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New tips and tricks to navigate unemployment becase you are jobless not hopeless! This topic explores how to approach being unemployed as well as offers support from fellow job seekers.
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Kristy Foutty
6 days ago

Had got my approval letter for my 2 issues on my unemployment claim on May 25th 2021 and still no payment and the issues are still on my claim, so backwards it’s unreal

AZ unemployment is so wrong the customer service reps are unprofessional and rood, when u get an approval letter that mean you’ve met all means to get paid well iv got my letters in May still waiting to get paid, my claim still repeats there’s issues when they have been approved 🤷🏼‍♀️🤦‍♀️ Ridiculous

Elyssa Duncan
Community Specialist
4 days ago

Why are so many Americans quitting their jobs?

I read this article recently that claimed 4 MILLION people quit their jobs in April - double the number of people who quit one year earlier.

Why do you think so many people are quitting their jobs? Share your thoughts below!

#watercooler #jobsearch #unemployment #shareyourthoughts

Latundra Moore
4 months ago

Fed up!!!

Done with unemployment!! No one cares if we suffer! I'd prefer to have a job but nothing has come up yet!! Called state Rep, No help! Called the governor's office,No help or call back! Someone finally answered unemployment line and I was told everything is good, just waiting on them to push the button on send my benefits! I've been waiting since November!! This is absolutely ridiculous!!! #benefits #unemployment

laura fortune
2 months ago

No stimulus or income tax refund

I was laid off last year for five months. When I filed my taxes they sent letter saying new law stated I didn’t own taxes on unemployment, but they are still holding my taxes and stimulus check. Who can I contact to get my money? #stimuluscheck

Kelly Wilson
6 months ago

I work for a school district it's been crazy since schools opened back up and August.we were told we were allowed to claim unemployment from the beginning of June to the end of August. I filed August 28th. And today I still haven't received a penny! I'm very frustrated going through all of this #unemployment

Peter Sperico FNP MSN LNC
8 days ago

Florida is the lowest paid place in the world. Since I have been in Florida I had 3 lunch breaks in 9 years. I had one manager who said "I could fire you just because I don't like your hair." . Does anyone in the US Department of Labor know that Florida employers refuse to follow FEDERAL LABOR LAWS?????? Obvious no one at the Department of Economic Employment in this state cares. No Florida is not a cheap place to live. Everything is way over priced. Orange juice is more expensive here than on Park Avenue New York. If you are stuck in Florida, Re-employment is useless and the state department of labor will find you guilty of something just because the employer days so . I was fired because of Covid the Marriott Hotel where I was working as a chef. Even though I have a W2 and pay stubs that said I worked after January 2021 I got NOTHING from unemployment because the employer said after my work injury they said I never came back to work. Even though the Department of Re-employment gets all the information on my pay and has corrected me on applications for re-employment. Clealy someone at the Department of Re-employment is getting paid off by someone employed with the employer...... As is usual with Florida the biggest theives and crooks in the state are in Government, the justice system and law enforcement. Warning if you just came to this state recently, get out while you still can because Florida will rob you blind.

crystal geng
8 days ago


I know and realize what you say about finding work at 64 which is my age, can be a nightmare. But try finding a job for which you are worth, because of skills and experience, is another nightmare all its own. I've done customer service specialty, sales and management trainer for customer service and sales. I have so many crazy mad skills, 90 wpm, 10000 kspm data entry, and companies are willing to pay for remote work, $8.50 to $12.00. WHAT??? Really?? Yes, Really. It's ridiculous. I'm right now finding jobs remotely, that are $13.00 and $14.00, or $14.21 an hour. I used to make $20.00 in Nevada. I'm in Hendersonville, NC the past 5 months. It's horrendous to say the least. Add another factor; the background. I've lost 2 remote jobs in 3 months, due to my background check coming back. It has 1 misdemeanor, 1 other charge all that happened 4 1/2 years ago. But it's hitting now, in the 2nd week of training and I get let go. So, yeah, trying to find work at our age on top of not being able to expunge your background cause I'm told it's going to take 6 months to 1 year due to being backed up due to Covid. So, I empathize woman!! God Bless You, stay strong, God is with you, just turn to him for help and he'll guide you. You have a friend in me as well. Crystal

Kai Dickerson posted an article
Apr 8, 2020

Unemployment Benefits: What if my benefits end?

Kai Dickerson
Community Specialist
theresa logan
23 days ago

No response

No response from unemployment what is going on? #benefits #texas

Mary Myers
5 days ago

People got families to feed while they look for jobs in their fields so they can pay for life. Unemployed benefits are necessary.

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