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Jan Taylor
3 months ago

Termination After Filing Grievance

As a courtesy to the owner, I will keep the company's name out of my post. This was a work-from-home, hospitality customer service job.

I worked at this company for four years, gaining experience in both hospitality customer service and various departments within the company. I loved my job and actually looked forward to going to work each day.

The company started to experience a growth spurt and along with that, some new management in the call center. As a Team Lead, it had been my responsibility to assist, coach, and develop agents on my team.

A new team lead came aboard and was trained correctly by our senior team lead on how to do her job. The senior team lead was in an accident that prevented her from working for about seven months and I became the senior team leader.

This new team lead, in turn, trained other new team leads on how to do the job her way, which left out quite a bit of paperwork that was required for the job. She and the other new team leads took advantage of the company by working excessive hours and became extremely bossy.

When I questioned what they were doing, I would get very rude comments back and those conversations were then given to the manager completely out of context and complaints made about me. Something wasn't sitting right, so I started documenting everything going on in the call center.

My responsibilities started being taken away such as one-on-one time with my agents and assigning work to be done. Our call center's focus became more quantity than quality which was a 180-degree turnaround for the company. Questions to my manager were being ignored and attempts at reprimanding me for the aforementioned conversations were being made by the manager and call center director.

At this point, I took most of my concerns and complaints to HR by way of a formal grievance on a Friday. By Monday, I did get to meet with the owner of the company who I highly respected until that meeting was over. As soon as that meeting was over, I was called into another meeting with the manager and call center director and given a formal reprimand. (thus retaliation)

Within a week, I was finally fired from my job via another meeting with the manager and call center director. I was ready for this as another company offered me a contract just two hours before I was terminated but the job would not start until November.

I filed for unemployment and figured that I would have to write an appeal. My termination paperwork stated a number of "exhibits" but no attachments to the email. I requested these exhibits from HR so that I could properly appeal if needed and was turned down stating they were proprietary and confidential. I most likely have all of these exhibits and many more.

In the end, the unemployment office stated that there was no misconduct on my part as claimed in my termination and I was given my unemployment. About the same time, the owner of the company emailed me and let me know he would be happy to give me a reference should I need one.

The moral to the story is this: if you are not comfortable at work, you feel like something is very wrong, DOCUMENT EVERYTHING! If your manager doesn't listen to you, find another job. I did and I am too damn old to put up with what I did for the past six months.

#workfromhome #termination #wrongful termination #retaliation #poor management #call center #hospitality

michele cooper
about 1 month ago

25 year extremely experienced Pharmacy Technician

Worked 25 years in pharmacy clinic, retail and call center support services. Recently disabled. #customerservice #healthcare #workfromhome #call center

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Abdelwahab Yaya abakar
10 days ago

On the moment, I'm free to work. But I can't speak very well English. I speak French more than English .I will work anywhere

Linda VC
over 6 months ago

Unemployment: do this

I have read tons of posts from people having trouble receiving their unemployment $ or fruitless attempts in trying to reach the unemployment office for help. So hopefully, my post here can help someone... I applied for New Jersey unemployment and was able to collect $ in 2 wks or so. The only time I had a problem was when I found a temp job. I believe in filling out paperwork with the new employer, the unemployment office knew and stopped my paycheck which they shouldn’t because I didn’t start work yet. It was a complete nightmare to call them! The phone rings and immediately they tell you they are too busy to take your call! The automatic voicemail tries to direct me to go online for help which is useless because I MUST talk to a Representative to find out why my claim is declined and how to dispute it! I read from another post that you start calling them 15 mins before they are open. The automatic message will come on so you hang up and call again. I noticed that in calling continuously, you will eventually get different automatic voice messages!!! With the diff messages, there was one that finally said I can press 3 to talk to a Representative! BINGO! I pressed 3 and of course, had to wait and finally got to talk to a human! The Representative was clueless about my problem but she helped by “marking” my case as “to be reviewed” in their system and I guess that gets passed to another group of workers for review and resolve. The next day, I got an email stating that my $ for that week is approved and will get the $. This is how I got through the nightmare calls to the unemployment office and of course, I was VERY nice and respectful to the Representative despite how extremely frustrated I was feeling inside. I hope this helps and good luck to everyone. #unemployment $ #call unemployment office