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Ashley Wilson
Community Specialist
about 2 months ago

Just a little reminder ; )


YOU have got this!!

The world is a mess, but don't let that stop YOU from crushing those goals and kicking butt at life.

Sometimes I also need this reminder, so I totally get it.

Now let's go and have an awesome week!!

#motivation #jobsearch #dreamjob #inspiration

Elyssa Duncan
Community Specialist
3 months ago

What is your DREAM job??

If you could do anything in the world as a job, what would it be? Pretend money, location, or logistics were not a factor. Dream big! :)

My dream jobs would be

  • work/volunteer in elephant (and other wildlife) sanctuaries around the globe
  • travel the world and teach children how to read
  • own a GIANT puppy foster home/adoption center paradise

Comment below with your dream job(s)!!

#dreamjob #inspiration #shareyourthoughts

Yolanda Atencio
6 months ago

My dream job is...

Working with Latino immigrants in the US or a third world country #dreamjob #wordsofadvice #healthcare #training

Mario Anduha
over 4 years ago

Working for Los Banos ups!

I'm going to try my best to get a job with you guys here in Los Banos. It's my dream job. I live here Los Banos for 17 years. The last 7 years I have token care of my grand mother who is a 6 time cancer Survivor the last one was brain and lung cancer now she's all better and we both agreed on ups.

tracy brendan
over 4 years ago

Background Checks

I did something stupid when I was much younger. And now have the opportunity to have my dream job. They are doing an extensive background search and am so scared i will lose the job!! Any thoughts or help would be grateful!!

Lacia Molaoli
over 4 years ago

Job enquiries

My name is Lacia I'm an RSA Citizen I love travelling and wanna explore the world. I'm currently working as an Administrator in the RSA Parliament a Public Administration part time student a Business Administration graduate spcializing in Human Resource. I've recently grown so much love for cruise shipboard career so guys please do share the inform I'm willing to relocate I just wanna travel the world ☺

Shannon O'Connor
almost 6 years ago
rose dattolo
over 3 years ago

got the dream job!

about a month ago i posted that i got hired at a job on the spot .well that didnt work out the place was awefull . i have been out of work since may 1 of this year. i have averaged at least one face to face interview a week since then and several phone interviews a week. well last week i got an interview with the company i worked for years ago up north. but here in florida. i knew i aced the interview. i felt it in my soul. if i didnt get the job offer i would have been devastated. after the interview (which was an hour and half long ) the manager was walking me out and was showing me around as she was walking out. the lunch room , and around the office and kept saying when you start to me. it felt like i was going home. back to my passion. the job i love to do. i felt welcomed. she told me they would contact me on wednesday with an answer (either an offer or a so sorry we went with someone else. well today is monday i got the offer for more than i expected! and jumped right on it. i will be starting on sept 11 ! i cant wait!!!!!! im back to doing what i do best ! being a travel agent! yay me!