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Kimberly Keyes
Bullet point
over 6 months ago

Today’s prompt word for #Inktober is #gift. I drew something a bit more serious for this prompt. Ever since my marriage abruptly collapsed in late 2011 I had to deal with financial struggle while I had a series of jobs that were either short-lived, poorly paid, or both. I read Melody Beattie’s book The Language of Letting Go where she had one suggestion of writing your deepest wish on a piece of paper or just saying it out loud. The idea is to put your message out in the universe. She said that doing this can get results. When I was doing rough drawings in pencil a few weeks ago, I decided to write down my biggest wish in the hopes that it will come true. I’m currently doing freelance work for a therapist on an upcoming webinar series that will probably end next month and I’m currently helping someone else with her eBay sales but the latter is through the Greenbelt Timebank so I’m only going to get time banking hours, not paid hours. (You can learn more about timebanking in general at https://timebanks.org/what-is-timebanking/.) For me having my wish come true would be a gift for me. #drawing #Inktober2018

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