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Harry Rau
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gotta start somewhere, when it comes to the Street, your lofty GPA don't mean squat, it could even get you punked..

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Emili Hefler
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I handle a lot of the hiring process at my job. For an application and resume to reach our hiring director, it has to get past me and, honestly, your current resume wouldn’t. Of course, that’s just me; different jobs will have different hiring staff who may feel differently.

Personally, these are some things I’d change about your resume:

  1. You need a new email. A professional email address should let someone know‘this is who you’re emailing’. I mean, have you ever received a (legit) job offer or work-related email from an address like yours? Probably not, and there’s a reason why.
  2. The education section needs to be trashed and totally redone.It takes up way too much space and doesn’t even state what education you have. Which is honestly all anyone looking to hire wants or cares to know. It needs to read something like this: Degree or Certification Received Ivy Tech Community College 20xx-20xx • Indianapolis, IN
  3. The awards section is pointless. Remove it.
  4. ‘Objective’? Your resume already has a known objective: get you hired. I would alter this to be a ‘profile’ section, which is essentially a very brief cover letter. You should wait to write this until completing the rest of your resume.
  5. Job experience is one of the biggest factors in hiring decisions. It lets potential employers know what you’ve done, what you know, and what type of employee you are. Your experience section provides very little information and would be enough to land your resume in my ‘do not hire’ pile. This section should be the longest, most informative part of your resume. Each job you’ve had/want to include should be something like this: Job Title. Place of employment. start date - end date Brief 2-3 sentences summary of Job including responsibilities, routine tasks, and duties. * [Max 3] Bullet point listing key achievement at job — should be more quantitative than qualitative (‘Raised customer satisfaction score from 94% to 98%’ instead of ‘Increased customer satisfaction’)
  6. The other two sections are pointless, remove them. Everything you state in them should be listed in your skills section anyway.

Anyway, those are the things I would start with. I think you’ll have a much different l, better received resume with the above changes.

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