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Dylan Jameson
over 6 months ago
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Marijoy Bertolini

Do more than what's expected, make your manager & colleagues look good, be a team player, and let the company know that you'd like to work there full-time. You won't be able to control whether or not they have a position open, but you can certainly convince them that you'd be the best choice for the job!

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Mike Grauer Jr
over 6 months ago

Still frustrated....

My area is economically a low man on the totem pole. Meaning we have about 10 to 15 percent unemployment most of the time. Regardless if the economy is doing well or not. What that means for me is I can't get a decent job that would allow me to save up to move to a better work area. Where there are jobs. What jobs there are here where I live are mostly low wage retail work. So that leaves me trapped in a area I loath to death and have no way out. People in my area say I should like the low wage job I have. Basically discouraging the idea of better work, or I should like a job I am bored out of my mind with. So fed up with it all. . . . . . . #lowwage #minimumwage #KitsapCounty #KItsap #highunemployment #jobs #Fedup #tired #unemployment #Washington #WA #WashingtonState #PNW #fulltime #fulltimeemployment #wornout #lifesucks