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Veronica Jefferson
5 months ago

Hello -

I want to try to help some people, if I can. The majority of the work will need to be of your own doing for those with legitimate background experience, interest, and patience. Please read this post in full before immediately jumping into action.

There are several open opportunities that some of you may benefit from. There's a mix of onsite but most are remote opportunities for U.S. residents only (no Visa sponsorships). I encourage you to check out the list of positions by state below:

Alhambra, CA:

  1. Claims Supervisor - Temp/Temp-to-Hire/Regular
  2. Workers Compensation Claims Examiner III - Multiple locations both temporary and regular
  3. File Clerk

Atlanta, GA:

  1. Commercial Auto & General Liability Claims Examiner III Remote
  2. Professional Liability Claims Examiner III Remote
  3. Property, GL, and Casualty Claims Supervisor

California Based:

  1. Director, Client Services Remote

Chicago, IL:

  1. Claims Examiner II - Regular, 1 Position
  2. Claims Supervisor - Regular


  1. Claims Supervisor - Regular or Temp-to-Hire

Dallas, TX:

  1. Property and Casualty Claims Supervisor - 2 Positions **Remote (Under Atlanta office)
  2. Director, Client Services Remote

Houston, TX:

  1. Claims Examiner III - 1 Position Remote

Denver, CO:

  1. Claims Supervisor
  2. Claims Examiner III
  3. Claims Assistant

Fresno, CA:

  1. Claims Examiner III - Regular, Can be Remote based in CA
  2. Claims Examiner II - Regular, Can be Remote based in CA
  3. Claims Examiner III - Regular, Can be Remote based in CA
  4. Clerical Assistant Temporary In Office

Irvine, CA: Hybrid Office/Remote:

  1. Business Data Analyst
  2. Proposal Writer

Long Beach, CA:

  1. Employee Relations Specialist
  2. Accounts Payable Specialist Remote
  3. Funds Management Accounting Clerk

Minneapolis, MN:

  1. Claims Examiner III Remote

Philadelphia, PA (Under Albany, NY):

  1. Claims Assistant - 2 Positions, Regular

Portland, OR:

  1. Claims Assistant - Regular

Salt Lake City, UT:

  1. Claims Examiner III - Regular, Remote

**Signal Hill, CA or Irving, TX or Nationally Remote

  1. Intake Specialist - 1 Position in office: Signal Hill or Las Vegas
  2. Integrated Absence Specialist - 1 Position in office: Signal Hill or Las Vegas, or either Remote

If there is a position that you want to know about, you can view job descriptions and directly apply here: https://www.paycomonline.net/v4/ats/web.php/jobs?clientkey=851BD492AB836C2549DE7BD96C2A3F1F. Be sure to select or match the position associated with your state of residence. Again, these list of job opportunities are for those with some form of existing experience and/or background within the workers' compensation industry. Those without experience should not apply.

Once you have completed your online application, you are welcome to contact me via message where you can provide a copy of your resume. Please make sure your resume is current and looks presentable beforehand. It's not a good look for you submitting resumes that consist of poor grammar, spelling, is choppy, or messy.

What you should know beforehand: This is a Workers' Compensation Insurance company that manages claims. Anyone applying for any positions needs to know that background checks will consist of credit checks as there is management of funds in any realm of the company. Any fraud convictions can prevent you from any employment.

Know that this company is short-staffed. This means that managing any applicants, recruiting, interviewing and hiring practices are slow. I cannot control the recruiting/hiring speeds of the company, so this is where your patience comes into play. If you do not have patience, ignore this post.

If you have any simple questions outside of this post, feel free to message me. Please do not message me asking about employment statuses. I do not have control over this.

Lastly, know that there are no guarantees towards any outcomes.

Happy Wednesday! #employmentopportunities #remoteopportunities #openpositions #workerscompensation

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Mariana Mejia
6 months ago

Se me da bien todo lo relacionado con Marketing Digital, pero busco cualquier trabajo honesto que me puedan ofrecer, tanto presencial como desde casa. Me encuentro en miami, florida. #marketing #jobsearch #employmentopportunities #application #workfromhome

Donna Gipson
over 6 months ago
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Rich Maltsberger

employment,work from home opportunities first time applying after working in the construction world

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Zied Jemai
over 6 months ago

See the work done on the job site A clear and complete view of on-site work progress against the project plan Improved work and successful project delivery. A sound and flawless communication system. Good communication on the construction site will improve the performance of activities in the project schedule Ensure better project control. Project health and profit Communication is more than important in the construction industry. A key component to the successful completion of a construction project. Properly plan communication methods Use a formal chain of contact. Keep checking the quality of the connection. Provide correct information The foundation of a successful construction project Communicate details of safer and better practices for a particular task. Communicate messages to workers efficiently in the smooth running of the project. Building techniques that improve communication in the construction industry. Invest in technologies capable of communicating critical updates around a construction site. Construction projects in terms of size, budget and objectives. Prevent errors and tremendous work pressure. Standardization helps identify critical problems at an early stage. Efficiency on the job site. Responsibility for updating and reviewing work techniques and methods Ask questions directly to get specific information from the speaker. #employmentopportunities #hiring #backtoworkri #wordsofadvice #advice #motivation #hobart #networking #inspiration #experience #skills

Mary Anne Pontawi
over 6 months ago

We are looking for: Collection Representative ( Onsite )

Location : Tempe,Arizona

Job Description You will:

  • Provide highest level of customer service
  • Receive payments and post amounts paid to customer accounts
  • Locate and monitor overdue accounts, using a variety of automated systems
  • Works with customers to develop a solution that brings their accounts to the current status
  • Uses negotiation techniques necessary to solve the customers’ delinquency status

What We Look For

  • Able to work in a fast-paced but fun environment.
  • Performance driven and A team player
  • Excellent at communicating and can be customer service oriented.
  • Comfortable with social interactions and quick to establish rapport.
  • Comfortable sitting at a desk, using a computer for the majority, if not all of the workday.
  • Able to engage customers and use appropriate negotiation techniques.
  • High School graduate, or have a GED

Here is the link in which you can Apply : https://frontier.jobs/jobs/dXc6ZWU0NjE2MzktMjM0NTIw

Employment Type Full-time #nowhiring #hiring #arizona #employmentopportunities #jobhunt

Joseph Alcala
over 6 months ago

Find the right job with the market rearranging its self people should look for the one that suites them and not just because that the only job out there. Work is something you can take pride in and be able to like it is what you do. Be Happy. Remember if you take pride in your work You gotta like what your doing Others will take notice and that's a good thing.# Helping Others #networking #wordsofadvice #advice #motivation #inspiration #experience #stress #employmentopportunities #hiring

Nick Palazzo
over 6 months ago

#nowhiring #hiring #employmentopportunities #plumber We are seeking a Plumbing Apprentice, Plumber’s Helper, Plumber to join our team! The selected individual will install and repair water supply lines and drainage systems.


Assemble and install plumbing systems Troubleshoot and repair pipe and pipeline systems  Review blueprints and building codes to determine optimal work procedures   Maintain and repair plumbing fixtures  Remove and or replace plumbing fixtures or piping  all kinds of piping underground cast iron, PVC, CPVC Adhere to safety policies and procedures BE RESPONSIBLE NEAT CLEAN  ON TIME TO WORK, HAVE A PHONE THAT YOU ONLY USE FOR WORK RELATED  HAVE TOOLS  HAVE TRANSPORTATION  HAVE A DRIVERS LICENSE NYS NO SMOKING 🚭  NOT AFRAID TO WORK  ​Qualifications:

Previous experience in plumbing, maintenance, or other related field Ability to read blueprints and schematics Ability to handle physical workload Strong troubleshooting and critical thinking skills

Johanna Scheetz
over 6 months ago

Hello everyone! I am a new business owner and operator. My new business Under the Hearth LLC is a home and personal care business with no medical care involved. With this I am able to help seniors stay in their homes much longer by providing services inside and out of their homes, errand services, meal preparation, cooking, cleaning, lawn and garden maintenance, etc..
Today I would love to connect with all of you!! I am in need of your talent, to assist me in finalizing the finishing touches, such as developing my website, logo and domain name.

#nowhiring #employmentopportunities #websitedevelopment #logo #partners #workforwork #eldercare #springclean