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Marina Spohn
over 3 years ago

Pet sitting near erie

Hello everyone, my name is Marina. I ak 14 years old and I am searching for a job. I am aware I am young, but I am dedicated to finding a place to work. I prefer pet sitting over any other job, and will treat your pets as my own! Does anyone have any interest who lives near erie pa? I can work after school hours and full weekends , and have had expeirence with all sorts of animals. Please consider me! And for everyone else searching for a job as long as I have, dont give up. Good opportunites come your way. Have a blessed day. #erie #eriepa #petsitting #petcare #14 #teenjobs #hireme #jobs

Christopher kerr
over 4 years ago

please hire me

I'm a hard work in ready asap

Mike Grauer Jr
over 2 years ago

I am a 3D printing expert and industrial designer looking for work and opportunities.

I am looking for work in the industry. Welling to relocate to other parts of the US. Willing to relocate to some places outside of the USA. I have a design degree and an MBA. Wrote for the 3d printing industry for now defunct website, Inside3DP.com. Helped others who wanted to enter the industry with tech recommendations and business consulting.

Then I have some major design chops too. You can look at my designs here: https://flic.kr/s/aHskHn3sdR

#3dprinting #hireme #avilableforhire #RemoteWorker #Technology #design #opportunities #business #MBA #BFA #art

Taylor Made TF
about 4 years ago


How do I get a company to hire me? Having gone on interview after interview and being told "oh I love your personality and you have plenty of experience " yet I'm not getting hired. They love my answers and sometime are surprised at my questions when asked if I had anything to ask them. I'm told "oh no one has ever asked any ending questions to ask".