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Jeff Magnuson, MBA
over 6 months ago

Bullies Are Just Cowards in Disguise

If you have a manager (or another colleague) who is bullying you repeatedly or who acts very unprofessionally to you over and over again, you HAVE to take steps to bring it to an end.

No one deserves to have this type of stress in their life. I’ve seen (and experienced) how this behavior can negatively impact people’s health.

The first thing you have to do is clearly document the behavior.

Second, practice what you are going to say to whomever is bullying or mistreating you at work in a calm but firm tone.

And third, sit down in a private 1:1 meeting, lay out the issue(s), and TELL them their mistreatment of you stops right now.

Often, this is all that will be necessary because bullies, underneath all the false bravado, are just cowards who likely know what they are doing is wrong, but just keep doing it because they feel they can get away with it with you.

This is not your fault, but you must take steps to stop it.

If that doesn’t work, you escalate accordingly. Either through HR or, if that’s not enough, an appropriate employment lawyer.

Bottom line: No one deserves to be bullied or mistreated in the workplace and the only one who can REALLY make sure it comes to an end is you.

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Gage Cherry
over 6 months ago

Feeling Discriminated? Document, Document, Document.

Hello Jobcasers,

I have seen a few posts as of late regarding people feeling they are being discriminated against.

I am not here to tell you that you are or are not being discriminated against; I am here to tell you that you need to record (to the best of your ability) your experiences at each stage of the hiring process. I also highly recommend you keep a copy of the job description and the resume/job application used to apply.

Do your best to recreate the events of each interview and everything said, because documentation is imperative to anything. You are unlikely to take an Age Discrimination case far if there is no documentation, but if you can show your that you met (and ideally exceeded) the job qualifications and answered the interview questions well, then you may have a better opportunity at uncovering the truth behind your suspicions of discrimination based on your age.

Once you have documented all of this, speak to an employment attorney and seek their counsel. There is no substitute for the counsel of an attorney.


Google will not suffice. I will not suffice. Nobody on here (who is not a possessor of a JD degree) will suffice as substitute for an attorney.

I am saying that you should document all of this so that when you do get the counsel of an attorney, they have a better view of your situation and can better help you move forward.

Thank you for reading and I wish you nothing but the best in your pursuit of your next employment opportunity.

Best Regards,

Gage Cherry