create all technical specifications and user requirements Interview the business and expert users to gather and document user requirements Interview the banking technical teams to gather and document current system and future requirements Organize and head up weekly presentations of project progress with banking stakeholders to ensure project remained on track and within budget Manage, supervise & mentor a software development team Created a three tier Object Oriented design that included three tiers, the client user interface and security server Created a customized middleware solution which encapsulated both personal and merchant banking segments of the project Created an interoperable robust architecture that allowed the Commonwealth Banking App to be re-used again for different banks who requested the same online banking product for their particular bank Successful rollout of the Commonwealth Bank app Netbank Subsequent rollouts to 80% of the remaining banking sector using the same architectural model that I created Make minimal adjustments to other banks API’s and common functions which on average took 1 week for each consecutive bank rollout.
Other banks who adopted my architectural design for Netbank included State Bank of New South Wales, St George Bank, ANZ Bank, Suncorp Bank and later a further 80% of the remaining banking sector

Toshiba International Corporation Developer C++ (Permanent) Mar 1995 – Mar 1996 Toshiba Japan Power Plant SCADA Software Project

Develop, implement and test a three component based responsive SCADA application. The three components consisted of a rule-based component, an automated intuitive component and an emergency system responsive component Develop the user interface for all three components Develop customized API’s to connect the user interface to each of the three components Develop widgets which responded to all three components Develop widgets with predictive artificial intelligence functionality for gathering, training and testing data dynamically pushed from the power stations control center for monitoring and to activate various degree of escalations when required Objects that were created and which were part of each of the three components were coded in C++ and included valves, turbines, switches, alarms and various other power stations comonents which were visually modelled for user interface presentation in a realistic form. Objects contained the attributes and functions of that particular object. Tools used were C++ on Linux, XVT GUI Tool, Rogue Waves Template Classes & Purify. #SolutionsArchitect #ApplicationsArchitect #MobileApplicationsArchitect #Java #AndroidApps #DataArchitect #EnterpriseArchitect #banking #energy #telcos #gaming #boydgaming