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Jeff Magnuson, MBA
about 2 months ago

Other Reasons You Didn’t Get the Job

A form rejection email is often not an accurate depiction of why you were not offered the job. Here are some other (very valid) reasons why you may not have received an offer, despite what you were told.

  • Hiring Freeze
  • Always Meant for an Internal Employee
  • Company is Afraid to Pull the Trigger
  • Found Someone Cheaper
  • Company Decided to Delay the Hire
  • Job Went to the Boss’s Niece
  • Company is Restructuring

Keep this in mind the next time you’re told “you weren’t a fit for our needs” or “we decided on a candidate with more experience” or not told a thing.

The ACTUAL reason could have absolutely nothing to do with you.

Of course, if this becomes a pattern, it’s possible your interviewing skills simply need some polishing. That’s easy enough to correct. I work with job seekers all the time in this area.

Bottom line: If a company decides not to move on with you (or never gives you any type of response), realize it’s their loss and continue to progress forward with your job search.

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Karen Ramirez
over 6 months ago

You said you're Impressed SO give me the job already!!!

I hate it when people tell me their impressed with my experience and qualifications during the interview then turn around two day’s letter and send me a rejection letter. What’s up with that?

Annette Gonder
over 6 months ago


I had an interview in September, and while waiting for the call for the second interview I continued to apply at other places. On Monday I finally got the call for the second interview. In the first interview, they told me that if you got called back for the second interview you are most likely to get the job. I was so excited when I received that call, we sat up an appointment for Thursday at 2pm. On Wednesday, I checked my phone and they had called. There was a voice mail that said the interview had been cancelled because they had decided not to fill the position. They also sent an email, but it said they had picked another person to fill the position. Sorry I'm still upset about all this, in November it will a year since I was fired from my job. I know that my age is factor, but what happen to second chances?

Jo Anne Owen
over 6 months ago

Dwindling confiidence

I am a new graduate in psychology. I had many interview but am getting rejected at ever turn. I'm being to lose my confidence I ever finding a job soon. I evaluate my interview and I'm confused on what I'm doing wrong. When I get done with each interview I feel confident until I get the notice, the chose someone else for the job. I'm so lost and I dont know how to fix this. Am I doing something wrong? Am underqualified? Overqualified? I dont what to look my confidence. I just want someone to open the doors and I want to find a job that uses all my abilites and have a job I love. Where do I find my confidence? I dont want to give up but I feel so close. Any feedback would be appreciated.

Patricia Powell
over 6 months ago

Question here....

I reached out to the hiring manager to inquire about position just to be told I got passed over by another person. How do you handle the rejection, again?

Annette Butler
over 6 months ago


I'm tired of interviewing for jobs and then getting rejected because the job is offered to a.candidate internally. Why would you waste my time with an interview if you are going to give the job to someone else already? They already have a job, I don't so now I need to keep looking. I'm so aggravated right now I could cry.

tyra laws
over 6 months ago

I just need to vent....

So I interviewed with a company I felt was a perfect fit for me. It went well I felt very confident so much that the interviews one in particular confirmed I was the perfect fit and to really confirm it two hours later I got a call from the person who referred me to the compan (as I would be the taking her place she was leavin in 2 was) she said they told her how much they were impressed with the way I conducted the interview... So wait for it.... Almost three weeks later I'm still waiting to get the start date call which never came. So I call the person who interviews me you know to check my status only to be told " Oh umm we decided to go with someone else." Ok thank but can I ask , If I wouldn't have called to check my status was someone go into notify me that you chose someone else... NO..... I just hung up didn't know what would've came out my mouth next... Company don't give you courtesy calls, what if I would've turn down other potential jobs..

Yvette Nieves, PhD
over 6 months ago

Yvette N

Hello I'm looking for advice...I am in between jobs right now. I have 20 years in education and I'm graduating in March with my PhD in educational psychology. I find it so frustrating that I have applied to so many jobs and I keep getting rejected..and that's by the ones who bother responding. I have opened myself up to any and all jobs I am qualified for and nothing comes through for me. I don't understand what I'm doing wrong here and I would greatly appreciate some help from anyone who may know or understand what I'm going through. Thank you for taking the time to read my post. Regards, Yvette

Mike ciemny
over 6 months ago

Well at time of my student age Poland was communist country and I was an listed as anticommunist so my access to School I want to apply was forbidden, i want to be Architect since i was ten this is very sad story and I do not want to come back

Boss Lady
over 6 months ago

why rejection is good for you

Is rejection really bad?

It feels really bad to get rejected. Not only you feel unloved, under appreciated and deserted but you might also feel worthless.

Some people lose a great deal of their self confidence as soon as they get rejected and the reason this happens is that they assume that they got rejected because they were not good enough. In a previous article i said that rejection hurts a lot when we give events a certain meaning.

In the Ultimate guide to becoming confident i said that the meaning we give to the events we go through is the main reason we sometimes feel bad after rejections.

But the important question here is: is rejection really a bad thing? And can't rejection be a good a thing? Let's find out together.

Rejection is a powerful force

Rejection is an extremely powerful force. If you directed this force inwards then you will feel very bad, get depressed and lose your confidence.

Any kind of emotional pain that you experience is actually a very powerful force. If this force was unbleached in the wrong direction then it's going to be very destructive.

But do you know what will happen if this force was put in the right direction? This tremendous force can be turned into motivation, enthusiasm and a burning desire to succeed.

If you put the energy of rejection into the right direction then you will become eager to succeed and show those who rejected you that they were wrong.

So many of the famous success stories actually started with a rejection. A person got rejected then they decided to turn this rejection force into a motivational force. Shortly the person became too successful that the ones who rejected them realized that they were dead wrong. See also Do good people get rejected

Rejections are actually a good thing if you reacted to them properly. Rejections can help you find your true self. Rejections can motivate you do to miracles. And rejections can provide you with enough energy to reach all of your goals.

The choice is yours

You might be wondering why not all people get motivated when they get rejected? The answer is simple. It's all about the choice that the person makes.

You can either choose to believe that there is something wrong with you then lose your self confidence. Or you can either let those who rejected you realize that there was something wrong with them.

After getting rejected you have to get past the self-doubts phase and move on to the action-taking phase. If you started blaming yourself for the rejection you got then you might remain stuck at this phase for very long periods of time.

but if you decided to move forward and make real changes then sometime later you might realize that this rejection was actually a very good thing.

Here is how to make sure that rejection is always a good thing: •1) End your self doubts: Yes of course you might have done something wrong but this doesn't mean that you are bad or defective. This doesn't also mean that those things can't be changed. Get past the self-doubts stage as fast as you can. •2) Channel the energy properly: Once you get past the self-doubts phase you will have to channel the energy that you have properly. Create an action plan as soon as you can then start following it while you are still emotionally charged. See How to convince your subconscious mind to believe in your plans.

Rejection can either be a horrible event or one of the best things that happen to you. The choice is yours.